7 Tanzania Travel Tips You Should Keep In Mind | An Easy Guide For Your First Visit!


Being prepared before your first international trip or a visit to a new country is extremely important as it can help you tackle any problems that may arise later. Better safe than sorry, right? Well, just in case your travel destination happens to be Tanzania, you have arrived at the right place. Today we are going to discuss some important Tanzania travel tips that you must keep in mind before flying out! 

Whether you are flying To Tanzania or flying out alone for the first time, the checklist that you will find below must be followed through thick and thin. Oh and before everything else, make sure that you have your visa ready to accompany you while you enjoy your little vacation. After all, your visa is the only thing that will ensure you land safely in Tanzania. Now without any more chit-chat, let us continue scrolling and reading. 

7 Important Tanzania Travel Tips That Should Make It To Your Final Checklist

7 Tanzania Travel Tips You Should Keep In Mind | An Easy Guide For Your First Visit!

Before anything, acquiring a visa to visit this beautiful African country should be your first and topmost priority. Unless you are visiting from an African or Asian country, carrying a visa with you is a must. Foreign people who are traveling from any Asian or African region except Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, or Uganda are required to carry their ID proof along with a verified entry pass.

For people who are traveling from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, a visa upon arrival can be availed by paying $50. And foreigners who are traveling from the United States can avail of a visa upon arrival by paying $100. However, one must keep in mind to be in direct contact with the authorities before traveling for all the updated information and to avoid any last-minute difficulties. 

1. Plan Your Time For Traveling 

Although there isn’t a wrong time to visit Tanzania, however, it is better to plan things according to the activities you wish to do. There are many different activities like wildebeest calving and migration, etc. that you can experience given that you visit during the best time. If you are there to explore the wildlife, you should plan your visit between June to October. But if you plan on experiencing the wildebeest migration, the best time to travel is between June and July. And if you are visiting between January and February, the best activity to do is, to witness the wildebeest calving. 

2. Prefer Traveling In Groups During Nighttime 

Though there haven’t ever been any safety concerns in Tanzania, it is always better to stay one step ahead and travel with your friends or family members in the late evening and at night. You never know when a local can turn out to be a mugger trying to steal valuables from you or harm you in any way. Another important to remember is to carry your important documents like ID proof with you all the time. You never know when you will need it. And if you happen to be in slightly bigger cities like Zanzibar and Pemba, avoid traveling alone late at night. 

3. Pack Light For Your Cross-Country Travel 

If you are planning to travel across multiple cities around the country, then this is a very wise piece of advice to follow. Pack only necessary items in your luggage like a few basic pieces of clothing, a pair of shoes, and toiletries like your toothbrush, shower gel, moisturizer, towel, etc. Also, make sure that you are throwing in a pair or two of warm clothing in your luggage since most part of Tanzania is located at a higher altitude.

4. Buying A Local Sim Card 

Be it Tanzania or any new place that you visit where your sim isn’t working, make sure that you get a local sim card as soon as you reach the place. I am sure you don’t want to get lost in the middle of the Tanzanian wildlife while exploring the rich culture and heritage. Having a local sim card will ensure your safety at all times and also provide you quick access to Google Maps, nearby hospitals, grocery stores, hotels, etc. The best part is you can customize your sim card per your needs. If you need a sim card just for calling or the internet, you can get one customized per your requirements at an affordable price. 

5. Health Precautions 

Traveling to a country like Tanzania can be fun only if you are ticking all the major health precautions off your checklist. There are a few vaccinations/immunity shots that one should take before traveling. It is also recommended to take precautionary tetanus and rabies shots 3 months before you are traveling. Here are the recommended vaccinations that should be taken before visiting Tanzania – 

  1. Hepatitis A 
  2. Typhoid
  3. Polio
  4. Yellow Fever 
  5. Diptheria 

6. Keep Some Cash Handy 

Always and always make sure that you are keeping some cash in hand as many places in Tanzania don’t have access to digital payment options. The local currency of the country is Shilling so make sure that you convert your money to the local currency using a bank or any other reliable local exchange office. Although US dollars are also accepted as a mode of payment in the country, it is advisable to carry shillings so you are not stuck somewhere. 

7. Safari Trips Will Cost You Double The Amount 

Africa is a very cheap country and you only have to spend a little money on most things like the food, fuel, and camping. However, this changes completely when you are visiting the parks and safaris in the region. The entry fee is double, maybe sometimes even triple as well. So, even if you end up saving some amount on food and other stuff, you will end up paying double the amount to visit any park. 

Final Words

With our easy-to-follow Tanzania travel tips guide, we are sure that anybody traveling to Tanzania for the first time will have a great and comfortable traveling experience. If you have any other tips that you’d like to share with us, drop them in the comments section below.

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