Release Date & Time Of The Last Kingdom Season 5 | Know The Time In Your Country!


A lot of people just can’t wait to welcome The Last Kingdom season 5. If you are one of those, it’s better to spend some time reading this article!

The Last Kingdom (2015-Present) is a famous British Television series sourced from the novel The Saxon by Bernard Cornwell. The core of the plot is the story of The Great Heathen’s Army and how it manages to change the equation between Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. But when is it coming? 

Though the release date of The Last Kingdom is March 9th, the timings will vary as per your country. Also, fans are expecting a lot from the series in terms of changes in the plot. So, let’s check when you can enjoy the series!

If you are holding your breath in order to know about the release date and time, here’s all the information for you!

Release Date & Time Of The Last Kingdom Season 5 | Make A Note Of It!

The makers have declared the official release date for The Last Kingdom season 5, but all of us can’t enjoy it at the same time. This is because of the difference in our geographical locations. So, note down the release time in your region!

What Is the Last Kingdom Season 5 About? It Takes Us Back To Our Ancestors!

Release Date & Time Of The Last Kingdom Season 5 | Know The Time In Your Country!

Up until now, the series has managed to cover more than forty years of history. Also, it deals with the story and the fight between some known empires in Britain like Vikings, Wessex, and Anglo Saxon. Other than this, the series focuses on the attempt of Vikings to take hold of Southern England, but the kingdom of Wessex tries to resist it.

Moreover, the series is about chivalry and heroism that the people of the early ages had. And some subplots go in parallel with the main plot. 

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Release Date And Time Of The Last Kingdom Season 5 | It’s Very Near!

Release Date & Time Of The Last Kingdom Season 5 | Know The Time In Your Country!

It’s clear from the above paragraphs that the series will get released within the second week of March on Netflix. Unfortunately, time varies for all the countries, and it’s something that is not under anyone but nature. So, here’s the list of timings in various countries!

                     REGIONS                   TIME 
                    USA                12:00 am PST
                    USA                3:00 am ET
                    UK                8:00 am GMT 
                    Europe                9:00 am CET
                    India              1:30 pm IST 
                    Australia, Sydney              7:00 am AEDT 

Now, when you know the exact time of release, I hope you will plan your schedule accordingly and have fun enjoying the upcoming season of The Last Kingdom

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What Can You Expect From The Last Kingdom Season 5? Are Some Changes Waiting For You?

Release Date & Time Of The Last Kingdom Season 5 | Know The Time In Your Country!

Though you must have seen time skip in the previous season, it will happen again in the upcoming season. Also, some characters may choose to change their looks but be ready to witness something big between the sons of King Edward. SPOILER… one of them will get poisoned!

Danes (a group) failed to protect their land in the previous season and left Northumbria. That’s why it is expected to see the arrival of Danes after they lose a big portion of land. Also, they will try their best to get hold of their lost land, but you need to watch the series to know what happens to them.

I won’t reveal the rest as I am leaving it to you to explore the rest of the things!

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Who Is In The Cast Of The Last Kingdom Season 5? Is Someone New Going To Join?

Release Date & Time Of The Last Kingdom Season 5 | Know The Time In Your Country!

When it comes to discussing the cast of the upcoming season of the series, you will see the same faces like Alexander Dreymon, Millie Brady, Finn Elliot, and many other actors you saw in the previous season. 

 But the good news is that Ewan Horrocks will be joining season 5 and will remain with others till the final season. Moreover, you may see him playing a crucial role. Other than him, get ready to welcome Ryan Quarmby, Phla Saban, and Harry Gilby. 

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Final Words 

I hope you have noted down the date and time of the release of The Last Kingdom Season 5. So, make sure nothing interrupts you while enjoying the series at your home. Don’t forget to share your experience with me!

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