Netflix Announces The Witcher Season 3 | A Tale Of Blood And Power!


Toss a coin to your Witcher because the universe of bloodthirsty monster hunters, elves, witches, and much more is growing. 

Surprise Suprise!! You all may know that a few months back, leading OTT platform Netflix announced that the creators have started working on The Witcher season 3. Along with a new feature film, a family series will also be set in the world of The Witcher. 

Given that there are five books based on the adventures of the Witcher written by Andrej Sapkowski, fans of the entertainment series can expect plenty of new characters and twists from the new season. Season 2 (2021) of The Witcher picked up on its ending from The Time of Contempt, the second book in the series. Therefore, it is expected that the new season will also follow the same footsteps.  

Know The Witcher Season 3 Release Date | Mark The Date Geralt Of Rivia Returns!

While the studio has confirmed nothing new regarding the production and the filming schedule, numerous rumors indicate that the filming will take place towards the end of 2022. If the rumors are to be true, we can expect The Witcher Season 3 to continue the tradition and to be released by December 2023. 

The Witcher Season 3 Trailer | Should We Wait Or Should We Not!

Is There A Trailer For The Witcher Season 3?

We already know that the filming for season 3 is yet to begin, so there is no official trailer for the upcoming season. However, if you go to the video streaming platform YouTube, you will find plenty of fanmade trailers for The Witcher season 3. So, please don’t fall for the trap. Fans will have to wait for a while to enjoy the official teaser and the trailer. 

Who Will Be There In The Witcher Season 3 | The Cast Of Witcher Season 3 

Who Will Be There In The Witcher Season 3? 

If you have already witnessed the glorious adventures of the Geralt of Rivia from season 2, you already know who will be seen in season 3 of the popular Netflix series. Cast members have made no official announcements at the moment, but there is no doubt that Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, and Anya Chalotra will return to the new season. Henry’s co-star Joey Batey, who plays the easy-going and fun-loving Jaskier in conversation with the Cosmopolitan UK, also mentioned that “he is incredibly excited to start the filming process and rehearsals for season 3”.

Interesting Details About The Witcher Season 3! Prepare For The Witcher Quiz!

Interesting Details About The Witcher Season 3!

In an interview with the leading media portal, the Cosmopolitan UK, Lauren Schmidt, the series producer, dropped a few hints regarding The Witcher season 3. According to Lauren, working for the new season has not only begun, but in a month or two, the writers’ room will be finished. 

It means that the filming of The Witcher season 3 will take place sooner than anticipated. Lauren also mentioned that the new season of The Witcher is based on his favorite book from the series, which makes the whole process more fun. 

While the producer did not drop any hints for the story, he did say that season 3 will witness huge changes and the death of many people. The Witcher season 3 will bring a big turning point to both the story and the Continent. As a fan of the series, I hate to say this, but the new season will be the bearer of bad news. 

The Witcher Season 2 Explained | Beware Of The Fascinating Spoilers!

The Witcher season 2 is nothing less than a wild roller coaster ride with fathers returning from the past, a deathless mother, and angry wild hunters. While we respect that many of you are yet to explore the glorious mess of Geralt in season 2, we cannot help ourselves and keep all the butterflies trapped inside our bellies. The season began with an unexpected twist to Beauty & the Beast and took us on an adventurous journey of the Continent’s past. 

The Witcher Season 2 Is All About The Conjunction Of The Spheres!

The Witcher Season 2 Is All About The Conjunction Of The Spheres!

Season 2 of The Witcher focuses on the Continent’s history and reveals more about the theory of the Conjunction of the Spheres. From the beginning of the series, it was only known that the Conjunction was a cosmic event that led to a collision of different dimensions. This collision resulted in the creation of one world from many. However, in the second season, Geralt discovered that the Conjunction was only a temporary event and that the past could catch up to them easily. 

The Conjunction also resulted in creating mysterious monoliths all over the Continent. Since the monoliths are scattered all over the Continent, they can be used by witches and sorcerers as a magical portal between the spheres. Not only that, but the monoliths also prove to be dangerous as monsters can potentially travel through them. Due to the focus on Conjunction and otherworldly creatures, The Witcher season 2 deviates from the original work and adds a fresh perspective to the age-old tale. The only tie between season 2 and Sapkowski’s novels is Ciri, the series’s narrative. 

The Witcher Season 2 Reveals Ciri’s Father | Emperor Emhyr var Emrys Is The Dad! 

The Witcher Season 2 Reveals Ciri’s Father | Emperor Emhyr var Emrys Is The Dad! 

Emperor Emrys, aka the White Flame of Nilfgaard to Cintra, is revealed to be the final piece in the Family and Ciri’s father in the season end. The mysterious character was teased for most of the series and was believed to have died in the shipwreck. After Emhyr made his grand entrance in season 2, he revealed many interesting details about what he did in his time away from his daughter. It turns out that Emhyr was the one who had Francesca’s elven newborn killed and then went after Cahir and Fringilla because they took the credit for it. 

From his return into the storyline, it is clear as daylight that Emhyr knew about Ciri’s true potential and that his lovely daughter had inherited her mother’s magical powers. While this explains why Nilfgaard knew about Ciri’s truth before everyone else, season 2 of The Witcher fails to explain the logic behind Emhy’s reincarnation (or reinvention). Since the recently released season ended on a cliffhanger, we expect The Witcher season 3 to give us more insight into his theory. 

