The vanished movie 2020 is a psychological thriller directed and written by actor Peter Facinelli. It is produced by Andrew Mann, Sasha Yelaun & Brandon Menchen and is distributed by Paramount Pictures Studio. The movie has been released in the USA on 21st August.

Starring Thomas Jane, Anne Heche, Jason Patric, the vanished movie is an action, mystery, and thriller.

Thomas Jane as Paul and Anne Heche as Wendy are playing the role of mother and father of their 10-year-old disappeared daughter named Taylor in the film.

The story is of a couple whose only daughter goes missing without a trace, while on their camping trip. The duo takes the charge of finding their daughter by themselves, even when police fail to do so.

The vanished movie is full of suspense, emotions (mostly, fear of losing their child), and surprises, especially for the Michaelson family.

The film is shot entirely in the woods and gives it a typical classic look. At the beginning of the film, everything seemed to be fairly normal for the family who goes out for a weekend chill.

The Child Goes Missing

The Vanished Movie

The storyline is very typical where a 10-year-old child goes missing, and we get to see the emotions of her parents who are making everything in their reach to find her.

All three of them seem to be in high spirits but suddenly the road they took, lead to the misfortune of getting their daughter Taylor getting disappeared.

Parents Reaction and Spirit of Never Quiting

The Vanished Movie

The couple Paul and Wendy are quite afraid and shocked but reluctant to back off at the hardest times in order to find their daughter.

To them, it’s like their deepest fear has come face to face as they had never imagined. But they are ready to measure any heights to find their child.

Plot Shifting in the Movie

The Vanished Movie

What started as a missing child drama, doesn’t stay confined to that only, characters develop, plots twist and a lot more.

Sheriff Baker (Jason Patric) and deputy Rakes (Facinelli) who bring them the news of an armed and dangerous criminal escaping the prison and warning them to stay safe and leave the case to the police. Also, gets to know very soon that this is more than a missing child case.

Suspense shifts with plots from park staff to helpful neighbors Miranda and Eric to even sheriff Baker himself.

The Mysterious Ending

Like the beginning took a turn when their child goes missing, similarly the ending surprised me a lot too. In the end it is found by the sheriff that the child did not even existed to that date.

Basically, their daughter was 10 when she drowned in a lake and died there 7 years ago. Paul and Wendy were unable to get out of that dreadful trauma of losing their child. They are just unable to accept their child’s death and unable to move, and so keeps us creating a false reality.

The vanished movie: Cast

The vanished movie is starring Thomas Jane, Anne Heche, Jason Patric as lead roles and the supporting actors are John Hickman, Aleksei Archer, Peter Facinelli.

The cast list of most of the characters are as below:

1.Anne HecheWendy
2.Thomas JanePaul
3.Jason PatricSheriff Baker
4.Alex HaydonJustin
5.Peter FacinelliDeputy Rakes
6.Aleksei ArcherMiranda
7.Kristopher WenteEric
8.John D. HickmanTom
9.Mitchell L. JohnsonRough Looking Man
10.Kk HeimTaylor
11.Sadie HeimTaylor
12.Rebecca LinesMarianne
13.Lily Anne HarrisonJanet
14.Curtis NichoulsOfficer Bryant
15.Lucas BentleyStanley

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