Thor vs Loki | Who Would Win? Asgardian Brothers Fight For The Throne!


Marvel fans, if there is a battle of Thor vs Loki who would win? Be wise before betting on one! Odinsons Thor and Loki may love each other endlessly, but they have their moments where they both are willing to do anything to have each other’s heads. Being a Marvel fan, have you ever imagined what will happen if they get into a fight? Who would be the winner? God of Thunder, Thor or God of Mischief, Loki? 

You may be thinking it is unfair to put Loki on a battlefield with Thor as his opponent because he is the stronger one amongst the two easily. Do you all seriously think that Loki isn’t worthy of fighting Thor? Yes, Thor is powerful, but Loki is no less when it comes to devising strategies that can help you win against the strongest villains of the universe. I mean, haven’t you seen Loki in Marvel’s animated What if

Loki and Thor have never spent enough time with each other in the MCU or the Marvel comics, but if you go through the Norse mythology books, you will find a lot about them starting right from their childhood. Loki isn’t the blood son of Asgard King Odin. Loki was born to Laufey, the first ruler of frost giants in Jotunheim but was left to die. After his fight, Loki was found by Odin and was taken to Asgard, where he grew as Thor’s younger brother. During their childhood, Loki and Thor used to spar with each other for practice, which means he knows a thing or two about Thor’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Let’s read ahead and find out what would happen in a death battle between Thor and Loki. 

Thor vs Loki Who Would Win? The Ultimate Battle Between The Marvel Gods

Loki’s head is full of tricks and mischief, whereas Thor is always planning his next move when he is in the same room with his brother. As the adopted son, Loki has always hated Thor because he cannot become the ruler of Asgard until and unless he kills Thor. Loki has tried to beat his elder brother many times, but he has failed miserably. Let’s see how the one final battle would occur in the cinematic universe or Marvel comics. 

#1 Thor Has Far More Fighting Experience Than Loki 

Thor Has Far More Fighting Experience Than Loki: Thor vs Loki Who Would Win? Asgardian Brothers Fight For The Throne!

Despite being more than a thousand years old, Loki does not have any fighting experience, if compared to his elder brother. As a child, Loki was never keen on improving his combat skills. Instead, he would skip his training sessions and use his magic to fool the soldiers around the royal palace. In comparison, Thor would always put in efforts and learn from the best warriors of Asgard. Thor is 1500 years old, and during this time, he has fought several deathmatches and has also participated in the battle against Surtur and the Dark Elves. Not to forget that he won both of them and also managed to stab the Mad Titan Thanos with his mighty weapon, Stormbreaker. 

#2 Loki Is The God Of Mischief And Parlor Tricks 

Loki Is The God Of Mischief And Parlor Tricks

While Loki may not be more powerful than the God of Thunder, he certainly has a mind sharper than his brother. If it weren’t for his charming looks and equally mischievous tricks, Loki would have never been anyone’s favorite. Throughout the different Marvel series and movies, viewers have seen Loki pulling off his tricks to beat Thor. Even if his schemes were never 100% successful, he managed to keep Thor out of his way. Besides, Loki also has magical powers, so he can manage to win the fight if he uses his brain. 

#3 Thor Is Worthy Of Mjolnir And Stormbreaker 

Thor Is Worthy Of Mjolnir And Stormbreaker

Okay, Loki may have a few cheap tricks rolled up his sleeve, and he may even manage to hurt Thor somehow, but we are missing Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. Loki’s magical tricks are nothing in front of Thor’s powerful weaponry. Mjolnir is possessed with magical powers, as said by Alfather Odin, so it is an excellent match against Loki’s tricks. On the other hand, Stormbreaker is forged from Uru and can summon Bifrost on its own. Stormbreaker is known to be the greatest weapon in Asgard’s history and was used by Thor in his fight against Thanos.  

#4 Loki’s Ego Will Be The End Of Him 

Loki’s Ego Will Be The End Of Him

Unlike other powerful immortal heroes in Marvel who would use their ego to beat the opponent, Loki’s enormous ego will get the best of him and make him lose the match. Thor may not be egoistic, but he is smart and knows his way around his younger brother. Loki won’t fight Thor hand to hand because he knows he is powerful. Loki will let Thor use all of his strength and tire him out, but in the end, Thor will throw him a deal, and Loki’s egoistic ass will agree because of his greed. Thor will use his warrior mind and skills against Loki’s delusional mind and wrap him in a situation where he will sabotage himself. 

Final Words 

If it weren’t for Loki’s foolishness and overconfidence, he would have quickly become the winner of the match, but the moment he was near victory, he let his guard down, which Thor used for his benefit. Loki had the power and the strength to become the ruler of Midgard, but Marvel yet gave him the chance to prove his worth. If and when a fight occurs between the two brothers, it would be fun to see because they will try their best to kill one another. 

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