The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 | An Overview Of Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Much More


I can’t get enough of reality shows. When someone says that even they are scripted, I close my ears. They are like a cigarette; we know it is bad for health but consume it anyhow. So, what’s wrong with me binge-watching a scripted reality show? They do not harm my health! I always take out some time to watch American Pickers and its Controversial cast. Do you think someone so obsessed with reality shows will have the audacity not to watch The Curse of Oak Island Season 9,8,7 or any other season for that matter?

Nowadays a piece of fake news has been spread claiming that the curse of oak island season 9 has been canceled. This reality show documents the search or hunt of a supposed and legendary treasure that is said to be hidden in Oak Island (Nova Scotia, Canada).

The show has not been canceled. Read the article to find out the release date, plot, and cast of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9. A list of interesting facts is also shared (at the end) about this show that spanned eight seasons (138 episodes) starting from 5 January 2014.

Look for the important details that have escaped your eyes for so many seasons and know what the new season will bring to you. So, get ready to have a virtual tour of the Island via The Curse of Oak island season 9.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 And Some Interesting Facts

The following are the details that you want to know about The Curse of oak island Season 9 –

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1# Release Date of Oak Island Season 9 | Is The Curse of oak Island Canceled?

1# Release date of Oak Island Season 9 | Is The Curse of oak Island canceled?

Since the last season was wrapped up on 4 May 2021, it is too early to expect the next season or deny it. Hence all the news circulating regarding the cancelation of the Curse of Oak Island is mere humor.

Gary Drayton told the History Channel that the “eighth edition of the show was the most productive season ever. We have discovered more this year than we could have ever dreamed of finding. It has been a fantastic year. We discovered after discovery”. 

So when things are going this good, why on earth would the show be canceled? Moreover, the new season releases in November each year, so there is sufficient time for Curse of island season 9, and the rumors of it getting canceled appear baseless.

2# The Cast of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9

The cast of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9

As usual, we will get to see the Lagina brothers – Marty and Rick, the next generation of Laginas – Marty’s son, and their nephew Peter Fornetti. We will also see a bunch of curious historians, hardworking researchers, and archaeologists. Not to mention the fascinating and heavy operators.

So be prepared to get glimpses of Jack Begley, Charles Barkhouse, Craig Tester, Dan Henskee, Doug Crowell, Terry Matheson, Paul Troutman, Billy Gerhardt, Steve Guptil, Laird Niven, and Gary Drayton.

3# The Plot of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9

The plot of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9

The cast mentioned above will go on an intensive and exciting hunt for the rumored treasure on the Island. As we saw in the eighth season, the team was convinced that they were very close to the prize.

We saw them searching for the money pit. Do you think they will succeed in doing so? I think to figure this out, more digging should be done, and this also suggests that the Curse of Oak Island is imminent.

If the treasure is found there, then the chances of treasure being present in the other locations will also be there. Let’s see what the new season brings forth.

7 Interesting facts about The Curse of Oak Island

The following are the interesting facts regarding The Curse of Oak Island –

1# Laird Niven is an archaeologist

1# Laird Niven is an archaeologist

The Island became a tourist destination as it was surrounded by many rumors about various legends, mysteries, and myths about the Island and the treasure. Since many times false information or rumors were being spread, archaeologists were brought on board (e.g., Laird Niven) to get credibility.

2# Who funds the operation?

# Who funds the operation?

Clearly, the show demands a massive amount of money every season. TVOvermind claims that Marty does the majority of the funding himself, some amount coming from Craig Tester. Craig and Marty are friends and business confidants.

3# The treasure gulps down the treasures

The Island has a strange attraction to it, and people have drowned all their actual wealth to attain an imaginary wealth (treasure of the Island). Doesn’t this remind you of the anime one-piece? No clue about the treasure but something spooky is there on this Island as around seven people have breathed their last here on this cursed Island.

4# A mysterious death

4# A mysterious death

It’s a well-known fact that Matt Chisholm died on this Island, but the way his dead body was recovered planted many doubts in people’s minds as he lay there on the prayer position, and supposedly he was not religious at all. The reasons and details of his death remain unknown.

5# How did it all start?

5# How did it all start?

So, Rick Lagina was once reading the Reader’s Digest book. Do I need to mention that it was an article about treasure hunters? A single article changed his life to 360 degrees.

6# The deadly information

As if the death was not enough to instill fear in people’s minds, there is another spooky information. Supposedly Matt had obtained a secret piece of information and died immediately after that. The amount of news being ‘that there was a secret Masonic Shrine with a hidden room that contained a map. 

7# Who owns Oak Island in real life?

7# Who owns Oak Island in real life?

No, the answer is not what you are thinking. Although the Laginas dig up the Island wherever and whenever they want, the island does not belong to them entirely. The other owners are Dan Blakenship, Alan K Koztreza, and Craig Tester.

Final Words

Hopefully, all your doubts were addressed regarding The Curse of Oak Island season 9. Do not forget to share what you are planning to watch till the release of this new season.

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