Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Release Date Is Still Under Wraps! | Here’s What To Expect! 


After the Tiger And Bunny season 2 premiere in April 2022, fans have been waiting for any announcement or news about the Tiger And Bunny Season 3 release date very eagerly. And here’s what we could do to calm that urge!

Created by Keichi Sato, Sunrise, and Masayuki Ozaki, Tiger And Bunny (2011-present) is a Japanese anime television series. In the fictional world of ‘NC 1978″, a new reimagined New York, now known as Stern Bild city. After being invaded by so-called Noted Entities with Extraordinary Talent (NEXT), individuals with superpowers started to appear in the city. Their heroic activities and talents were broadcasted on the local TV network, where they earned points for their courage and strength. The strongest of them is crowned as the ‘Killing of Heroes.’

Tiger And Bunny season 3 release date is not out yet. But since this Japanese series was developed as a split-cour production, the next season of Tiger And Bunny is inevitable. A split cour production is an anime originally made as one whole series but released in parts. So, Tiger And Bunny season 3 is happening without a doubt

Regarded as one of the best anime to watch for the American audience, Tiger And Bunny have many twists and turns and a mature depiction of heroes that makes it a good watch. So, let’s get to know it a bit better. 

Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast And Characters!

Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Release Date Is Still Under Wraps! | Here’s What To Expect! 
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Wherever we talk about superheroes, an image of a man or a woman in a well-built shiny suit appears in front of our eyes. But Tiger and Bunny are not from that clan of sci-fi superheroes. They don’t have fancy automobiles and transportation to fly them above the world’s troubles. 

By giving us a manga character as the superhero, Tiger And Bunny changed the face of anime in American society. Tiger And Bunny takes us through a journey filled with adventure with mundane problems but mature solutions.  

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Tiger And Bunny Plot Details | What Is Up In ‘NC 1978’ : Stern Bild City! 

Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Release Date Is Still Under Wraps! | Here’s What To Expect! 

In the town of NC 1978, a reinvented version of New York, superheroes and superpowers govern the society. Forty-five years before the course of action, the Noted Entities with Extraordinary Talents– NEXT had invaded the city, and individuals with super guardians started showing up from nowhere.

These superheroes work for an individual sponsor team who make up for their costumes and other amenities. Their acts of heroism are further broadcasted on a popular television show, Hero TV. They accumulate points and prizes for their accomplishments, and the best of all is given the title of ‘king of Heroes.’ 

The main point of focus of Tiger And Bunny is a story of a veteran hero, Kotetsu T, the Wild Tiger, who struggles to come to terms with his new partner, Barnaby Brooks Jr., a young man having the same power as Kotetsu. But with, conflicting opinions and difference of thought makes working as a team a very hard task. Things, however, turn worse when the city is stirred up by a new emerging villain named ‘Lunatic.’ 

Taking place as a villain of the week-style, the main narrative of Tiger And Bunny focuses on the mystery behind Barnaby’s parents’ mysterious murder. However, even after many tries, the culprit comes out to be unknown. But Kotestu’s revelation about his powers eventually disappearing makes him distant and fragile.

He ultimately ends up resigning from the job without telling anybody about the reason behind the same. But wild things unfold. One of Katetsu’s former allies brainwashes all the memories of superheroes and creates a massive confusion among all of them. But with Kaede’s help, they can retrieve most of the lost memories, making Kotetsu finally reveal his secret behind retiring. Nevertheless, Kotetsu decides to maintain the limited power he has left and submits his life to his duty toward the world. 

Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Release Date! | Is Tiger And Bunny Renewed Or Canceled? 

The hit Japanese anime series Tiger And Bunny is not canceled. The first season of the split-cour production-wise series premiered in Japan between April 3, 2011, and September 17, 2011. And analyzing the fame and popularity, a second season was announced on January 4, 2018. So, according to many legitimate sources, we can expect Tiger And Bunny season 3 somewhere between August 2020 to April 2023. 

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Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Expected Plot And Other Details!

Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Release Date Is Still Under Wraps! | Here’s What To Expect! 

The Japanese series Tiger and Bunny was announced as a 25-episode series, including seasons 2 and 3. The first installments of the thirteen episodes were released on Netflix in April 2022, and we expect the remaining thirteen to air by April 2023. 

Released after a good 11-year break, we had nothing but high expectations from this fantasy thriller. In the first 13 episodes, we see the emergence of two new nuanced villains, who too try to create problems in the superhero town of Stern Build City. The superhero team of Kotetsu and Barnaby become a massive hit among the people and their superhero clan.

