7 Vital Tips For Packing Your Backpack


A poorly packed backpack can put a damper on your travel experience. It is not only what you pack that matters but also how you pack it. You need ease of access, but more than that, in the case of backpacks, you need to balance the weight efficiently to make it comfortable for you to carry around. 

Below, you will find a few tips to help pack your backpack the right way, with convenience and comfort in mind. 

Choose The Right BackPack

7 Vital Tips For Packing Your Backpack

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single packing method that will work for every individual and travel purpose. For instance, if you are a college student, you might choose to pay for paper on Writepaper.com and take a backpacking trip across Europe. How you would pack for this travel plan would be entirely different from how you would approach a hiking trip. The items you need would differ, and so would how you arrange them. 

If you are a photographer, you need a bag that can hold your tripod. On the other hand, if you intend to camp outside, you also require a bag to hold your camping equipment or sleeping bag. As you can see, it is essential to pick the right backpack that fits your needs. 

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Learn The Order Of Packing 

7 Vital Tips For Packing Your Backpack

When it comes to packing your back, many are unaware that how you layer the items can significantly affect your comfort. After all, how to travel efficiently is not a skill taught at college, and this is crucial when you are carrying the luggage with you for a long time. Here is how you can plan your packing. 

  • Light Items At The Bottom. Keep your sleeping bag and other lighter items at the lower end of the pack to give it some structure. These items will also serve as a solid base for other things around them. 
  • Heaviest Items In The Middle. This includes anything such as a tent, food, water, or other gear you have. In case you are not packing for hiking, you can just put other heavy items here; this could be an extra pair of shoes or books. 

You can then put the medium-heavy items at the top, which could be clothing or anything else that you need handy. The main aim is to avoid having a bag that is heavy at the top or bottom, which could pull you back or drag you down.

Instead, the heavier items will be close to the middle of your back, thus keeping you balanced. 

Pack A Rain Cover 

7 Vital Tips For Packing Your Backpack

This is a common thing for many modern backpacks. However, if that isn’t the case, we suggest that you purchase a rain cover to protect your bag from moisture. You can stash it in the front pouch or the dedicated rain cover pouch at the bottom of your backpack. 

Pro Tip – If you do not have access to a rain cover when packing, you can also carry a trash bag with you, which can serve the same purpose. You’ll just have to be careful to cover the entire bag. 

Try Compression Cubes

7 Vital Tips For Packing Your Backpack

Many of us do not like the feeling of having to search the entire backpack to find one thing. Instead, you can easily organize the interior by using packing cubes. This allows you to keep one cube aside for clothes, one for toiletries, and one for cables and such. 

These are also available in a compression format, which will help you accommodate more items by reducing the space they take. Pack bulky items such as sleeping bags or heavy jackets in compression bags would also be wise in compression bags. This is a life hack that you can use regardless of what kind of luggage you take. You can also color code these so it will be easier to identify which one to take out when you are looking for something specific. 

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Pack The Accessory Pockets 

7 Vital Tips For Packing Your Backpack

Backpacks these days come with pockets of all shapes and sizes located in different parts. 

  • The front pouch is to hold everything you need instant access to. Avoid keeping any heavy items here as they can drag you down. 
  • Some pouches are hidden yet accessible, making room for valuable items such as passports and wallets. You might find this along the back lining of your bag. 
  • Some also come with a pocket where you can hold and charge your phone. 
  • Water pockets are designed specifically to hold your water bottle. That does not mean that you shouldn’t use the space for anything else; feel free to get creative here. 
  • The hip belt pocket can also keep the things you need most handy, such as phones, your face masks, sanitizers, or snacks. 

Since you do not need to remove the backpack to access the hip belt pocket, it is best to keep the necessary items that you are always reaching for. Having your phone here will be safer than keeping it in your pocket and would make it easy to watch a movie on long commutes. 

Add The Gear 

7 Vital Tips For Packing Your Backpack

Finally, you might have items that do not fit inside your bag. Some of the latest backpacks might have additional loops and pockets for the likes of a sleeping pad or tripod. If not, there is no need to worry. 

Most backpacks come with tool loops that you can use to attach items such as shoes. You can also attach carabiner clips to the grippers to hang such things. 

Try Lifting The Backpack

7 Vital Tips For Packing Your Backpack

Once you have packed almost everything, you should always test how the bag feels on your back. It would be a bad idea to set out on your journey without doing this, as it might be impossible to make adjustments later. You can also walk a bit to ensure that the weight is comfortable on your back when you move. 

The most important thing is to make sure that the bag is well balanced. Then, you can pack based on the convenience you seek. 

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