Is Tehran Season 2 Happening? Find The Easter Eggs Here!


The subtitles and audio translations have made television go global! Tehran Season 1 is a masterpiece that made its way to the people’s list and hearts despite being a globally non-majority language. Now the bigger question is- Is Tehran Season 2 happening?

Tehran’s entertaining first season was aired on 22nd July 2020 in Israel only, but it went global after its acquisition by Apple TV+ on 25th September 2020. The series is featured in Hebrew, English, and Persian, along with subtitles. It became a huge success and bagged the International Emmy Awards, 2021, for being the best drama series.

Tehran’s Season 1 is all about the struggle, dilemma, and twist-plots faced by the Mossad agent- Tamara, brilliantly played by actress Niv Sultan. It follows many tensions and unanswered questions that keep hooking the audiences. Such a gripping storyline and our so many queries deserve answers! So, the makers of Tehran have officially announced that Tehran Season 2 is finally going to happen! 

Those who have gone through this amazing series, go on reading and tell me what details your eagle-eye missed? And those who will go to relish it after reading the enthralling details, join me on this thriller voyage.

What Is Tehran All About? Are You Familiar With All Important Details Here? Check Out Now!

As I have already mentioned, the tone of the series, its central theme, and involved regions. Going a bit further, I will explore the episodes’ main highlights that became the backbone of the narrative. So, let’s get started!

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Cliffhangers From Tehran Season 1 For Tehran Season 2

Is Tehran Season 2 Happening? Find The Easter Eggs Here!

The story starts with an emergency flight landing in Iran. Though the passengers seem normal, there is something fishy there! Also, we can see the tensed faces of an Israeli couple that is hesitant to come out from the plane! The subtle depiction of ongoing conflict and tensions between two nations- Israel and Iran is depicted very aptly. Then, the frame shifts to the protagonist, who has successfully disguised herself by swapping her real identity with an Iranian Muslim, Zhila Gorbanifar.

The introduction of chief investigating officer Faraz Kamali, played by actor Shaun Toub of Revolutionary Guards, spices up the story further. With his sharp mind and thoughtful planning, he decodes that something terrible will happen. Being a true patriot, he starts his mission, and the chase begins! 

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Mossad Agent Tamara is in Iran to disable a few satellites so that her country Israel can launch military missiles. But, things go wrong that become the triggering factors of the upcoming episodes. She goes on hiding, takes help from the locals, reunites with her relatives, explores the ongoing geopolitical tensions, conditions of people, and finds her love! Each and every detail is worth paying attention to. 

The story seems a bit monotone in a few last episodes, but it will keep you hooked with twists and turns. The characters beautifully capture the shifting allegiances, dilemmas, difficult choices, and dirty political games. In different episodes, you will fall in love, hate, feel pity, and be angry with the same characters. The story will give you an emotional ride and the ugly face of imperialistic powers. How the common people’s peace and happiness is grinding in between will wrench your hearts!

What Can We Expect In Tehran Season 2? Is Your Question On The List?

Is Tehran Season 2 Happening? Find The Easter Eggs Here!

Now that you have a fair idea of Season 1 and have seen the important events, there are a lot of questions and scenes that need explanation, or at least we deserve to know what the future holds for them. So, without wasting a single minute, here are a few points that we can see in Tehran Season 2 –

  • The story will continue the last segment of the final episode or at least related to its afterward impacts. 
  • We will know the fate of chief investigation officer Faraz Kamali. He was profoundly bleeding in the last episode. Did he manage to survive the tussle? How he will bounce back and manage the coming crisis will be worth watching!
  • The fate of prisoners allegedly kidnapped by Mossad will surely be an important section in the upcoming seasons. We surely want to know about Nihad and her husband, Navid.
  • The plotting of previous seasons will surely impact the upcoming storyline. Any terrible mistake will alter the fate of every character. So, it will be interesting to see the loopholes and their impacts.
  • And finally, my favorite question- What is in the store for our lovebirds- Tamar and Milad? Please, I don’t want their tragic end!

Apart from the above-mentioned points, I can surely say that there will be much more in store for Tehran Season 2. Just keep waiting, and you will be rewarded with awesome episodes!  

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Find Out Here: Which Of Your Favorite Characters, Actors, And Actresses Are In Tehran Season 2?

Find Out Here: Which Of Your Favorite Characters, Actors, And Actresses Are In Tehran Season 2?

We instantly get connected with a few characters, and sometimes, it takes more episodes to build a virtual connection with them! No matter how much time you take, there is no going back if you get emotionally attached to them! So, check out here if your favorite characters made it on the list for Tehran Season 2?

  • We will surely see Niv Sultana reprising her role of Tamar Rabinyal as the Mossad Agent. The protagonist will explore the upcoming story plots and twists.
  • The good news is- Faraz Kamali is still in season 2! Shaun Toub will play this character, and we expect as much entertainment from him!
  • Navid Negahban will play the role of Masoud Tabrizi. 
  • Shervin Alenabi will reprise his role as Milad.
  • You will not see Liraz Charhi because he died in the first season. Though, there are chances that he might appear in flashback sequences!

Other star casts include Menashe Roy, Dan Mor, Arash, Maranadi, Sogand Sara Fakheri, Reza Diako, and Qais Khan will play their respective roles.

Where Can You Watch The Official Trailer Of Tehran Season 2?

Are you tempted to watch season 2 of Tehran like me? Here is good news- It is going to happen! And the bad news is- we do not have an official release date yet! Nor do we have the official trailer of Tehran Season 2. However, when there is a will, there is a way! Till then, catch up with the Tehran Season 1 story on AppleTV+ and relive the moments. 

The official trailer of Tehran Season 1 is available on YouTube. The next season is expected to air in the initial months of 2022! The shooting has already started, but the ongoing pandemic is behind its delay. Finger-crossed! Let us hope to watch it very soon!

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Brilliant Minds Behind Tehran Series | You Owe Them A Big Thank You

Tehran Season 2

All great stories have great minds behind them, their essence and creation. Moshe Zonder and Omri Shenhar wrote Tehran. They envisioned this spy-thriller to be a woman-centric protagonist. They have cleverly and very beautifully captured each event and the characters’ dilemma. For making a story appealing, the storyteller must be a magician. This can be said for Daniel Skyrin, who directed Tehran! And lastly, the whole star cast and veteran actors were the heart of the series!

Final Words

Tehran is a refreshing spy-thriller story that will keep you on edge and hooked on the screen! The twists and turns are fantastic and mind-boggling! If Season 1 has captured so many shades, then Tehran Season 2 will be a hit. So, get ready for this bumpy emotional roller-coaster ride and turn on your detective mode!!! 

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