Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!


Vikings Valhalla cast has been the hot topic of the town since its release in February 2022 and now, people have also started asking for the Vikings Valhalla season 2 because of its hardcore cast. But is the Vikings Valhalla cast really as hardcore as they seem? Let’s find out. 

Created by Jeb Stuart, Viking Valhalla is the sequel to Vikings, the historical TV drama that aired on History. The show Vikings Valhalla is set hundred years after teh event of the Viking age. The Viking Age was a period in History initiated by the Battle of Stamford Bridge, fought in 1066. The Viking age was categorized by the trading, colonizing, and conquest of Europe and North America. 

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The series’s premise is set a hundred years after the series Vikings’ initial events. Tension started to build up between the English Royals and the Vikings. The Vikings’ conflicting beliefs lead them to clash within the community. Leif the Lucky, Harald of Norway, and Freydis Eiriksdottir commence their epic journeys. Their journey includes going through the battlefield, crossing oceans, and fighting their way to England and beyond. 

Meet The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

The Vikings Valhalla follows the footsteps of its precursor. It brings us an ensemble cast of British, Scandinavian, and Australian actors who do everything in their power to bring these characters to life. 

Since real-life historical characters inspire many characters, the research team had to immerse themselves into the minute details and events of the Vikings’ History. Here’s what we know about all the characters till now. 

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Sam Corlett Plays Leif Erikkson 

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

Sam Corbett is an Australian-born actor who has initially appeared in shows like Chilling Adventures of Sabina and The Dry

Talking about his role in The Wrap, Corlett stated that he sees his character as a man who grew up in the harsh environment of Greenland. He is a born survivalist, and his father is a part of the most violent Vikings. 

Frida Gustavsson Plays Freydis Eriksdotter 

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

Frida Gustavsson is a successful model who has bagged herself contracts from luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Hermes, and Versace, among many others. 

The Swedish actress and model were last seen in The Witcher (2019) and The Inspector and The Sea (2019). 

Leo Suter Plays Harald Sigurdsson

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

The British actor Leo Suter started his acting career at the young age of eleven. He has previously starred in some films, including Round and Round the Garden (2013), Maleficent (2014), Fallen (2016), and I’ll Find You (2019)

He was also seen in some critically acclaimed TV shows like Bad Education (2012), Ransom (2017), Victoria (2017), Clique (2018), Beecham House (2019), and Intelligence (2020). 

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Johannes Haukar Johannesson Plays Olaf Haraldsson

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

The Icelandic actor Johannes Haukar Johannesson is most recognized for his role in the hit TV series Game Of Thrones

His other renowned works include I Remember You (2017), Alpha (2018), Atomic Blonde (2017), The Good Liar (2019), The Innocents (2018), and Cursed (2020), among many others.

Asbjorn Krogh Nissen Plays Jarl Kare

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

The Danish actor Asbjorn Krogh will next be seen in the Vikings: Valhalla. His acting was highly appreciated after he won the Reumert Talent Prize. 

Nissen is best known for his roles in Valhalla- The Legend of Thor, Copenhagen, and Equinox

Bradley Freegard Plays King Canute

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

Bradley Freegard is a Welsh actor who has a regular recurring role in Teulu, the S4C series by Steffan Jones.

He has appeared in well-known TV shows like Doctors, Casualty, Y Gwyll/Hinterland, Holby City, and Pobol y Cwm. He is also playing the role of Evan Howells in the series Keeping Faith. He stars opposite his wife, who plays the titular role of Faith. 

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Laura Berlin Plays Emma Of Normandy

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

Laura Berlin is a German actress who came into the light after her role of Emma of Normandy in the historical TV series Vikings: Valhalla. 

Early in her career, she took up modeling assignments for companies like Michalsky, Balenciaga, and Boss. Later, she went on to get private acting lessons. She was previously seen in Sapphire Blue (2014), The Witch and the Ottoman (2021), and Breaking Even (2020), among many other projects, including music videos and short films.  

David Oakes Plays Godwin

Up Close And Personal With The Vikings Valhalla Cast And Characters!

The British actor David Oakes is best known for his roles in The White Queens, The Borgias, Victoria, and The Pillars of the Earth.  

He was trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School, where he took part in many renditions of Shakespeare’s renowned plays. Since he is an environmentalist, he shares his passion through a personal podcast called Trees A Crowd

Season Recap Of Vikings Valhalla Season 1! 

The Vikings Valhalla Season 1 opens with a scene of utter chaos and bloodbath. Harald leaves for Norway, and Athelred successfully slaughters every Viking who comes in his way. The news of this butchery quickly spreads around the town, and King Canute becomes hungry for revenge. 

Freddy and Lief are hungry for the blood of the Vikings who attacked and raped Freydis. After brutally murdering the culprit, Lief needs to pledge his services to Freydis to repay his ‘debt.’ In the background, Aethelred the Unready succumbs to death, and his wife, Emma of Normandy, and son Prince Edmund are left alone to face the wrath and attacks of the angry Vikings. 

Left with the responsibility of England, everyone fears that Edmund might be entering the game of kings a little too soon and that he is set for failure. 

Ultimately, their worst nightmares come true, and Edmund ends up in a trap, which leaves him injured. King Canute wins the battle but has some other plans up his sleeve. He plans on moving forward with an alliance with Edmund and ruling England together. 

Celebrations are in order but halted after King Canute chops off Strona’s head, declaring her a traitor. We see Emma and King Canute fall in love and try to marry offscreen, while Fredis and Harald confess their love. 

King Edmund falls to prey again after being tricked into another trap by Godwin, killing him. A new battle commences in Vikings Valhalla. As season one ends, we see Emma get closer to the throne of England. The last scene depicts one of King Sweyn’s grandchildren, who is shocked to discover Lief lying in a pool of blood. 

The series ends on a cliffhanger and leaves us with many unanswered questions. 

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Final Words 

The Vikings Valhalla Cast might be new to the world of historical drama, but their previous experiences in so many other genres make them versatile. 

We hope you got all the information that you needed. We will keep you updated with any new news or update about the Vikings Valhalla cast and series.   

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