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All the couples who are anxious about their wedding, are you searching for a wedding coach who can help you? Well, we don’t have a wedding coach for you, but Netflix has something that can help. The Wedding Coach, a series where couples say ‘I do’ after struggling with the pressure and anxiety of wedding preparations. 

The Wedding Coach is a binge-worthy reality TV show brought to you by Netflix. The show is hosted by Jamie Lee, a comedian and a bride who knows there is nothing called a perfect wedding. Lol! With her practical tips and experiences, she tries to help the engaged couples with their relationship problems and the wedding pressure. 

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The Wedding Coach is about six engaged couples approaching Jamie Lee to help them overcome the complications in life. All the couples will marry and Jamie is there to serve them with the best tips. So, do you think that everything we see in the show is genuine and not scripted? After all, it is a Netflix series we are talking about. There are good chances that the wedding is staged and the couples in the show aren’t even together in real life. 

Let’s dig into the section below and find answers to all the questions that you have about Netflix’s popular series, The Wedding Coach. 

Is The Wedding Coach 100% Genuine?  

The Wedding Coach manages to turn the wedding journey of couples into a comedy performance with the help of Jamie Lee and her friends. Each episode of this popular drama series focuses on an engaged couple and the problems they are facing. Jamie invites over her friends who she thinks can help them solve the problems for each couple. Interesting, right?

Idea Behind The Wedding Coach | Is It Scripted Or Real? 

Jamie Lee: The Wedding Coach

Each couple present in the show comes from a different background and culture. They don’t have anything in common except an upcoming wedding. Some of the struggles that each couple on the show faces include family drama, not fitting into their wedding dress, to name a few. The issues seem legitimate, but not every one of them can be true, or can it be?

The Wedding Coach is based on the book Weddiculous: An Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride written by the host, Jamie Lee. Yes, you read that right. The book takes us through the journey of Jamie’s wedding and how she tackles her wedding drama. Coming back to the show, the couples are facing issues that are similar to what Jamie faces. It is the reason why she understands them well and guides them easily. 

Savannah and Jamie: The Wedding Coach

In an interview, host Jamie Lee says that stressful weddings are still a fun occasion even if they give a severe headache. Many comedic aspects make the stressful events bearable and help the couples get through their big day. The show highlights these particular scenes on-screen to help plenty of other couples for their big day.

For Jamie, dealing with tense and emotional situations is the worst part of the show because sometimes she doesn’t know what is happening. Every couple on the show faces different issues in their relationship, so that part is not scripted, I assume. It is done to avoid disrespecting the couple’s feelings. 

The Wedding Guests | Fellow Comedians On The Show 

Jamie Lee: The Wedding Coach

If you have seen the show, you know that Jamie brings a friend of hers on each episode that seems to fit perfectly with the couple. How are her friends so talented? Do they have the natural ability to fit themselves as per the circumstances of the couple? It is hard to believe how her friends spontaneously come up with the solutions, especially when they don’t know much about the couple. Mysterious! 

According to sources, the comedians are pre-decided and invited according to their compatibility with the couples. Interestingly, the guests have already met the couples, and they have discussed the issues they are facing before coming to the show. It is evident that the guests have cleared their schedules to be on the show, so it does not come as a surprise to many. 

The Wedding Couples | Brides And Grooms To Be 

Couples: The Wedding Coach

#1 Erin And Travis – The Long Distance Couple  

Erin and Travis are trying to manage their wedding while being in a long-distance relationship. The distance adds a lot more emotional drama to this couple’s wedding. 

#2 Bree And Ben – Traditional Nigerian Couple

Bree and Ben are planning to have a traditional Nigerian wedding. However, their plans seem to get ruined by a close pal’s behavior. 

#3 Savannah And Cesar – Bump on the Road

Savannah is three months pregnant which is not a big surprise here. The shock comes when viewers get to know that her mother has no clue about the pregnancy. 

#4 Markesha And Brandon – Balancing Royalty 

Markesha and Brandon want to have a royal wedding but are on a tight budget. We wonder how Jamie will keep the drama away from their royalty. 

#5 Chad And Anthony – The Handsome Grooms 

Chad and Anthony manage to steal the show with their handsome looks. However, their elaborate wedding is giving them a lot of stress. 

#6 Tahis And George – The Greek Wedding 

Tahis and George are in charge of the family drama as they bring all of it to the show with their upcoming Greek wedding. 

Final Words:

Coming to an end, it is safe to say that The Wedding Coach takes couples’ feelings into consideration and only projects scenes that are humorous. We cannot claim if the entire show is scripted, but we can say that the problems faced by the couples seem real, and Jamie Lee tries her best to help them get away with problems. 

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