Guide For The Enemy Within Control| Easy Steps To Pass The Mission!


After the pro-players have completed playing the quest A Matter Of Time in the popular action-adventure game Control, they will embark on a new journey to achieve a new mission. This new mission is known as The Enemy Within Control and is an option in the game. However, the mission ends with a boss battle that players might have never seen before. So, we suggest you play the mission and have a little fun yourself.

If you aren’t familiar with the gaming world, you must be wondering what we are talking about? Control is an action-packed game set around a secret government agency in the U.S known as the Federal Bureau of Control. The player gets to play the role of Jesse Faden, the new director of FBC, who is gaining unique powers to defeat a deadly enemy. 

The latest quest offered in Control is The Enemy Within. The control quest is divided into two parts; where the first part requires the players to investigate a Safe Room. As easy as the mission sounds to you, it becomes challenging to pass after each step. Players will encounter deadly enemies on their way and find themselves stuck on this mission. However, there is always an easy way to complete a task, and lucky you as we have discovered that path. 

Well, without waiting any more, let’s go ahead and walk through the Enemy Within Control guide. This guide contains all the quick tips and will help the players pass the mission quickly.  

How To Get To The Safe Room? The Enemy Within Control Overview

As the players walk through this side mission, they will start their journey from the Sealed Threshold Hall. It is important to note that players should reach the entrance area as soon as possible. Once you are in the Threshold Hall, you will remember the room where you(Jesse Faden) encountered the Japanese Paper Lantern. Reach the back of this room and find a large metal door with SHELTER written on it in bold and capital letters. 

Crossing The Gap | Special Abilities For The Rescue 

the enemy within control

Beyond this door lies your destination in the popular online game Control, which is the Safe Room. Once you start walking towards the Safe Room, you will see a large gap in between. This large gap is perhaps the most tricky part of the control quest. If you are one of those lucky players, you will get two options to cross this gap. Most of the players will use the Dash ability to get to the other side of the room, whereas the lucky players who have unlocked Levitate will go with the latter. In this situation, using Levitate is highly recommended because you will need Dash ability later in the quest. 

If you are one of those players who haven’t unlocked the Levitate in control, we suggest you leave the mission and go ahead with the game story to unlock the ability. Once you have earned the Levitate ability, you can come back and participate in the side mission. It is entirely your choice to skip this step and cross the Enemy Within Control quest without Levitate.

Killing Anchor | Deadliest Enemy Is Here!

the enemy within control

After players cross the big gap in Control The Enemy Within, they will receive a new instruction to kill Anchor. Anchor is a deadly enemy, and it will take a lot of time for you to defeat him. To make this fight a little easy, players can note Anchor’s movements and come up with a strategy to kill him. As Anchor follows a strict pattern while fighting, it will be easy for you to defeat him this way. 

Besides the fighting pattern, Anchor has one more ability that you can use to kill him. While fighting, Anchor rotates clockwise, and when it moves 90 degrees, it starts firing small clocks in your direction. You can move anti-clockwise to a large platform and keep yourself safe from the attack. Pick up a large clock from a platform and wait for your enemy to change its position. Once Anchor moves to the platform, wait for it to open up and aim the clock at its red core. Keep repeating the process carefully until you defeat Anchor and clear the mission. 

Key Features Of Control | Step Into A Mysterious World  

Control is a visually thrilling action game that takes players into a new world full of endless possibilities. Though the players don’t need reasons to play the game, many still have their doubts. Here are a few key features of the game that you cannot miss. 

#1 Mysteries Beneath Mysteries 

the enemy within control

As you already know, Jesse Faden is exploring paranormal mysteries to find clues about her missing brother. As you progress deep into the game, you will uncover Federal Bureau’s dark secrets that lead to bizarre events. While fighting mysterious enemies and meeting with random characters, you will discover the truth that will change your world. 

#2 Countless Weapons 

the enemy within control

In Control’s open world, you will gain destructive powers that will help you transform everything around you into telekinetic weapons. With so many weapons around, you can quickly turn your enemies into dust and destroy all the obstacles present in your way. 

#3 Fighting In A Hidden World 

the enemy within control

While you work for the FBC, you will find more to the secret Government agency of the U.S than, what they have told everyone. While exploring the paranormal activities, you will find yourself fighting the deadliest enemies for control. Once you complete your missions, you will receive hints that will help you find the truth. 

Final Words

The Enemy Within Control guide will help you pass the mission easily and take you one more step closer to discovering the truth about FBC. The only thing you need to keep in mind while playing this mission is to keep your pace quick and have special abilities like Levitate unlocked. These abilities will help you overcome the hindrances much sooner than expected. 

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