Why Survivor Fans Are Excited For Episode 11 Immunity Challenge?


Did you think the reward challenge in episode 10 was the toughest challenge of the season? If yes, then you are missing something. The precap of episode 11 has dropped hints of the toughest challenge and fans are excited to watch it. But is there going to be some other twist? Let’s find out why Survivor fans are excited for episode 11 immunity challenge!

Many fans have appeared on social media to share their views on Survivor 43. After considering reviews, makers have decided to bring something new for the viewers. It’s time to unveil the surprise for you!

Why Survivor Fans Are Excited For Episode 11 Immunity Challenge? Know The Reason!

After the immunity challenge of episode 7, fans were urging for something more like it. Finally, the makers listened to their request and planned an exciting challenge for the upcoming episode. It’s time to have a sneak peek into episode 11!

Fans Predict Winner Of Episode 11 Immunity Challenge

Why Survivor Fans Are Excited For Episode 11 Immunity Challenge?

Fans were sure that they were not going to enjoy the immunity challenge soon because it was physically challenging for contestants last time. But Karla and Cody performed exceptionally well at that time. 

That’s why fans are assuming that Karla and Cody might win the upcoming immunity challenge as well. One of the Reddit users stated, “Everyone’s excited because the swells in Fiji cause huge waves, so this should be the hardest version yet”. 

And it’s going to be highly intriguing for fans to see the one who lasts for long in the challenge. 

What Else Fans Have To Say?

Why Survivor Fans Are Excited For Episode 11 Immunity Challenge?

After episode 7, fans were eager to watch an interesting challenge. But when they saw the precap of episode 11, they got even more excited to see the classic return. One Reddit user said, “ I was thinking, I remember when contestants were almost drowning for immunity. Never thought I would see this challenge again”. 

Until now, the “Last Gap” challenge of season 26 was the toughest and most uncomfortable challenge of Survivor. Since then, fans have been waiting for a similar challenge. But finally, the classic Survivor fight is back. 

Although fans have issues with some challenges of Survivor 43, the makers are surely going to impress viewers this time. Now, when the immunity challenge is going to take place in the 11th episode, it’s going to change the dynamics of the game. Let’s see how well the planning of contestants works for them.

Right now, fans are hoping that the immunity challenge will live up to their hopes as it did in the “Last Gap”. So, get ready to watch some priceless gamers!

Final Words 

Now you know that fans are excited to see the homecoming of their favorite immunity challenge. And this challenge is surely going to change the game of many strong players. So, I guess they must get ready with some brand new strategies. Stay tuned to the show to watch the challenge!

Until you watch episode 11, check out our articles on the biggest comeback on Survivor 43 and who went home in episode 10.  

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