The Voice Finale Prediction 2023 | Top 5 Artists In Finals!


Ever since The Voice season 23 premiered, each one of us has been eerily excited about The Voice Finale 2023 and who will win the coveted title this time! Would it be Grace West, Sorelle, Gina Miles, NOIVAS, or D. Smooth? I don’t know who the winner would be, but it won’t hurt to look at The Voice Finale prediction 2023 and find out who has the best chance of winning! 

The Voice Finale Prediction 2023 | Where To Watch The Voice Finale 2023?

The Voice Finale Prediction 2023 | Top 5 Artists In Finals!

Placing a bet on The Voice finale 2023 winner might not be an easy task, but one thing that will surely happen will be a nail-biting finale episode. The Voice 2023’s finale line-up is absolutely crushing with talented and spectacular performers, including – Grace West from Team Blake, Gina Miles from Team Niall, D. Smooth from Team Kelly, Noivas from Team Blake, and Sorelle from Team Chance. They were all voted into the Top 5 during the May 15 live performance, where America got a chance to vote for the first time instead of the judges. 

So, amongst them, who do you think will win The Voice finale 2023? If you are as confused as I am, keep reading below to see what are The Voice finale prediction 2023! 

Who Will Win The Voice Finale 2023? The Voice Finale Prediction 2023! 

Before I start with the predictions, let’s talk about the May 15 live performance voting that shocked a lot of people to hell. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s because nobody expected Ryley Wilson from Team Niall to be eliminated. Even though 15-year-old Ryley was always a top performer since the season premiered, America didn’t think he should be in the finale and hence, didn’t vote for him. 

This year, The Voice’s voting pattern was also slightly different from the previous seasons of The Voice. The American audience didn’t get a chance to vote in the earlier seasons until the Top 8. However, this could also be because this year, The Voice only had 15 episodes compared to other seasons of the show that usually air 20+ episodes or so.  Change in voting or not, it was sad seeing Ryley not making it up to the Top 5 contestants. 

This time again, it looks like the stars are in Blake Shelton’s favor, with two of his team members running in the Top 5. Blake Shelton, who will be leaving the show after the finale, has a good chance of winning this year as well, making it his tenth win so far. Grace and Novias have a fair chance of winning the competition, but to be honest, Noivas beats Grace in a lot of areas and is also a season frontrunner. 

Noivas was one of the four-chair turns for this season and has impressed the judges and audiences alike with his spell-bounding performances of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ I Put A Spell On You, Adele’s Skyfall, and The Beatles’ Come Together. Talking about Grace, the journey to the finale hasn’t been an easy one for her as she auditioned at the end when teams were almost full. It was almost impossible to get a four-chair turn, but her spectacular performance on Pam Tillis’ Maybe It Was Memphis impressed both Niall and Blake to buzz for him. 

Hailing from Canton, the 19-year-old decided to join Team Blake and has impressed everyone with jaw-dropping performances of Tammy Wynette’s Til I Can Make It On My Own, Dolly Parton’s Here You Come Again, The Judd’s Love Is Alive on the show so far. 

Where And When Can You Watch The Voice Season 23 Finale?

The Voice season 23 two-part finale will air on Monday, May 22, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC network, while the results will be out on Tuesday, May 23. If you don’t have access to the NBC channel, you can also watch the finale live on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. 

Final Words 

So, this was all about The Voice finale prediction 2023. Do you have any predictions for the winner of the show? Do you think Grace or Noivas will win the show? If you have any predictions or any favorites from the show, make sure you drop the names in the comments section below! 

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