6 Amazing Tattoos Ideas for Couples, Friends & Beloved


Can you guess of anything which remains in fashion, whatsoever century you are in? Yes, Tattoos are your answer. Tattoos are the most trendy thing a person can own on his/ her body in the name of fashion. 

Tattoos make people look cool, courageous to get one, and some believe it will add beauty to them. But the coolest of the one is when couples get inked similar to one another. Where they get those ideas from? Today we will read about some of the most incredible ideas for couples, friends, and beloved.

Tattoos are labeled as millennial fashion, which makes them carry a style of their own. But I can’t entirely agree with this statement that Tattoos are millennial stuff. There evolves a history behind it when oldies use to get initials or their religious sign inked for safety. Nevertheless, today we own them as a fashion accessory. 

The up in fashion are the similar tattoos, which couples and friends get it together as a memory. The ideas for such tattoos can be of King & Queen Tattoo, Crowns Tattoo, Name initials tattoo, Date of a birth tattoo on opposite partners, etc. 

Let us know deeply about these tattoos and choose one for our partner and ourselves.

Top Six Tattoo Ideas for Couples & Beloved

Following are the top six tattoo ideas for couples, friends, and beloved ones. 

#1 Smaller the Tattoo, Greater the Degree of Love

No, no, it’s not a quote. It is how lovers describe when they get smaller tattoos inked on their bodies. There are plenty of people who do not like tattoos, but they do get inked to show love to their partner, which occupies a tiny space on their skin. 

These tattoos are the best option for you if you think of getting inked along with your partner. These tattoos hurt less and look like a tiny miniature on your body. You can either choose for lookalike design or even opt for something which defines each other’s tattoo, like a heart and an arrow, sun and moon, etc. 

#2 Cute Tattoo Just Like Your Love 

Tattoos are not meant to be cool or funky all the time. They can be cute, just like the mushy love which you have for your partner. Cute tattoos will make you as a couple, adorable and some may perceive you totally into one another. 

Cute Tattoos can be of cartoons, some funny characters, and animals. For instance, you both, as friends, lovers, or a couple, can get a tattoo of a panda or funny monkey. It will make you look cooler if compared with someone with those Rockstar tattoos. 

#3 Match It and Flaunt It!

#Match it and Flaunt it!
Source: Pinterest

The other best idea for friends, lovers, and couples for getting inked can be of getting inked some similar stuff. You can get yourself with same looking tattoos and give them a little twist to differentiate. This type of tattoo informs people around about the closeness and strong bond that you share. 

You can opt for options like getting the same animals like deer or antelopes, differentiating you from the partner with an accessory like sunglasses on a deer for a man and a flower on a deer for a woman. This will make both of you trendy and close to one another.

#4 King and Queen- That is What You Are, To One Another

If you consider your partner as a king and yourself as a queen or vice versa, then this cool tattoo is for you. Yes, King queen tattoos are ubiquitous these days, but it gives a royal feel. If you are thinking of getting one, you should go for a king and queen tattoo without thinking once. 

You can either choose the K & Q initials or go for complete king and queen inked on you. You can also select the crown with K & Q initials. It is my recommendation to all the couples who are head over heels in love. 

#5 Dates are Always Precious

#Dates are always precious
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If you often forget your partner’s birthday or your anniversary, you should get it inked somewhere. Jokes apart, you can either get your partner’s birth date, or you both can get you’re your anniversary inked on your elbows, or fingertips, even on the wrist. 

It will make you appear caring and a loving partner, and if you ever forget about the precious dates, you can just read it on your body, but I don’t think after getting inked you will ever forget it. 

#6I am Engaged Tattoo, Is It Real?

#I am engaged tattoo, is it real?
Sources: Pinterest

Yes, it was seen on the hands of a couple who got engaged and lost their engagement rings. Both of them decided to get a tattoo of their rings on their fingers so that even if their rings get lost somewhere, there is proof of them being engaged. It seems pretty childish, but yes, it’s true. 

You can design this particular tattoo for yourself and your partner. You can choose the design of rings and get them inscribed on your fingers. It might look cool, but this tattoo is my least favorite. 

So, guys, these were some of the options for you and your partner, whether he/she is your better half, or your friend, beloved, or even your parents. The advice before getting a tattoo is to take this decision very cautiously as getting a tattoo has some harmful effects too.

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