Survivor Season 43 Episode 9 Recap | Tap For Fiery 🔥 Updates


Survivor 43 recaps are a part of viewers’ favorite snack time discussion! In continuation to this, it’s time to have a look at the recent Survivor season 43 episode 9 recap.

It’s right to say that the previous week of the CBS longest running show was a double dose for the viewers. It’s because we got to see two immunity players and two Tribal Councils. Also, the show came up with some strategic players and a few scripted scenarios to end their games. (reality show guys!) In addition, some serious jurors were also seen taking some decisions!

Let’s head towards Mamanuca Islands, Fiji (stay where you are lad!) for the Survivor 43 episode 9 recap.

Survivor Season 43 Episode 9 Recap | Every Detail Is Here!

When it comes to Survivor season 43, we can’t miss the ultimate showdown between Owen and James in addition to Jeanine’s idol. Let’s uncover some more details about Survivor season 43 episode 9 recap!

The Rift Between James And Owen 

Survivor Season 43 Episode 9 Recap | Here’s An Update For You!

The onset of episode 9 happened with the rift between James and Owen after Jeanine made her decision on vote-out. Interestingly, Jeanine made the decision after considering James’s suggestion to vote for Ryan. Also, James wanted Owen to vote for Ryan but the game is not about convincing someone and everything unexpected is bound to happen here. 

In addition, James underestimated not only Owen but others as well who were standing with James. Irrespective of this, Owen tried to have a word with James but nothing worked for him. In continuation to this, Sami was also annoyed after the opposite tribe opted for easy voting. As a result, his target was James. 

The Good And Bad 

Survivor Season 43 Episode 9 Recap | Here’s An Update For You!

The immunity challenge brought both good and bad news for the contestants. But the challenge was not a hurdle because it was actually very tough to hold a handle-clamping ball that would fall the moment the handle was lowered. 

Frankly speaking, it was exciting neither for the contestants nor for the audiences. But Karla and Cody won for their respective groups. As a result, they were awarded peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for holding out the ball for the longest time. After the challenge, the team members were finalized.

And the good part was the decision to divide players into two small groups. This way, they got a chance to change the dynamics of the tribe, and the players who were playing safe were in trouble after the decision. 

As a result, James and Owen were in the same group and made an attempt to target each other. And soon, both of them ended up getting involved in a heated argument near the water well. But for audiences, it was actually some fun to see a real argument. And it was pure fun to see two team members yelling at each other when the team members were performing exceptionally well in the background. 

On the other hand, Jesse and Cody were calm when it came to choosing options for voting out. While deciding on the same, both considered a few points before leaping to a conclusion. But they made their decision after they learned how the opposite group voted. And this was actually a nice strategy.  

Final Words 

As you can see, a lot happened in Survivor 43 episode 9. So, there’s a lot to happen in the coming days. Keep your eyes on the show so that you don’t miss out on any updates of the popular survivor season 43!

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