Survivor 43s Biggest Comebacks In The Show’s History [Spoiler Details]


Were you shocked at the recent elimination round of Survivor 43? If yes, then you are not alone as I was shocked too! Unfortunately, Noelle Lambert, who was one of the strongest contestants, had to say goodbye. If you are interested in knowing more details, here are Survivor 43s spoiler details!

When Noelle made a jaw-dropping comeback, she not only conquered the beam but also won one of the biggest rewards of Survivor 43. Unfortunately, her heroic spirit was not enough to win the game because other contestants were ready with some brand new strategies. Let’s read to know what Noelle felt and how challenging it was for her to survive in the game!

Survivor 43s Spoiler Details One Of The Biggest Comebacks In The Show’s History | Catch Up With Some Exciting Details!

Survivor 43s Biggest Comebacks In The Show’s History [Spoiler Details]

Noelle appeared for an interview and expressed her views on her journey on Survivor 43. Join me to know about her emotional victory and her social prowess in the game! 

All About The Reward Challenge

On being asked about the reward challenge, Noelle said that she was not expecting to win the challenge. She was like “There’s no way I’m going to win this”. And when she saw the beam, she said to herself “There’s no shot. Hopefully I can get asked to go on this reward because there’s no way I’m winning this”. 

When Noelle started performing the challenge, she maintained balance on the beam for 20-30 minutes. When she hopped, her leg twisted and she thought “Let’s not do that”. At the same time, she heard everyone cheering for her and she thought “I need to think about everybody outside of this game. They are going to be watching me struggle on this”. 

She ran back and forth 10-20 times and had to hold her artificial leg because it was about to get dismantled. Although it was tough for her, she remembered how people overcame struggles in previous seasons of Survivor.

Noelle’s Emotional Victory 

Survivor 43s Biggest Comebacks In The Show’s History [Spoiler Details]

When Jeff called out that Noelle was the winner of the reward challenge, she was like “That was 100 percent luck”. While talking to the camera, she shared that it was something highly unexpected for her because she was stuck at one point. 

When she dropped from the beam, she started crying because she got the biggest advantage of Survivor 43. She was emotional at the thought “Oh, my god, I have to make arguably one of the hardest decisions in this game. I don’t want to make this decision”. After she won, everyone started looking at her in shock. 

What Was The Reason For Noelle’s Elimination?

According to Noelle, her big reward moment was responsible for her vote out. After her victory, contestants started thinking she was a threat to them and had a great social game. 

However, she was terrible in the previous challenges and was the first one to get voted out. So, her victory in the reward challenge was a big shock. Everyone thought “Well if she is playing the game socially, and she’s playing the game physically, we shouldn’t give this girl another chance to go further”. 

Even those who found her to be an inspiration became a part of the conspiracy against her. But watching her win the challenge was something amazing for the viewers. 

Noelle Spilled Beans On Her Social Game

Survivor 43s Biggest Comebacks In The Show’s History [Spoiler Details]

On being asked about her social game, Noelle shared that she was determined not to show emotions in front of everyone. After she entered the show, she was prepared for everything.

On her equation with Jesse and Cody, Noelle said that she trusted them twice before the elimination round because she wanted to make an alliance. Although she had a great relationship with Owen, Jesse was her ride-or-die. Noelle was impressed by the strategic moves of Jesse and thought he was playing extremely well.  

When Noelle watched the show at her place, she saw that Jesse wanted to vote her out at the Dwight vote. But she was prepared for all this because she knew that people were going to lie. 

According to her, she was voted out in the best possible way. Everyone stood up to give her a hug and show respect. It was an incredible moment for her. 

Reaction Of Fans After Noelle’s Victory

After Noelle was voted out, hundreds of fans came on social media to congratulate her for the reward challenge. And the love from her fans made it easy for her to cope with the shocking elimination round. She received many messages from adults, children, and old people who were disabled. 

Even those who were going through struggles found Noelle as an inspiration. Although she was getting messages before, they flooded after episode 10. The support she got from her fans throughout her journey on Survivor 43 kept her energy levels high. 

Apart from proving herself, Noelle wanted to spread positivity among the disabled. Luckily, she succeeded in fulfilling her aim. 

Final Words 

I hope all of you enjoyed Survivor 43s spoiler details. When you have all the spoilers handy, it becomes easy to guess the upcoming moves of the contestants like Jesse. Stay tuned with us to know about the latest updates of Survivor 43. You can read our latest articles on Jesse Lopez winning the show and Survivor 43 episode 8 recap

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