Top 12 Anime Series on Prime Video, You need to watch


The most interesting form of entertainment is the Anime series. They reach the place that is too difficult to reach, tell the story that is otherwise too difficult to grasp.

The reason why so many people develop the habit of watching too much time is that they portray the entire country with non-repetitive stories.

From science fiction to unnatural, from love to action.
Anime is exploring every category of story telling with a new twist.

The extreme work of Anime wiped out the artistic limitations of the platform in a way the public had never seen before.

So if you want to watch an anime at the time of lockdown due to the Coronavirus. You can enjoy watching anime on TV or a laptop on any online streaming site. Anyway, this list contains all kinds of anime from love too far future stories to action & thriller that are available to watch online on Amazon Prime.

12 Anime Series, You need to watch

  1. Land of Lustrous ( 2017)
  2. Girl’s Last Tour (2017)
  3. Inuyashiki: Last Hero (2017)
  4. Special A (2008)
  5. Bakemonogatari (2010)
  6. Elfen Lied (2005)
  7. Ghost In The Shell (1995)
  8. Night On The Galactic Railroad (1985)
  9. Air (2005)
  10. Blade Of The Immortal (2008)
  11. Like The Clouds Like The Wind (1990)
  12. New Initial D The Movie Legend 2: Racer (2015)

Land of Lustrous ( 2017)

Anime series prime videos land of lustrous

In the set of far future, far away from the present, eternal life has been found. People called the land of Lustrous.
They have eternal life & represent  28 forms of gemstones. Laurens attack  Lustrous to capture them because they are like gemstones. Laurens wants to decorate their homes with gems.

Lustrous learned to fight against them but not all types of gemstones are useful. The youngest form of the lustrous is Phos and is unable to fight because it is extremely delicate. but there’s a job to be found for Phos.

So they are dispatched to a precise mission, gathering past. During their mission, they discovered another different form of the gem that lives in a hideaway because they are toxic to others. Suddenly existing a Phos doesn’t arise so terrible.

Girl’s Last Tour (2017)

Anime series prime videos Girl’s Last Tour (2017)

Later havoc of uncommon nature destroyed the world as we realize it, two girls were left behind. Presently, they wander around looking for food and merchandise to keep themselves live while the ravage of the world troubles them.

   After consuming a lot of time on their own, they soon meet several people who existed the apocalypse, along with a strange beast who has the power to shapeshift, among different things. 

The girls shoot the picture of two varying opposites struggling together to survive. While one of them has information about machines and likes to read, the other knows about weapons and like to eat.

Inuyashiki: Last Hero (2017)

Amazon Prime series Inuyashiki: Last Hero (2017)

A common park is bombed with an explosion that affects the people in its area to gain superhuman powers. 

A middle-aged man called Inuyashiki is one of those people. Indifferent to his life and not discovering love in his family, he finds out a new objective for himself after the superiorities appear in him.

He chooses to create a difference in the society by helping and protecting those in need of it. Yet, the exact reverse occurs for the other fellow who went through a similar mutation as Inuyashiki. 

This individual stood a youngster who was dominated by his newfound skills and was supposed to help people by ridding them of their beings. He came to be a psychopath, killing people just because he loved it and became one of the most wanted criminals in the world. Ignorant of each other’s presence, the two pursue their own paths, but soon understand that they were destined to meet each other.

Special A (2008)

Amazon prime anime prime series special a

When two fathers who like pro-wrestling teach their children to each other, a powerful competition develops between their kids.

Hikari believed that she was best at what she does and so she challenged Kei. However, She proved to be better than her, winning against her at her own game. At that moment, Hikari decided to prepare herself better than Kei.

While Kei was wealthy, Hikari’s dad was a carpenter. Even then, Hikari learned to be in a similar best school as Kei where both of them came to be brilliant students. But Kei was yet number one, and Hikari, still on her journey to beat him. Their competition quickly started up to show some side-effects.

Bakemonogatari (2010)

Amazon prime anime series Bakemonogatari (2010)

When Koyomi Araragi was attacked and turned into a vampire, the great college student guessed that his life was over. 

