Things To Post On Your Snapchat Story- Grab Your Followers’ Attention


Do you love sharing funny and weird Snapchat stories with your friends? If so, then I’m sure this article is for you to read. Because here, you will find engaging content which can help take your Snapchat stories to next level. If you are using Snapchat for a long time, then I guess now you’re running out of new content to add to your story. So, I’ll share with you some interesting things to post on your Snapchat story.

You have the feature to add stories on almost all the platforms. But Snapchat stories are more fun and enjoyable compared to other platforms. It is because of Snapchat’s amazing features to create engaging stories. Now, the new feature “shared stories” grabs the attention of users. Many individuals are making use of this feature to have more fun with their friends.

Snapchat stories are not only fun, but they also help in many ways. The stories help to express yourself. If you’re running a business, then Snapchat stories help to increase your business sales. These days, people are spending more time on social media, so it is easy for business owners to sell their businesses by posting stories and posts. So, Snapchat stories are the best way to engage your followers.

Oh, we don’t have to go much serious about business and brands. Let’s take it lightly! So, if you want to add some fresh Snapchat stories that would amuse your friends and followers, then read the below things to post on your Snapchat story.

How To Create Great Snapchat Stories?

Everyone posts Snapchat stories, but what makes your story stand out from all other stories matters. If your concern is to post unique stories that should impress your followers, then a little effort is required. Before you learn things to post on your Snapchat story, I would like to share some preparation tips that would help make a stunning Snapchat story.

Plan Ahead

If you want to make an interesting Snapchat story, then it’s worth planning ahead. So, you can consider what activities will you do on that particular day. By thinking so, you could get some idea of which will work well for the day. You should remember that you have only a few seconds to make your viewer stay till the end of the story. Therefore, planning ahead would make sense to create a perfect Snapchat story.

Work On Themes

Giving the same content every day can be boring. So, make sure you work on different themes. When you post stories with different themes every day, then your post views get increased automatically. Because people will spend more time seeing your stories with new themes.

Utilize Filters And Stickers

Things To Post On Your Snapchat Story- Grab Your Followers’ Attention

When it comes to Snapchat, there are countless filters and stickers. You could find everything that would easily express your current emotion. You can customize the story with Bitmoji stickers and Halloween costumes which makes the story so colorful to watch. Adding weird filters can make your friends LOL.

Post On Right Time

Yes, posting the stories at the right time can increase the views of the story. Also, you can follow the schedule to post Snapchat stories every day. This will make your followers not watch all stories without missing out.

Things To Post On Your Snapchat Story – Find The Ideas Here!

Things To Post On Your Snapchat Story- Grab Your Followers’ Attention

Okay, now you know how to prepare to create an engaging story. But you should have some ideas to make Snapchat stories. Here are a few ideas that you can take into account and can make super-exciting stories.

A Day In Your Life

This is the most common post that everyone will share on the story. You can post some funny or important events in your day. Also, you can create a story with different snaps of the same day. The best way to attract with a day in your life story is with fascinating captions.

Share Your Memory

Everyone will have some unforgettable memory in their life. It is good to share them with others too. Do you know that Snapchat has a special feature to share memories with their friends and followers? You can also add some funny throwback pictures that you took in your childhood. So, it can be so fun for your viewers to watch your childhood poses.

Play With Emojis And Bitmojis

Things To Post On Your Snapchat Story- Grab Your Followers’ Attention

Now, you want to post weird stories on your Snapchat? Then get to play with Emojis And Bitmojis. You can add emojis on your real-life snap that makes it so funny to watch. You can combine any different things that are unimaginable by your friends or followers. You can also make your emojis move in Snapchat stories. It will be great fun to watch the emojis move around with the person or object.

Tell A Funny Story

The story is all about telling silly stories, right? Yes, you can share some random stories with your friends. The story need not be real as well because no one is expecting something serious on Snapchat stories. So, make the story as much as enjoyable to your followers.

Showcase Your Talent

Ahh, we also need to use Snapchat little beneficial way. So, if you have any hidden talents like singing, drawing, or playing instruments, then you can post a story with that. You can also share your hobbies with your friends. You may get huge followers by seeing your talent.

Capture Your Pets

Things To Post On Your Snapchat Story- Grab Your Followers’ Attention

Most of you may have pets, and it is good to post your activities with pets in Snapchat stories. But don’t yell at me if your followers like your pets more than you. Because this happens as people will become fans of the pets and want to see their videos often.

Share Behind The Scenes

Everyone is curious to know how you took particular stories. Also, behind-the-scenes will always be entertaining to watch. If you are running a business, then sharing videos of how things work in your office will attract followers.

Have Q&A Session

If you are bored and don’t know what to do, then post a Q&A session with your friends. You can ask questions to them or make your followers ask you a question. It is the best way to connect with your followers. Also, you will receive some annoying questions during Q&A, but make sure you annoy them as well with your replies.

Final Words

Well, Snapchat story addicts, the above are some things to post on your Snapchat story. So, there are numerous ideas that you can think of and make your Snapchat stories pleasurable to watch for your viewers. If you liked this content, then I also request you to check other related content to Snapchat. 


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