Catching Up With The Punisher Season 3 | Revisiting The Plot And The Series Cast!


Dearest Marvel lovers, if you have stumbled across this space after reading The Punisher, then I suppose you are a true fan at heart. Well, by now, you must have heard of the rumors regarding the upcoming season of The Punisher, right? If yes, then you are at the right place because we are here to take you through some happy memories. 

Marvel’s The Punisher is an American TV series based on the life of Marvel’s vigilante, Punisher. The series is available to stream on popular streaming platform Netflix and is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even if the show is created under Netflix’s banner, it shares the continuity with all other movies and series from the Marvel Universe. 

Despite the show’s cancellation, strong rumors suggest that The Punisher is about to make a comeback with season 3. As much as we want to confirm that the rumors are 100% true, we don’t have enough information suggesting the same yet. However, there is no need for you to get disappointed because we are digging the research, and soon we will be back to you with a confirmed update. Until then, let me walk you through memory lane and help you catch up with Punisher. 

Let’s move ahead and start our trip to a whole new Marvel Universe without wasting any further time. 

Keeping Up With The Punisher’s Vigilante Life!

Marvel’s hit antihero series revolves around the central character Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher in New York city. He is a self-proclaimed vigilante and has unfinished business in the town with a gang who took every ounce of his happiness away from him. The story of the main protagonist is enough to make the viewers stick around for a longer time. Well, let’s just hope that the makers find this reason good enough and start planning for the show’s upcoming season. 

The Backstory Of Frank Castle | Season 1 Is A Hot Mess! 

The Punisher Season 1

Season one of the show takes the viewers through an adventurous journey of Frank Castle as he hunts down the people who killed his family. As he enacts his revenge for the murder of his wife and children, he discovers that there is a larger conspiracy behind everything that was done to his family. As he digs deeper to uncover the truth, he finds that he isn’t the only one affected by the conspiracy. There are hundreds of other innocent people who have lost their loved ones just like him. The Punisher is joined in his crazy missions by his friends Billy Russo and Micro. 

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Episode Guide For Season 1 | Walking Through Action 

The Punisher Season 1

Season 1 of the Punisher is full of powerful action sequences, gradually revealing suspense through the backstory and steady progress towards the climax sequence. There is nothing less than this we expect from the upcoming season of the series, and looking at the team of creative screenwriters the show had in the past, we are sure they will be more than happy to keep up with our expectations. 

Episode No. Title 
13 AM
2Two Dead Men
6The Judas Goat 
8Cold Steel
9Front Toward Enemy 
10Virtue of the Vicious 
11Danger Close
13Memento Mori

The Punisher Contemplating His Life Decisions | Saving The Young Girl 

The Punisher season 2

After discovering the truth about his family’s murder and punishing the criminals, Frank castle decided to keep his vigilante life on hold for some time and take a small break. However, the circumstances are not in his favor because one minute he’s seen taking a break, and the other minute he is back, putting his life at risk and trying to save a young girl from being murdered. This time something hits different about the show as he is constantly thinking about not embracing his life as the Punisher anymore. 

Episode Guide For Season 2 | Helping Frank Get Through Life

Episode No. Title 
1Roadhouse Blues 
2Fight or Flight
3Trouble the Water
4Scar Tissue 
5One-Eyed Jacks 
7One Bad Day 
8My Brother’s Keeper
10The Dark Hearts Of Men
11The Abyss
12Collision Course
13The Whirlwind 

The Impressive Star Cast of Punisher | Characters We Look Forward To Seeing In Season 3

Marvel’s action series Punisher wouldn’t be a massive success without the contribution of its fantastic cast members. Though we see many different characters make their way into the show, there are three who have been the pillars of the show from the very beginning and have taken the show to the heights of success. As these are the three main characters of the show, we are waiting to see them unfold many great adventures in the show’s upcoming season. 

#1 Frank Castle | The Punisher Portrayed by Jon Bernthal 

The Punisher: Frank Castle

The Punisher is one of the deadliest heroes in the Marvel universe. Well, he does not consider himself to be a hero. He thinks more of himself as an antihero. Punisher is a self-proclaimed vigilante who will go to any limits to wipe the criminals from this world, no matter how lethal the outcome is. Steven’s version of Punisher is portrayed flawlessly by actor Jon Bernthal. The actor did well, analyzing all the previous portrayals and added his unique edge to the character’s personality. 

#2 David Lieberman | Micro Portrayed by Ebon-Moss Bachrach 

The Punisher: David Leiberman

David is a former NSA Analyst, famously known by the name of Micro throughout the series. After faking his death in the series, Micro begins to aid Frank Castle closely because they both share common enemies, making working together easy and beneficial for them. Though the character may seem dull initially. You just wait till you see his relationship with the main protagonist turn bad. 

#3 Billy Russow / Jigsaw Portrayed by Ben Barnes 

The punisher: Billy Russow

Billy Russow is Frank Castle’s close pal from their days together at the Force Recon. The two have been close throughout the years, with the former helping Frank enact his revenge. Without giving you any spoilers about what happens between them, their relationship changes drastically in season two because of Billy’s memory loss from the punch he received from his friend towards the end of season 1. 

Final Words

At the moment, we are hoping that there is soon an update reading the release of The Punisher season 3. Until you hear anything about the release of Marvel’s highly anticipated series, you can catch up with the show’s two seasons on Netflix. 

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