8 Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home


Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home | There are many different reasons why you might have made the decision to leave your hometown. It could be that you’re starting a new job, wanting to experience something different, or even wish to be closer to friends and family.

However, as all the excitement fades, you may find it challenging to adjust to your surroundings. You might experience homesickness and even culture shock as you try to settle into your new environment.

Tips for Working Remotely
Tips for Working Remotely

If you’re struggling after moving abroad, keep on reading. Below we will discuss eight tips to make your new city feel like home.

Organize Your Life

8 Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home

Moving to a new city will always be a little chaotic, but the quicker you can organize your life, the sooner you will be able to establish a new norm. It’s best to sort out all the essential things before or shortly after your arrival.

This doesn’t just include necessary documentation, but even something as simple as finding a new hairstylist. It can also be a good idea to check out your healthcare options, such as Yearly Travel Insurance, so that you are protected.

Find Your Favorite Spots

8 Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home

Did you have a favorite coffee spot back home? What about a restaurant or park? Just because you moved doesn’t mean you can’t find a new place to frequent. Finding somewhere you love might take some trial and error, but it can certainly make for an exciting adventure.

One tip is to avoid heading straight to places that are highly rated as they are often crowded with tourists. Instead, look for quiet neighborhoods or hidden areas off the beaten track.

Personalize Your Home

8 Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to make your new apartment/house feel like home is to personalize it. You don’t want it to seem like you’re living in a clinical environment or a hotel!

Put up some of your favorite photographs and decorate however you please. A few indoor houseplants are also a great way to breathe life into a space and have many added benefits.

Form New Friendships

8 Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home

It’s completely understandable that you may miss your old friends and relationships, but that doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself. Moving comes with new opportunities, one of which is that you can meet exciting people.

Of course, this can be easier said than done, and it can be hard to know where to get started. A few ways that you can make friends in a different city include:

  • Signing up for classes.
  • Volunteering at a charity.
  • Reaching out to co-workers.
  • Joining expat forums and groups online.

Avoid Taking Shortcuts

You’ll never learn to navigate your new home if you constantly take the most-used route. So, to familiarize yourself with the city, avoid taking shortcuts, try walking or biking and get to know the back streets.

Alongside the fact that you’ll feel more comfortable, you may discover some new hidden gems, as we mentioned above. Although, you should always leave a little earlier to reach your destination on time!

Find A New Hobby

8 Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home

Moving abroad is also the perfect time to try something you’ve always wanted. From art lessons to dance classes and even photography groups – you can take advantage of this new and exciting environment.

Remember, when choosing a hobby, you want it to be something that gets you out of the house. Being social may just help you form new friendships and will even improve your communication skills.

Join Local Community Groups

8 Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home

Social media is a beneficial tool, and it can be a great way to learn more about what is happening within your local community. So if you have some spare time, check out forums and websites such as Facebook to see if there are pages you can follow.

Alongside upcoming events, you’ll be able to come into contact with other locals and even ask questions about the area. You would be surprised at how supportive people can be.

Live Like A Local

8 Tips To Make Your New City Feel Like Home

Finally, and probably one of the best tips to turn your new city into your home, is to make sure you live like a local! Yes, you might spend a day or two checking out the tourist attractions, but you also want to remember that this is now your residence!

Cook the local cuisines, sign up to use public transport and learn some of the slang. You’ll fit in before you know it!

Final Words

While you will undoubtedly feel a mixture of emotions after moving abroad, it won’t be all negative. Remember that while it can be overwhelming, it will also be exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding. 

There are far more benefits than cons, and you won’t know what’s out there until you put yourself outside your comfort zone. Good luck!

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Vansh Sharma
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