8 Tips That Every Wannabe Victoria’s Secret Model Should Follow


While growing up, every girl’s dream is to be a Victoria’s Secret Model and walk down the runway looking nothing less than an angel. To become an angel, there are a lot of rules that you need to swear by. 

While looking at the angels take over the stage like fierce and strong women, there is a lot behind making these young girls look like angels. VS Fashion Show is one of the most-watched shows ever, with a whopping number of 800 billion people watching the show globally, the numbers only keep on increasing. 

To become one of the highest-paid models and earn around $100,000 to $1,000,000 every year, you need to meet a lot of standards. A wannabe Victoria’s Secret model must fall between an average height of 5’8″ to 6 ft and must meet specific body standards. Apart from this, there are billion other things that you need to follow. 

I am sure you must be doing everything in your capacity, following every beauty guru’s advice, going on an insane diet. If you are not following all the tips we have covered, there aren’t many chances to become a VS model. 

Tips for the Upcoming Victoria’s Secret Models 

I am sure that you want to become as famous and popular as Gisele Bündchen, the highest-paid Victoria’s Secret model ever. Before retiring from the modeling industry, the angel had a net worth of more than #360 million—Gisele ended her $25 million (highest-ever) contract with Victoria Secret in 2006. To become a supermodel or, say, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, start following the tips below. 

#1 Being an Adult is Necessary 

Angels on Vogue Cover: Victoria's Secret Model

First, to get into the Victoria Secrets club, you need to be an adult, which means you must be eighteen years old. However, being the most critical and demanding lingerie company globally, there are other prerequisites that you must follow. One of these is to start modeling as soon as possible to be considered as a prominent candidate. 

The earlier you start, the more you will know about the dos and don’t of modeling. If you want to become a Victoria’s Secret Model, you need to train yourself very well for this opportunity. If you start modeling early, there are chances that you may land on the cover page of Vogue magazine, which is also considered an essential prerequisite to becoming an angel. 

#2 Live the Brand You Want to Work For 

Victoria's Secret Showroom: Victoria's Secret Model

Becoming an angel is one hell of a job and requires a lot of effort but what does not require many steps is living the brand. By this I mean, using the Victoria Secret products. The company has a line of products ranging from sexy lingerie to perfumes and make-up accessories. 

Please do your homework on the brand properly and get to know everything about the company, from its history to everything about the other Victoria angles, its fashion shows, iconic fashion moments, who is behind the brand name, and the people representing it currently. 

#3 Confidence is the Key

Barbara Palvin: Victoria's Secret Model

If you don’t have confidence, you are never going to be an angel. There I said it. It’s true. When you are Victoria’s Secret Model, you will be walking in front of a hall full of thousands of people keeping an eagle’s eye on every step that you will take. In this case, being confident is not a prerequisite; it will become a need for you. 

Preparing yourself for the glamour world from an early age is important but what’s more important is that you need to do it with confidence. Don’t set back after a failure; get up, remind yourself why you are here and get back to achieving your dreams with confidence. If you have faith, you will have everything trust me. 

#4 Blow the kisses Away 

Victoria Angels Blowing Kisses: Victoria's Secret Model

Well, not in everyday life but during the fashion shows, you may have seen every angel walking down the runway and blowing kisses at the end of the walk before turning away. It is Victoria’s Secret tradition that you need to learn. Blowing kisses at your audience is as essential as being a part of the show. 

It isn’t something that you need to practice every single day but is a move that should never skip your mind while walking like an angel. Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio says that she takes inspiration from the iconic Marilyn Monroe to blow kisses to the audience. 

#5 It’s All About the Drama 

VS Angel with Wings: Victoria's Secret Model

Victoria’s Secret Models are all about living in a world of glamour with outrageous wings, heavy wings, high heels, and hot lingerie. If you can carry all that well and walk up the runway like the theatre queen, nothing is stopping you from conquering the audience’s heart and mind, and soul. 

Even when you are practicing and haven’t yet become an angel yourself, you can still get all these things and start practicing for the future ahead of you. It is all about manifesting the thought of becoming an angel in your heart and bringing every good habit into practice for it to happen. 

#6 Focus on Women, not Men 

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid: Victoria's Secret Model

As Edward Razek can be saying himself, 99% of the company’s customers are women, so there is no point in impressing men. Your man or boyfriend can’t even tell the difference if you are wearing an eyelash or not, so what is the fun for the angels to be appealing to them. Instead, it would be best if you focused on women and become appealing to them. 

You know for yourself how hard it is to impress a woman rather than a man. When we buy something from the company, we want to look and feel like an angel and making us feel like that is in the hands of Victoria’s Secret Models and the brand itself.  

#7 Own the Catwalk like a Queen 

Gigi Hadid: Victoria's Secret Model

If you are a religious follower of the VS Fashion Show, just like me, you may have noticed that all the angels walk on the stage as they own it. As an angel, you need to follow every beat playing in the background precisely. 

Reflecting your confidence and maintaining that attitude while walking down the runway is part of your job description. VS Angels spend days and hours practicing for their final walk and work a lot on their personality. It is all about going on that stage and giving your best. 

#8 Exercise is an Important Part of the Job

VS Angels Exercising: Victoria's Secret Model

Above everything and rule, taking great care of your health and staying fit is very important. Looking at the Victoria’s Secret Models the industry already has, you may have gotten an idea of your goals and what shape you need to become an angel. You have to worship your body like a place with no bad habits like smoking and drinking before the show, taking a good amount of sleep, and healthy eating habits.

Once you are into the VS industry, you will be staying in the gym working out pretty much every day, so it is better to prepare your body for that as early as possible. According to sources, A Victoria’s Secret Model must be 5’9″ tall with only 18% body fat and a 24″ inch waist. In short, you need to be tall, and healthy (not too skinny), and beautiful. That’s it. 


To sum it all up, we can say that being a Victoria’s Secret Model is not an easy job, but if you are willing to do what it takes to become one, the job won’t seem much harsh to you. So go ahead and do whatever it takes for you to become an angel and rule the runway as no one has ever before. 

Antra Koul
Antra Koul
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