The Great Pretender Season 3 | The Wait Is Making Fans Impatient!


Netflix is yet to renew the Great Pretender Season 3, and the fans are officially losing their cool now! Waiting for the release of the show is one thing but waiting for the new season of your favorite show is a tough task. Especially when you know that the previous season of the entertainment show ended on a mysterious cliffhanger! 

Netflix’s popular original animation series, the Great Pretender (2020), is written by Ryota Kosawa and directed by Hiro Kaburagi. Since it is one of Netflix’s original works, it follows original concepts and is divided into different arcs. The first two seasons of the show displayed the violence taking place in the criminal world of Japan, along with a few different cities. 

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Now that we are left with only a month of this year, and fans still haven’t heard of any news regarding the renewal of the Great Pretender season 3, the current situation is troubling them day and night. Netflix is a popular platform, and it does not take a long time for them to decide the future of a particular franchise. In most cases, the platform announces two seasons of the series at the same time and begins with the production. However, now that it’s time to do the same with one of their original works, they seem to have forgotten about it completely. 

Don’t worry because Netflix may seem to forget about your favorites, but we don’t! Keep reading to find more about the release of the Great Pretender Season 3. 

The Great Pretender Season 3 | How Long Will The Fans Wait?

Season two of the Great Pretender was released in November 2020, which made fans believe that season 3 would also release in 2021 during the same time. Many fans don’t know this, but the anime series does not follow the same old pattern of taking inspiration from the manga. Interestingly, this time the tables have turned with Japanese illustrator Daichi Marui, working his way out, just to adapt the series into a manga, which was released earlier this year in July 2021. 

1# The Five Great Story Arcs For The Great Pretender!

The Great Pretender Season 3 | The Wait Is Making Fans Impatient!

The story of the anime series Pretender is divided into different story arcs that are known as cases. Each case of the series takes place in another city, and till now, the creators have come up with five different cases respectively. The five different story arcs are based on crimes and underworld activities in Los Angeles, Singapore, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Like many fans may already have noticed, the Great Pretender isn’t any below-average anime show with a mediocre storyline. With this show, creators have considered many severe issues and have tried to enlighten the audience about the harsh reality of the criminal world in a light way. 

#2 Season 3 Of The Great Pretender Most Likely To Release In…??

The Great Pretender Season 3

Since the show’s first two seasons were dropped immediately one after the other, fans were sure that the same would be in the fate of season 3. However, now that we are standing only a month and a half away from 2022, we can see that all of our assumptions were wrong. With the possibility of Eddie Cassano and Laurent planning a much bigger and dramatic heist than ever in the upcoming season, the wait seems too much for the audience.

On top of that, Dorothy, aka Laurant’s ex-lover, was claimed to be alive but without any memories of her past. This also makes a good storyline for the upcoming season where we can see the two love birds finally reunite. 

Final Words 

At this moment, there are no updates we can share with you regarding the release of the Great Pretender season 3. However, we assure you that if and when there is an announcement or update regarding the release, you will be hearing it from us first. 

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