Thor Love And Thunder End Credits Scene Explained!


For those who have been following Thor for a while, y’all must have been over the moon with Love and Thunder’s release. But with the movie’s release also comes the part where you want Thor Love And Thunder end credits scene explained. You do, don’t you? So, let’s keep scrolling and find the explanation for Thor: Love And Thunder end-credits scene! 

Before you plan on watching Love And Thunder this weekend, let me give you quick deets right before you book the tickets. Marvel fans digging some good action sequences with this movie, stop right there. Thor: Love And Thunder (2022) is definitely not the one for you. But for those, who are craving the good old Ragnarok fun, please go ahead and watch the movie ASAP! 

Now, coming back to where we started, Thor Love And Thunder End Credits scene explained! 

Here Are Thor Love And Thunder End Credits Scene Explained! 

If you are an avid Marvel comic reader, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster dying in Thor: Love And Thunder might not be a big shocker to you. Following the events after Thor: The Dark World, Natalie Portman is seen reprising her role once again in Thor: Love And Thunder. But this time she is just not the old Dr. Jane Foster, now, she has become Mighty Thor. Though Jane Foster wields the mantle of Mighty Thor only for a short time, it is refreshing to see “She Thor” on the big screen.

What Happens In Thor Love And Thunder End Credits? Thor Love And Thunder End Credits Scene Explained! 

Thor Love And Thunder End Credits Scene Explained!

Thor: Love And Thunder is Taika Waititi’s one of the best and the most fun projects to this date. Every small thing about Love And Thunder fits well into the frame from Thor’s goats to Christain Bale’s acting and Russell Crowe’s epic comic timing. Love And Thunder is not your regular Marvel movie where the enemy plans on taking over, it’s about assuring Thor that he is still the big d*ddy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From finding out about Jane’s stage four cancer to fighting Gorr, the movie is a fun roller coaster ride. 

By the end of the movie, we see Gorr quickly enter through the gates of Eternity at the same time when Jane shatters the Necrosword with Mjolnir. Though what happens after this will shock many. Realizing the fault of his errors, Gorr gives up on the idea of killing the Gods and instead asks for his daughter to be resurrected. Leaving his daughter in Thor’s protective care, Gorr succumbs to death, whereas the same fate follows Jane Foster. 

Jane’s sickness finally gets the best of her, and she succumbs to the injuries she sustained in the war. The couple shares a wholesome moment, after which Jane closes her eyes forever and finally lays resting in peace. 

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Jane Appears In Thor Love And Thunder Post Credit Scenes | Thor Love And Thunder End Credits Scene Explained! 

Thor Love And Thunder End Credits Scene Explained!

You might have found it a little weird that, being a mere human, Jane turns into dust when she dies. Thor: Love And Thunder’s post-credit scenes give a brief meaning to her connection with Asgard. After Jane dies, she appears in Valhalla (the sacred place where all the Asgardians go after their death). Upon reaching, she is welcomed by Heimdall, who explains to her about the place. Since All-Father Odin also dies the same way (by turning into dust), there is a good chance jane will meet Odin in Valhalla. 

Not to give you any spoilers, but if you are a Marvel comic fan, you might already know what will happen next in the future. In the comics, after dying, Jane realizes she can’t leave Thor alone because there is still a lot left that needs to be done. So, before Jane can cross the gates to Valhalla, she is brought back to life by All-Father Odin. After returning to life, Jane wields Mighty Thor’s mantle again and even becomes a Valkyrie. 

How Many End-Credits Scenes Are In Thor: Love And Thunder?

At the end of the first end-credits scene in Thor: Love And Thunder, many expected there would be another scene where they can see Thor and Gorr’s daughter bonding (while playing in ground with the Mjolnir). But fans were soon disappointed because Thor: Love And Thunder only contains one end-credits scene.

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Final Words 

If you have already seen Thor: Love And Thunder, do us a favor, and please drop a spoiler-free review in the comments section below. 

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