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Is there a need for me to introduce you to the character of Thanos The Mad Titan? The bloodthirsty villain who wiped more than half the entire universe’s population in the name of making the existing resources better and sustainable for the people left to live? No, I don’t right!

We all hated Thanos in the final minutes of Avengers Infinity War, where he snapped his fingers and successfully enacted the idea of his genocide. He took our favorites far away from the planet, including Black Panther, Spider-man, and even Bucky. Because of Thanos, Iron-man couldn’t make it back to earth and had to survive in that ship with Nebula for years. 

Yes, we all hate Thanos the mad Titan. Trust me, we do, but here is a thought that I have. Did we ever think about why he is like the way he is or why he loves death so much, and where did he come from? Yes, we know he is from Titan but do we know anything more than that? Anything about his life before he entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Those who have read the comics may know about Thanos and his past life, but many haven’t read the comics and are eager to know everything about Thanos. So, here we are with everything that we know about this mad Titan and what he did before he went on to get all the six infinity stones. 

Thanos The Mad Titan & His Life Before The Infinity Stones 

As we all know, Thanos was after the six infinity stones from the very beginning and made his mind do everything that he could to get his hands on the power of the stones. However, Thanos must have lived a life before all this happened on his home planet, Titan. He must have had parents, siblings, relatives that we know very little of. Read on to find more about Thanos and his life before he did the finger snap.

Birth of Thanos 

Birth of Thanos The Mad Titan

Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon Titan to parents Sui-San (Mother) and A’Lars AKA Mentor (Father), who were one of the original colonists on Titan. Even after being a Mother, Sui-San was devastated to see the state in which Thanos was born. She even tried to kill him when he was born but was stopped by her husband and another mentor, the Eternal. Because Thanos was born with deviant syndrome, the color of his skin is purple, and he has ridges.  

The home planet of Thanos, Titan, was made for the celestials by the celestials. Every superhuman there was an eternal, possessed with knowledge beyond infinity and made beautiful than any other being in this galaxy. They were also blessed with the powers to create a new life, but Thanos was different from everyone. He never liked his brother Eros who was the godchild to father A’Lars, as he was handsome and always made the family proud. 

Thanos The Mad Titan

Thanos always felt alone and grew up as a loner. He always had nightmares where he sees someone trying to kill him right after his birth, and he also experiences a lot of traumas while growing up. One of the traumas he faces has all his friends and him trapped in a cave where reptiles and lizards eat his friends, and he tries to avenge their death. After this incident, the people of Titan start calling Thanos The Mad Titan a murderer as this is the first time someone was killed on this planet.  

Thanos was fascinated with the idea of death right from the moment he was born to the time he grows up. It is also said that Thanos has met the physical embodiment of Death in an ancient temple where he fell in love with the Goddess of death. To prove that his love for Death is pure, Thanos goes on a killing spree to kill all of his fellow Eternals and take away all the life this galaxy possesses. For years, Thanos travels from one planet to another, killing all the beings for the sake of love. 


The more Thanos kills, the more his rage increases with the idea of taking someone’s life. Because of this growing lust, he even dissects and kills his Mother as he thinks there is a key inside her that will be the answer to why he is like this, and eventually, he won’t have to a monster anymore. After he kills his mother, he falls to the lowest points of his existence and travels through the galaxy making new wives, having children to feel the love he wanted. 

After he does so, he eventually goes back to his home planet Titan to his mother’s grave, where he meets the girl he met in the ancient temple years ago. Still possessed by her, Thanos once again admits his love to her, and like before, Death rejects his love. Death asks Thanos to prove that he will love only her in this galaxy full of people, so Thanos decides to kill every living being for her. 

Thanos in Marvel Cinemtic Universe 

After killing half the population on Titan and reserving the planet’s resources for the other half of the people, he gets exiled from his planet. Thanos uses this time to travel across multiple worlds and galaxies, doing the same with Titan. When Thanos comes to know of the powerful stone present on Asgard, he decides to visit the planet himself, but his ship is transported to Chitauri through a wormhole. 

Thanos The Mad Titan on Chitauri

On the home planet of Chitauri, he meets with The Other, also known as the ruler of Chitauri. The Other grants Thanos permission to use Chitauri forces to accomplish everything he has desired. With the power of Chitauri forces, Thanos again goes on a killing spree and brings devastation to more planets while taking a child from each.  

With the help of Chitauri leader, The Other, Thanos acquires the Mind Stone and begins his voyage to get all the six infinity stones to accomplish his plans in the snap of a finger in MCU. Literally!

Thanos The Mad Titan kills Loki

What happens next is what every Avengers fan dreaded. Once he grabs Power Stone, his next step is to find the space stone, which he gets by killing Loki after the events of Thor: Ragnarok.  

From killing Gamora to acquiring the soul stone to exchanging Tony Stark’s life with Time stone, Thanos manages to get his hands on all the six stones and the power gauntlet made by Eitri from the planet of Nidavellir. After Thanos forced Eitri and the dwarves to make him the gauntlet, he killed all the dwarves except Eitri. Thanos destroyed Eitri’s hands so that he could never make any other celestial weapon ever. 

After he places all the stones in the power gauntlet, Thanos becomes the most powerful being in this galaxy. Just when Thor is going for his head, Thanos snaps his fingers and kills nearly half the earth’s population, resulting in the death of some of our heroes. 

Thanos The Mad Titan in Avengers Endgame

However, Avengers manage to discover a loophole through time travel and travel multiple timelines to acquire all the six infinity stones and make a gauntlet of their own that results at the end of Thanos. The question, however, is, Is Thanos dead? Can he come back for devastation through a different timeline? 

Wrapping It Up: 

There are a lot of things still left about Thanos that we will cover in the coming days. We hope that with this article, we can bring something new to the fans of MCU who did not know much about Thanos The Mad Titan. We will be back soon with more updates on Thanos and his life before and after MCU

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