The Rise Of The Deathless Mother | Ciri’s Screams Bring Voleth To Life!

Netflix Announces The Witcher Season 3 | A Tale Of Blood And Power!

“Some say she still calls to the unfortunate souls unlucky enough to cross her woods”, says Vesemir to Ciri when they encounter one another in season 2. The so-called Deathless Mother, also known as Voleth Meir, may not have called out to Ciri, but Ciri’s screams awakened her. In the season 1 (2019) finale, we all remember Ciri escaping from Cintra with one of her mother’s loyal knights. However, the plans soon changed when the night is killed, and the not-so-good Cahir takes Ciri. 

When Cahir is seen dragging Ciri towards the forest, she looks back and sees a burning Cintra, which causes her to let out a powerful scream filled with rage, anger, and fear. The magic in her scream causes the monolith to break and awakens the Deathless Mother. The scream did not carry enough suffering to free her from the prison, so Voleth Meir paints a new destiny for the elves, giving rise to a new conflict between humanity and the elves. It causes enough pain and suffering in the Continent and allows Deathless Mother to escape from the prison cast upon her by the witchers. 

Yennefer’s Betrayal Brings Her Magical Powers Back | A True Act Of Selflessness! 

Yennefer’s Betrayal Brings Her Magical Powers Back | A True Act Of Selflessness! 

Do you guys remember how Yennefer tapped into the Fire Magic at the end of season 2 and burned her chaos, aka the magical abilities? Since I can see you eagerly nodding your head up and down, let’s talk about how the Deathless Mother exploited her and manipulated Yennefer into making Ciri’s location accessible to her. Yennefer may have slipped in the beginning and helped Voleth Meir (Deathless Mother), but in the end, her desire to be a mother triumphed. 

Yennefer came to love Ciri like her own blood, and that’s why she chose to perform a blood spell at the end of The Witcher season 2. Yennefer’s selfless act summoned the Deathless Mother out of Ciri’s body into her own (temporarily). Though Yennefer only trapped Voleth in her body for a short time, the selflessness helped in restoring her magical abilities. 

Ciri Finds A New Family In Geralt And Yennefer | The Bond Of Magic And Blood!

Ciri Finds A New Family In Geralt And Yennefer | The Bond Of Magic And Blood!

Ciri kept her head high and emerged to be powerful throughout the series. However, she is the only child, who gave Deathless Mother a chance to distract her. A few visions of Ciri’s original family were all it took for Voleth to take her out for the final battle. In the end, Geralt’s voice was able to break through the illusion and help Ciri. Soaking up all the chaos, Geralt realizes that he won’t keep Ciri safe at Kaer and decides that they will need to be on the run again. 

Geralt may not forgive Yennefer for what she did willingly, but as of now, Geralt has become capable of doing anything for Ciri’s sake. So, he allows Yennefer to come with them to help Ciri control her chaos. As much as Geralt and Yennefer love and adore one another, they both knew that they could not be together as a fated couple without something more. So, remembering dragon Villentretenmerth’s words, Geralt realizes that Ciri is an adopted daughter and therefore, ties him and Yennefer together. 

Dijkstra’s Owl Makes A Grand Entry As Philippa Eilhart | Dijkstra’s True Colors Revealed!

Dijkstra’s Owl Makes A Grand Entry As Philippa Eilhart | Dijkstra’s True Colors Revealed!

Fans of the series may not be intrigued by Philippa’s entry, but those who have read the books and enjoyed the games know the importance Phillipa holds in the future. It is a known fact that all the different kingdoms on the Continent have their magical advisors, and Philippa Eilhart is one of them. In the season 2 finale, Phillipa Elhart plays the role of the Chaos comfort to King Vizmir of Redania. Dijkstra may be the big baddie spymaster and the head of Redanian intelligence, but without Philippa, he is nothing. 

Philippa’s magical abilities allow her to transform into an owl and pass Dijkstra all the relevant information while being hundreds of miles away from him. Philippa plays the perfect spy in the series with her visual prowess, allowing Dijkstra to see the world through her eyes (only when she is in the owl form). Philippa’s story arc takes a grand turn that further reveals that Jaskier’s secret benefactor was none other than Dijkstra. It proves that Dijkstra is a smart player who knows how to play on all court sides. 

Francesca Findabair Mourns The Loss Of Her Child | Plans To Go After Ciri! 

Francesca Findabair Mourns The Loss Of Her Child | Plans To Go After Ciri! 

Francesca Findabair losing her baby brutally was the turning point in season 2 of The Witcher as it helped fuel the Deathless Mother’s freedom. Without knowing the truth about Emhyr’s return in the death of her baby, elven sorceress Francesca puts Redania to blame and kills all the newborns in the kingdom with her magic. 

With a burning rage to hurt those who killed her baby, Francesca wages war against humanity. After Francesca’s men catch Istredd and torture the poor soul in the middle of the battle, he is forced to tell the elven sorceress and her former elf king Filavandrel about Ciri’s truth. After knowing that Ciri is the Hen Ikeir, aka the Elder Blood, one more faction is now after her powers. 

Final Words 

The recent adventures of the Geralt of the Rivia were an eye-opener to Ciri’s true potential and power in the series. While the season ended on an optimistic note, and Ciri gained a new family, this does not mean that the future will be the same. The Witcher season 3 is expected to turn a lot crazier than others, and a lot of blood is said to be spilled amongst the kingdoms of the Continent after Ciri’s powers. 


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