Survivor Season 43 Episode 10 Recap | Noelle Enters Full Beast Mode


Did the spoilers of episode 10 resonate with the episode that was aired? Well, none of the fans could agree to this after watching episode 10. For some, it was an eye-opener because players made sure to get the ball in their court by hook or crook. For those who missed the episode, here’s the Survivor Season 43 episode 10 recap to catch.

Apart from the pressure on players, fans witnessed a shocking elimination of a strong player. And this was an outcome of the Reward Challenge. If you are unable to recall all shocking instances, check out Survivor Season 43 episode 10 recap!

Survivor Season 43 Episode 10 Recap | Recapitulating The Reward Challenge!

Episode 10, “Get That Money, Baby” started with typical conversations among the members of the Tribal Council. During the conversation, Karla realized that she was left out from voting for the first time, questions were raised on Sami’s strategy, and Jesse confessed that most contestants know about Karla’s immunity bracelet. 

Keep your eyes on Survivor Season 43 episode 10 recap!

How Was The Reward Challenge?

Who Went Home On Survivor 43 Episode 10? Episode 10’s Vote Out Was Unexpected! 

The Reward Challenge was more about balance and luck. Players started by spinning around a metal frame to get the buoy unwounded. After this, they had to run across a net to collect a sandbag. The main target was to get the sandbag on the top of a pole to get letters from home. 

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Out of others, Noelle struggled when it came to balancing because of her prosthetic leg. When all the players guaranteed that she’ll lose, Jeff praised her. After this Noelle gathered courage and managed to win her second hand toss. But Noelle’s happiness couldn’t remain for long because she was voted out after the challenge. 

After having a great victory, Noelle chose Owen, Jesse, and Samy to join her. While they were busy reading letters from home, Cody, Karla, Cassidy, and Gabler started discussing their strategy. Because Noelle had performed exceptionally well in the previous challenges, the players feared standing against her. And they realized that Noelle can make them suffer the loss of $1 million. 

Change In Noelle’s Plan

Change In Noelle’s Plan

After a tough immunity challenge, Noelle decided to change her plan after coming back to her camp. Previously, it was planned to split votes between Cassidy and Karla. But Gabler warned that Sami might flip against Noelle at the last moment. 

Well, it was evident that Jesse and Cody were not reliable players to play with for Noelle. That’s because they always considered Noelle as one of the strongest players and a tough competitor. “Every time we box her in, she finds a way. We can’t have it”, Jessy told Cody. Cody replied, “She’s picking up speed for sure”.  

Final Words 

I guess Survivor Season 43 Episode 10 recap has helped you to understand what is going on inside the players’ heads. Well, let’s see how well they can plan now when Noelle is out of the game and who makes it to the finale episode. For more updates, keep visiting our website!

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