4 Intense Reasons To Compare: The Office Or How I Met Your Mother?


The Office or How I Met Your Mother, the one hot topic of discussion that has been going around the fan groups for quite a long time now has not seen an outcome yet. There is no possible way in which any of us can decide which one amongst the two iconic tv series is better. How can we dare to hurt the sentiments of fans by going ahead and declaring The office or no wait HIMYM the better?

See, this is the main point of conflict where any decision, any choice can neither be right or wrong. Both the shows have done exceptionally well in their genres and if we start to discuss this topic, it might take up a few hours or even days to come to any conclusion. 

Apple vs Android - Which Is Better?
Apple vs Android - Which Is Better?

On one side, we have The Office, an extremely hilarious and witty show, with a storyline full of dark humor and drop-dead characters working in a paper company with the World’s Best Boss whereas on the other side is HIMYM where we have a group of five friends who live together in the same city, single and enjoying their 20’s and the other minute we see all of them turning into a mature version of themselves. 

At this point, I can say only one thing. The topic of discussion is very deep and complex. So, I am going to pull a Ted Mosby tactic here and draw out different aspects on which both the shows can be compared. Without waiting any further, let’s jump into the discussion of The Office or How I Met Your Mother.

Which Is Better The Office Or How I Met Your Mother 

Read along the complete article to find out which show wins the race of this or this. If you are someone who hasn’t seen both or any of the shows(how couldn’t you) do not worry about the spoilers, I promise we won’t destroy the fun for you.  


Michael Scott: Which Is Better The Office Or How I Met Your Mother
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While both the shows are full of humor, one thing that we can say here is The Office pulls off humor content way better than any show has till now. We see the characters going to the office every day, working even if they do not want to, and still pulling off some of the best pranks on their co-workers and the boss Michael Scott. Michael Scott who we see is busy depicting himself as everyone’s favorite while the reality that how he is perceived by others is completely different. Whereas the makers of HIMYM have tried to bring a sense of humor to their characters, it can never match up to the level of The Office. 


The Office Cast: Which Is Better The Office Or How I Met Your Mother
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This is the point where How I Met Your Mother lacks once again. The show throughout its run time only revolved around the life of five people and their adventures whereas The Office revolves around the life of a bunch of office-going workers who are stupid but still full of life and humor.

The show does not have any main leads in general and treats its side characters with equal focus as the main ones. Throughout the run time, we see each episode dedicated to each character of the show which makes the series steal the score in this case. Not only this but the show also keeps adding characters to the storyline which makes it more intriguing and interesting to watch. 


HIMYM Cast: Which Is Better The Office Or How I Met Your Mother
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 How I Met Your Mother portrays a perfect story of our main hero wishing for a happily ever after. The pilot of the show starts with Ted sitting with his children and recalling the days when he was enjoying the time of his life with his friends and wishing to come across the love of his life.

The story is filled with lots of joyous as well as emotional moments where you might end up crying(sobs lightly) Whereas, The Office does not revolve around a particular storyline and depicts the life of office hustlers in general.  

Love Story

Pam and Jim from THe Office: Which Is Better The Office Or How I Met Your Mother
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Ted Mosby is shown as a hopeless romantic in the show and when he sees his best friend proposing to his long-time girlfriend, he is stuck with the reality of how far he is from finding the love of his life. Seasons after seasons, one incident leads to another and we see our hero finally finding the love of his life.

Whereas in The Office viewers do get to see a romantic equation developing between Pam and Jim, it does not meet the expectations of true romance lovers. The caring, love, and tenderness are kept very minimal which does not bring a big difference to the table in this category. 

Final Pronouncement:  

And here we are reaching the end of this article and still not capable of drawing out any conclusion. As a fair writer and an avid viewer, the only thing that I can say is if you want to have a good laugh go for The Office. But if you are someone who loves to cry and laugh at the same time, start watching HIMYM without wasting even a second.

Also, feel free to share your points of comparison between The Office or How I Met Your Mother that you have with us in the comments below.

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