CBS Longest Running Show Survivor Season 43 Finale Date! Where To Watch Survivor Season 43 Finale!


Survivor season 43 finale date! Where to watch Survivor season 43 and everything else you need to know about the final episode of season 43, is well written in detail in this article. 

Based on a Swedish series, the Survivor has gained more popularity than the original one.  Created by Charlie Parson, along with Jeff Probst, executive producer and host of the show and Mark Burnett. The season 43 of Survivor premiered from September, 2022 on CBS and Globe. 

Has season 43 of Survivor finally come up with the date for its finale! Season 43 of the most watched competition series is finally coming to an end. But when? Who’s the expected winner and other details. Find it out here.

Survivor Season 43 Finale Date! Where To Watch Survivor Season 43 Finale?

Considering the fact that this season was going to last for only 26 days with four or five finalists depending upon the makers, the show Survivor 43 has a high chance to broadcast its final episode on 21st or 28th December, 2022.

With the elimination of 9th participants next Wednesday, on November 16 (yes, we know the insights) only 9 participants will be left to fight for the remaining three weeks.

If the show decides to end the show with five finalists, then the show will probably have its finale on November 21, 2022 but if they decide to end up with four finalists then, the finale of Survivor 43 will be on November 28, 2022.  However, there are more chances for the show to end on November 21.

As of now there is no information that has been revealed by the makers. They are yet to confirm the finale date.

Where To Watch Survivor Season 43 Finale?

CBS Longest Running Show Survivor Season 43 Finale Date! Where To Watch Survivor Season 43 Finale!

Since all the episodes of the show are being broadcasted on CBS and Globe, therefore, the last episode may also get broadcasted from any of these networks. You can stream the show online on Paramount plus for free if you have a free trial. Well! We all have to wait for the makers to make an announcement about it. 

With the unexpected turn of events, it’s a little difficult to predict the winner for season 43. But looking at the performance of these contestants from the recent episode, broadcasted on November 9, Karla Cruz Godoy seems to win Survivor 43

She first took the lead two weeks ago and continued to remain on top. But you never know! Since nothing goes as expected here, who knows, she might turn out to be the next contestant get eliminated. Nobody is safe here!!

The show started filming in May, 2022 in Fiji and started with 18 contestants. The recent episode was broadcasted on November 9, with only ten contestants left, which included;

  • Cody Assenmacher
  • Cassidy Clark
  • Karla Cruz Godoy
  • Mike Gabler
  • James Jones
  • Owen Knight
  • Noelle Lambert
  • Sami Layadi
  • Jesse Lopez
  • Ryan Medrano

Among these eight participants who’ll end up with the grand prize is hard to tell. 

Final Words

Since no official announcement has been made about the final episode of season 43, nothing can be said with surety. Yes! It might be a little hard to wait but for now, that’s the only choice we are left with. Till the date of finale is revealed, lets enjoy the ongoing episode, every Wednesday at 8pm, on CBS.

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