The Last of Us Creator Says The Cordyceps Fungus Danger Can Be Real!


If you are excited about the upcoming show The Last Of Us, you should also be scared. According to the creator of the series, the Cordyceps Fungus danger can be real and equally fatal to humans. If you do not already know what the creator of the series is talking about, let us explain what he means by his statement.

The Last Of Us is a post-apocalyptic drama that showcases a world where aggressive cannibal beings roam freely. These creatures that were formerly humans have been infected by a fungal infection that affects their brains and damages them completely. Recently the creator of the series stated that the Cordyceps fungus danger can be real and that it is very much possible for a similar breakout to happen in real life. 

Why The Cordyceps Fungus Danger Can Be Real!

The Last Of Us premiered its first episode on January 15th, 2023, for viewers on HBO Max. Even though the series is adapted from a 2013 game titled The Last Of Us, the concept of a brain-damaging fungal infection is not completely made up. The creator of the series, Craig Mazin, stated that we want to show how the breakout finally happens because these fungi are very much real and have existed for years.

The Cordyceps fungus is a fungal species capable of altering the brain function of living beings. The fungal species has shown the potential to alter the minds of small insects and animals that consume it. Craig Mazin, the creator of the dramatic series, recently stated that the Cordyceps fungus danger could be real for humans in the future. 

If you do not already know, the humans in the series The Last Of Us lose their brain control and become aggressive zombie-like beings that eat other humans. Mazin stated that what the fungus does to humans in the series happens to ants because of the Cordyceps fungus. However, the creator of the series also assumed that the fungus is incapable of affecting humans similarly since the human brain is way more complex.

Mazin also commented that multiple documentaries about these mushrooms show in detail what they can do. He also stated that these mushrooms have been working the same for decades, and it is pretty chilling that they can damage and hypnotize insects in such a way. Even though Mazin denied the thought that the Cordyceps fungi could evolve and damage the human brain in the future, he commented that most psychedelic drugs like LSD are also a variant of fungi or plants.

Final Words

This was all about why the Cordyceps Fungus danger can be real, according to the creator of The Last Of Us. If you want to know about the premiere episode of The Last Of Us, you can check out other content by us as well. Stay tuned with us to stay informed about any new upcoming shows like The Bear season 2 and The Real Friends Of WeHo.

Garima Yadav
Garima Yadav
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