Are you wondering about what might be the cheapest place to live in Arizona? Well, Arizona the biggest state of the USA, has a place that is very rich in history and is the cheapest place. The name is Holbrook, Holbrook is a city in Navajo County, Arizona state of the United States.

Holbrook is the cheapest place to live in Arizona but it is rich in Native American history and culture. It is situated near the Petrified Forest National Park.

The forest is full of old mummified wood, also snow during the winter makes it somewhat unique. But if these are not your kind of things don’t worry its cheapest price will surely attract you with its bank-saving power.

The Cheapest Place To Live In Arizona
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Let’s get to know more about Arizona as well as its cheapest place Holbrook:

About Arizona

  • Arizona is a state in the southern region of the United States of America.
  • Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona and is also its capital.
  • It shares one of its four important boundaries with the state of Mexico to the south. Being the sixth-largest city in the United States,
  • You can say Arizona is a big state in terms of area. Most area of the state lies 1200 meters above sea level.
  • It is also well known for its hot low elevation wild deserts full of cactus. In fact, Arizona’s state flower is also the blossom of the saguaro cactus.
  • Due to differences in its climate, some parts are forested, some woodland, some grassland, and still some are desert shrub as well.

About Holbrook: The Cheapest Place To Live In Arizona

  • The place has a population of only 5,093 people It was the cheapest of all places in three consecutive years by The Grand Canyon State’s most affordable city.
  • The city’s location gives it opportunities in agriculture, tourism, and retail.
  • It has a low unemployment rate of 5.7%.

Places To Visit While In Holbrook

Some of the famous and vintage places to visit in Holbrook includes:

  • Historic Painted Desert Inn.
  • the Historic Little Lithodendron Wash Bridge, located on Route 66.
  • the Site of the Meteor fall of 1912.
  • Historic Navajo County Courthouse & Museum.
  • Historic Wigwam Motel
  • Joe & Aggie’s Cafe.

The place has many good and vintage motels

Other Living Factors to Consider:

Cost of Living

  • Holbrook has a cost of living index of 90 and it is 0.9x lower than the national index of 100 while Arizona has an index of 99.
  • It is the most affordable place in terms of home price and income ratio. However, in terms of Income to Rent ratio, it is the 6th cheapest.
  • The average income for Hollbrook is around $43,500. And the average home value is around $84,300. Also, the average rent costs around $649.

Crime rate

The crime rate is still not impressive as it is 30% higher than other places in Arizona and Almost 50% higher than the national average.

I must say if you are women who are planning to live single may not be really safe there because of the crime rate. Even though the common crime includes theft, violence but still you may need to reconsider it.


It is the best in terms of diversity it offers you, and the best thing about it is its affordability. In terms of Jobs and Education, it’s neither too poor nor excellent as well. it lies in the middle in terms of scale. But it’s still lagging behind in terms of safety and housing. But Holbrook is a small city with a population of around 5000+ people but still qualifies to be the cheapest place to live in Arizona.

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