The 7th Infinity Stone In Multiverse | How Ego Gem Destroyed Marvel Universe?


Have you ever wondered what Thanos would have done if he got his hands on the 7th Infinity Stone? The Mad Titan was able to wipe off more than half of the living population with six infinity stones, so we cannot begin to imagine how much chaos and destruction seven infinity stones would have caused. 

The Infinity Stones are six mighty gems created at the dawn of the universe with a big bang, as Doctor Strange and Wong explained in Avengers: Infinity War. Each of these six infinity stones are tied to an essential aspect of the universe and are associated with Space, Mind, Reality, Soul, Power, and Time. 

Till now, Marvel fans only knew about the existence of six Infinity Stones in the Marvel universe. However, if you go back to the early 1990’s Malibu comics, you will find that there were more than six infinity stones in the universe back then. Now, I know you may be wondering why I am talking about Malibu comics if the stones are a part of Marvel. Due to the decline in sales, Malibu comics were soon acquired by Marvel comics, and the comic was relaunched under Marvel/Ultraverse crossover. 

Now let’s move ahead and find more about the hidden infinity stone of the Marvel universe along with its powers and strength. 

The 7th Stone Ego Gem Has A Huge Role In The Multiverse! 

In the crossover comics, the 7th Infinity Stone is discovered by Sersi due to her connection and powers with the gem. The Ego Gem is known to be different from the other stones in the universe. Unlike the six infinity stones, the Ego Gem does not contain any energy or aspect of the universe. Instead, the gem in itself is a powerful cosmic being and can merge with the other stones. 

Who Has The Ego Gem In Marvel? Loki’s Evil Plans To Conquer Reality 

The 7th Infinity Stone In Multiverse | How Ego Gem Destroyed Marvel Universe?

In the primordial era of Earth-616, the powers of all the seven infinity stones were held into a single omnipotent being or God known as Nemesis. When she decided to end herself out of loneliness, the powers residing inside her split into six infinity stones through a big bang while the seventh stone held onto her consciousness. After the big hit, the last stone was lost into a different realm leaving the six stones vulnerable to the ego gem’s powers. Whenever the stones come in contact with the Ego gem, Nemesis will reborn and destroy humanity. 

During the Marvel/Ultraverse crossover, the Ego Stone called out to a former avenger, Sersi, and took possession of her body. Being a cosmic entity, the 7th infinity stone had its own will to reunite with the remaining stones and bring a balance to reality. Sersi embarked on her adventurous journey with the Ego stone resting on her forehead and soon found that all the stones were under Loki’s possession. Now, we already know that Loki is a maniac who would do anything for power. The powers of the Infinity stones made Loki unapproachable, so Sersi joined forces with the evil Grandmaster to retrieve the stones. 

Who Has The Ego Gem In Marvel? Loki’s Evil Plans To Conquer Reality 

The next thing we find is Grandmaster losing and Loki winning control over the 7th infinity stone. However, Sersi had other plans in her mind, and she only wanted to get closer so the ego stone could merge with the other stones. The merge resulted in the creation of Nemesis, who attempted to remake the destroyed universe with her powers. Although the infinity stones interrupted the powers of the 7th infinity stone and helped the heroes defeat Nemesis. After beating the ego stone and Nemesis, the stones were resurrected once again along with the Ultraverse. 

Since Ultarverse, the Ego Gem has never been brought up in the canon Marvel universe again, so we can say that either they have forgotten about it or they are planning to introduce it in Marvel phase 5. 

Infinity Stones That Were Never Introduced In MCU | Hidden Gems Of Multiverse!

For more than a decade now, Infinity Stones have been a canon part of the MCU. Although Thanos successfully found all the six infinity stones and used them for his genocidal masterplan, there are a few comical stones that have never made it to the big screen. 

#1 The Death Stone 

Infinity Stones That Were Never Introduced In MCU

During the events of 2015’s Marvel comic book, Secret Wars, after the multiverse collapsed in itself, Doctor Doom managed to create a new world with the tiny pieces of existence. In Doom’s new kingdom, the aliens of the annihilation created havoc and destroyed Xandar. After the destruction, the remaining members of the Nakian family decided to team up with Thanos and GOTG for survival. However, Thanos being the Mad Titan, had his plans of betrayal that forced Anwen Bakian to create a new infinity stone known as the Reality Stone. While Thanos tries to manipulate the powers of death stone with his infinity gauntlet, it causes a power surge and turns Thanos into a pile of black dust. 

#2 The Continuity Stone 

Infinity Stones That Were Never Introduced In MCU

The continuity stone is now a forgotten infinity stone only found in the Deadpool story arcs. We all know Deadpool has a sarcastic character in the Marvel universe, and when he gets his hands on the continuity stone, it only fuels his sarcasm more. In 2014’s comic edition Deadpool #27, he and Shiklah are getting married, but most of the comic focuses on his self-aware knowledge after stealing the stone from Thanos. After getting in and out of the comics with the stone and reminiscing past, Deadpool hands over the stone to Marvel editors and goes back. Strange for comics, isn’t it? 

Final Words 

Infinity Stones are the most powerful gems in Marvel that have the strength to create and destroy the universe of their own will. Like them, there are other gems like the Ego gem, the continuity stone, and the real stone that were never introduced in the movies and TV series, but we hope to see a glimpse of them in the upcoming Marvel projects. 


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