Future Of The Rain Season 4? Is Netflix Gem Coming Back Or Not?


The Rain series has stormed the internet with its unique storyline and awesome characters. The show emerged as one of the most popular post-apocalyptic series on Netflix. It has already released powerpack-performed three seasons, and now we are eager to know about the future of The Rain season 4!

The Rain is a popular Danish post-apocalyptic series released on 4 May 2018. Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen, and Christian Potalivo are the creators of this masterpiece. All three seasons were released on Netflix. It boasts an awesome star cast and 6.3/10 IMDB, and 82% Rotten Tomatoes scores.

The Rain has a total of three seasons. Fans are waiting for the Rain season 4! Unfortunately, it is not going to happen. Netflix has confirmed the cancellation of The Rain season 4. Well, we can hope for some positive results because miracles do happen! Read ahead for more details.

Fans have high expectations with The Rain season 4. Thus, if it is ever going to happen (we wish it to happen very soon!), there are still many things to explore. So, read about the interesting details and some mild spoilers of The Rain series to know more about The Rain season 4. 

The Rain Season 4 | Everything Related To The Series So Far!

Future Of The Rain Season 4? Is Netflix Gem Coming Back Or Not?

The Rain is one of the most anticipating post-apocalyptic series that will give you goosebumps in every episode. The series boasts intense and intriguing characters you can relate to and feel. Though the movie is set on probable catastrophic events, one can easily relate to its destructions and impacts on human life.

The Rain series revolves around two siblings struggling hard in an unthinkable world. The Earth is now prone to poisonous rain, which is too deadly and destructive. Anyone who comes into contact with the rain dies brutally due to viruses of the rainwater. The breathtaking visuals and chaos make this series binge-worthy. Thus, it is obvious for the fans to ask for The Rain season 4!

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Is The Rain Season 4 Happening? What Is The Renewal State Of The Rain Season 4?

Future Of The Rain Season 4? Is Netflix Gem Coming Back Or Not?

Well, as of now, it is pretty much confirmed that The Rain season 4 is not happening. The series has officially come to an end. Netflix has confirmed the cancellation of The Rain season 4 by tweeting an official note which reads as- “We’ll see you in 2020 for the third and final season”. 

Thus, The Rain show has come to an end. We know that Netflix brings back popular shows as a surprise for the fans. There might be chances that the show makers change their minds and come up with the next season because there is still so much left to explore. We will have to keep patience and wait for the time. 

Can We Have The Rain Season 4 In The Future? Or Is It The End Of The Epic Saga?

Future Of The Rain Season 4? Is Netflix Gem Coming Back Or Not?

Officially, The Rain season 4 is not going to happen. The Rain Season 3 was the last and final part of the series. However, anything can happen in the future. What if the makers come up with more exciting stories or want to build the characters differently? Moreover, fans know very well how to ask for a show’s renewal! Do not forget that many fans sign petitions to renew their favorite shows! 

Similarly, we hope the series might return in other forms like a spin-off, animation, or a fresh story with a similar concept. Whatever happens, we will have to wait to see. There are chances that the makers might bring up a fresh story or make a series after the previous events of the show!

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What Happened In The Rain Season 3? How It Will Impact The Rain Season 4?

Future Of The Rain Season 4? Is Netflix Gem Coming Back Or Not?

The Rain season 3 was insanely amazing and heart-whelming. The season was full of turns and twists and many emotional moments that can give you a good cry! The protagonists, Simone and Rasmus, try their best to stay away from the rain waters. However, the circumstances test them every time. 

The deadly virus has already killed almost everyone, and they have completely lost their family to this ominous pandemic. However, in the end, Rasmus sacrifices himself to save Simone from the deadly virus. The duo shares an emotional moment of final goodbye where they promise each other that they will meet again in a new tomorrow! 

Thus, Simon loses everything and everyone from the deadly rain virus. If the makers ever made the season 4, they will surely show the life and character arch of Simon, who is trying to cope with this difficult situation.

Expected Cast And Streaming Platform Of The Rain Season 4  

Future Of The Rain Season 4? Is Netflix Gem Coming Back Or Not?

Well, The Rain’s major characters have died, and Netflix has already announced that there will be no season 4. Thus, we have no new characters or expected cast starring in The Rain season 4. There are good chances that actors like Alba August will be a part of the series. 

Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen can be seen in flashbacks. The rest of the cast will be the new faces who will play new characters. To know more about them, we will have to wait for the official confirmation announcement of The Rain season 4.

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