Yuvi Petrov, the judge and ‘lunatic’ in the previous season, seems to be more subtle and avoids taking matters into his own hands. The heroes spend their lives dealing with more criminals and troubles. However, the post-ending scene of Tiger and Bunny season 2 highlights the arrival of a new dangerous power that might overtake the heroes and defeat them. What will that power be? Will the heroes team up and fight, or will they become the victims to divide and rule?. We shall have all the answers when the next 13 episodes of Tiger And Bunny season 3 air. 

Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Cast and Characters! | Get Acquainted With Japanese Superheroes! 

Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Release Date Is Still Under Wraps! | Here’s What To Expect! 

Besides having the advantage of a modern and amazing storyline, Tiger and Bunny have characters and cast that will leave you feeling inspired. Let’s get to know them a little better. 

  • Hiroaki Hirata voices Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, one of the main protagonists of the series. He’s a veteran superhero, famously nicknamed ‘Wild Tiger And ‘Crush’er of Justice.’ 
  • Masakazu Morita, voiced by Barnaby Brooks Jr. He is the new addition to the superhero clan, which shares the same powers as Kotetsu. He is known for his extraordinary superpowers and strategies.  
  • Minako Kotobuki voices the character of Karina Lyle. She is nicknamed “Super Celebrity of the Heroes.” She tries to win her dad’s heart but fails to stand up to his expectations. She has a freezing power that she uses to get ahead in her career in singing. 
  • Go Inoue voices Keith Goodman aka the Sky High. Goodman is also known as the ‘Wind Wizard’ among his supporters, a friendly and enthusiastic hero. He has the power to control the air and winds however he likes. 
  • Kenjiro Tsuda voices Nathan Seymour, also known for his abilities as the ‘Bourgeois Open Flame Broil.’ He is equipped with a highly capable sports car, which plays a major part in most of his missions. 
  • Mariya Ise lends her voice to the character of Huang Pao-Lin. She is famously known as the Dragon Kid and ‘Lightning Bolt Kung-Fu Master.’ Pao-Lin is looked upon for her abilities to generate strong and long-lasting electrical currents and discharges. 
  • Taiten Kusunoki voices Antonio Lopez. His alias is Rock Bison, nicknamed the ‘Bull Tank of the West Coast.’ He is also Kotestu’s childhood best friend and partner in crime. He has the power of coating his skin in a shiny bronzy film. 
  • Yuichi Nakamura voices the character of Ryan Goldsmith. He is known to his fans as ‘Gravity Prince.’ He possesses the boisterous power of creating a strong localized gravity field that immobilizes anyone inside his limits.  
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki voices the character of Thomas Taurus. Known as ‘the One Adorned in White Light,’ he is also new to the superhero clan. He was the telekinetic power of moving and throwing objects through his gaze and mind. His fans refer to him as ‘HIT.’ 
  • Sonya Chiba voices the character of Subaru Sengoku. He is a hot-headed 17-year-old teenager nicknamed ‘Man in Black’ because of his black suit armor. He has the power to create energy barriers within a localized field of network. 
  • Koji Yusa voices the character of Yuri Petrov, AKA’ Lunatic’. He is nicknamed the ‘Dark Hero’ and ‘Sanctioner with Blue Flame’ because of his ability to produce blue and green flames from his saber. He is also Hero TV’s curator and Stern Bild City’s Administration of Justice judge. 
  • Nobuaki Fukuda voices the character of Albert Maverick. He governs the position as the CEO and President of Apollon Media, the company behind Hero TV productions. 

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Where To Watch Tiger And Bunny Season 3? | IMDb Rating, Rotten Tomatoes and More Additional Information! 

Tiger And Bunny Season 3 Release Date Is Still Under Wraps! | Here’s What To Expect! 

Tiger And Bunny is voted as Japan’s most beloved anime series of all time. Tiger And Bunny Season 1 and 2 are available to stream on Hulu (free trial) and streaming platforms, Netflix  and Peacock TV. 

CreatorSunrise, Masayuki Ozaki, Keiichi Sato
Director Keiichi Sato 
Written by Masafumi Nishida 
Music by Yoshihiro Ike
Duration per episode 25 minutes 
IMDb Rating7.3/10 
No. of seasons premiered till now 

Final Words

Whether you are a dedicated anime fan or not, once you start exploring a new thrill genre, there’s no going back. If you’re thinking of giving anime a try, you know where to start now. Immerse yourself in the thrilling adventures of Tiger And Bunny and get going. 

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