The Last Of Us Episode 2 Confirms A Major Fan Theory!


The Last Of Us Episode 2 premiered last night, and the alleged fan theory has finally been confirmed. The eagle-eyed fans of the series have never shied away from pointing out minute details in the series that could foreshadow what’s coming in the future. 

This time, a very famous and major fan theory stood true, which was confirmed in the Last Of Us episode 2. Before we uncover the mysterious theory and put all the speculations to rest, we believe you have already watched the show and are here for some additional information. Just to clear it out, you will be solely responsible for going ahead and uncovering what is about to come in the future for the Last Of Us

In the Last Of Us episode 1, fans noticed how Sarah, Joel, and Tommy had fashionably avoided eating anything that could contain flour or yeast. Some of the examples that reinstated the fan theories to be true were how Sarah somehow did not make pancakes for Joel’s birthday breakfast, the characters refusing to eat biscuits offered to them by their old neighbor, Sarah refusing to eat the cookies baked by her neighbor and Joel forgetting to get a birthday cake for himself. 

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The Last Of Us Episode 2 Confirms A Major Fan Theory! 

The Last Of Us episode 2 put all the fan theories to rest. The backstory about the initial spreading of the cordyceps infection was revealed in the second episode of the series. 

According to a popular Reddit theory, the infection was spread because of contaminated flour. The Last Of Us episode 2 opens up in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 23, 2003, just before the pandemic is about to hit. The makers might have chosen this location and setting because of the hot and humid climate of the place. Also, Indonesia has the biggest flour mill in the world, making it the perfect setting for contamination. 

The Last Of Us episode 2 starts with the beginning of the worldwide epidemic, with many infected workers missing. The professor of Mycology, Ibu Ratna, is summoned by the Fedra to help with a cure for the widespread virus. However, Ratna tells them that no cure is possible for the cordyceps infection.

She seems to be disturbed and visually shaken after being told about the infected 14 workers of the mill. Ratna advised them to bomb every possible city to avoid prevent any further spread of infection. This could foreshadow what’s about to come in the future. Let’s wait and see what happens in the next episodes. 

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