Thor vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!


How good of a Marvel fan are you if you never wondered about Thor vs Captain Marvel. They are two of the strongest avengers in the Marvel cinematic universe. Won’t it be great to witness the supreme holders of power engaged in a fight and see who emerges as the winner? 

On one side of the battlefield, we have the Asgardian God, Thor, who has the power of lightning and thunder in his hands. On the other side is Captain Marvel, who became a superhuman after coming into contact with an alien device. 

Marvel fans have seen both of them fighting together in an epic battle against the Mad Titan Thanos, but they are yet to see Thor and Captain Marvel rip each other’s heads apart, at least not on the big screen. Yes, you are guessing it right. Thor and Captain Marvel have fought against each other in the comic book. In 2019’s issue Captain Marvel #12, under the pen name of Kelly Thompson and Illustration headed by Lee Garbett; Thor was defeated by Captain Marvel. However, there is a twist in their big fight. Can you guess what it is? 

Hold down your horses and scroll to find what happens in the big fight and how the mighty Thor ends up losing the battle against Carol Danvers. 

Thor vs Captain Marvel | Strongest Avengers Turned Into Foes 

Thor Vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Captain Marvel!!! Carol!!! Are you serious? This is what has bewitched you. Says the All-Father Thor to a deranged Carol Danvers who is approaching to fight him. Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel #12 is influenced by the dark Marvel world and portrays Carol Danvers as a Dark Captain Marvel. So, what happens when Carol approaches the newly appointed All-Father for a fight? 

Carol And Thor Fight In Comics | Darkness Takes Over  

dark captain marvel: Thor Vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

The comic book issue begins with Carol Danvers approaching Thor at the speed of light in an attempt to kill him. Captain Marvel is dressed in a new red and black costume, hinting at the darkness that slowly consumed her and pushed her to the deepest corner. In the beginning, Thor does not notice that his teammate is trying to kill him. Once he hits her head with Mjolnir and her mask falls off, he is shocked to the core. 

Thor vs Captain Marvel | All-Father Is Devastated 

Thor Vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Carol does not waste any more time and starts beating Thor relentlessly. Thor, on the other hand, begins with questioning and tries to find out her motives. Eventually, Thor gives up and starts fighting back against the dark Carol. The two throw powerful blows at each other and send each other out, flying into outer space. 

Carol Gets The Upper Hand | Thor Loses Mjolnir During The Fight

Thor Vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Once Thor clarifies that Carol is not powerful enough to stand in a fight against him, she makes a daring move. Carol’s binary aspect over her powers lets her control the white holes. She uses the siphoned energy in her favor and sends Mjolnir flying into another universe. Thor cannot summon Mjolnir from another universe which gives Carol the upper hand, and she quickly knocks him out with a massive photon blast. 

Carol Meets Vox Supreme | Is It The End Of Thor? 

Thor Vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

If this story isn’t tragic enough for the fans of Thor, it ends at a more horrific note. Towards the end of the comic, dark Captain Marvel brings the head of Thor to a powerful Marvel villain known by the name of Vox Supreme. Yes, you read that right. Not only Carol manages to defeat Thor, but she also kills him by the end of the comic issue. 

Captain Marvel And Thor Fight Again | What Holds In The Future Of MCU? 

Thor Vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Fans are yet to see Thor and Captain Marvel fight each other on-screen. You never know, maybe with the ongoing animated series What if…? creators will finally fulfill our wishes. This is just an idea, and we don’t know if it will ever happen on the show or not. Though, we will be more than happy to know that the story writers are taking our suggestions. 

Thor vs Captain Marvel | Who Has More Fighting Experience In MCU? 

The mighty thor: Thor Vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Odin’s son Thor is said to be 1500 years old in the cinematic universe. Thor reveals the information in Avengers: Infinity War. In contrast to him, Carol is approximately 50-years-old and has minimal fighting experience. On the other hand, Thor has fought in battles against Surtur and Dark Elves across the nine realms, and not to mention he has also been a part of the Sokovia battle, amongst many others. Moreover, Thor has almost proved himself to be worthy of Mjolnir, which means a lot in Marvel.

Is Thor Faster Than Captain Marvel? The Winner Of Speed 

Is Thor Faster Than Captain Marvel? The Winner Of Speed 

Thor possesses the power of lightning and thunder, but that does not mean he has incredible speed. Multiple incidents in the Marvel universe have witnessed Thor fighting or running at a speed slower than that of a tortoise (sorry, Marvel fans, but it is true). In contrast, if we take notes, Captain Marvel has shown her super-speed ability in multiple instances. Remember when she helped bring Nebula and Tony back to Earth within minutes? This is the speed we are talking about. 

Who Can Win The Big Fight? Fans Need A Winner 

Thor Vs Captain Marvel | The Battle Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Thor and Captain Marvel both excel in their abilities, so it is tough for us to decide a winner amongst the two. Even if Captain Marvel is not a part of many battles like Thor, she has shown courage in her fights. Deciding a winner for Thor vs Captain Marvel is up to the directors and Marvel President Kevin Feige rather than us. 

Final Words

Marvel comics have blessed us with a thrilling fight between Captain Marvel and Thor. Now it is time for Marvel phase 5 to step up and fulfill the fans’ wishes. After all, we all are waiting for this fight ever since Captain Marvel made her appearance in the Marvel universe a few years back. 

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