But he was taken in by an odd man who stayed in a miserable building, out from the sights of the world. This man cared for Koyomi and turned him back into a human. Well, almost. Limited characteristics of vampirism survived in Koyomi, but it is nothing he can’t handle. 

Nevertheless, he, rapidly, understands that he is not the just one with strange problems. When Hitagi, his nervous classmate, collapses down the steps and into his arms, he finds that she is lightweight.

This does not bring sense to him and he assists Hitagi and helps her in solving her problem by taking her to the exact man who relieved his problem.

After Hitagi, he sees other girls who undergo strange problems. He comes to be friends with them, trying to understand what it is that they are going through while dealing with his own crises with the advice of the extraordinary man.

Elfen Lied (2005)

Amazon prime anime series Elfen Lied (2005)

The transformation is a continuous technique in advancement and humans are not unaware of it in the world of ‘Elfen Lied’.

It is assigned in an area named Kamakura where a newly mutated species has arisen. This species has horns sticking out from its head and has the capacity to shift objects by its unseen arms. This species shows brutal inclinations towards humans and can effortlessly destroy them too.

However, the explanation for their chaos is unattributed for, whether it’s because of something that the mutation imparted in their DNA, or was it because the humans had been testing on them for so long. The interaction of this species can arise in humans giving birth to children with this type of mutation. One such child was Lucy.

She was carried in a hidden facility and experimented on, but she creates her path out and was wounded in this process while considerably harming others as well. As the military squads are sent out to recapture her, she finds refuge in the home of two brothers

Ghost In The Shell (1995)

Ghost In The Shell (1995)

This 1995 anime movie is set during a time when humans have been eligible to construct cyborgs who look and behave just like them and actually retain some manner of consciousness. The fundamental character of the story is a female cyborg called Major Motoko Kusanagi.

She has been provided the duty of hunting down a criminal cyberpunk who has been logging in and rewriting data in the minds of cyberpunks. When she listens to him for the first time, Motoko surprises how she would have felt or reacted to the problem.

 if the mortal traits in her were tuned up. She does organize to find this dangerous cyberpunk, but her personal interest brings Motoko in a weird direction where problems wait for her in every nook.

Night On The Galactic Railroad (1985)

Night On The Galactic Railroad (1985)

A surreal anime movie based on a novel by Kenji Miyazawa, ‘Night On The Galactic Railroad’ is the tale of two cats who go on a mysterious quest on a strange spacecraft.

Ahead of the way, they come across numerous delightful identities and go through a number of understandings that make them wiser about life in general. It is not great of a scheme in this movie, but its surreal topography and the words that each encounter of the two main personalities have comes to be its major priority. The animation work here is startlingly wonderful.

Air (2005)

Air (2005)

An acting anime movie authorized by Osamu Dezaki, ‘Air’ midsts around the tale of Yukito Kunisaki, a puppeteer who is on a trip to meet a magical girl with wings. While he is glancing for this girl, he comes to a city called Kami where he schedules to earn some cash during a festival before venturing forward in his voyage.

Blade Of The Immortal (2008)

Blade Of The Immortal (2008)

Based on a very popular manga sequel, ‘Blade Of The Immortal’ is the tale of a legendary swordsman who has been cursed by a sorcerer with eternity. Nonetheless, living on for a lengthy period generally begins exhausting the swordsman, who again begs the sorcerer to give him mortality once again. And in order to do that, he tells him he is willing to kill 1000 wicked men.

It is his quest for mortality which comes to be the prominent topic of this series. ‘Blade Of The Immortal’ boasts of a rich animation that occupies the attitude of the series flawlessly.

Like The Clouds Like The Wind (1990)

Like The Clouds Like The Wind (1990)

A beautifully composed Japanese anime movie, ‘Like The Clouds, Like The Wind’, is a tale set in medieval China and pursues the journeys of a girl named Ginga who has grown in a minor Chinese village. Despite her reasonable upbringing, Ginga endeavors out into the world in order to achieve her dream of being the Emperor’s concubine. The gorgeous animation of the movie is span to remember you of Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli Productions.

New Initial D The Movie Legend 2: Racer (2015)

New Initial D The Movie Legend 2: Racer (2015)

If you admire watching car racing movies and films related to cars in general, this is a film you will like watching. ‘New Initial D The Movie Legend 2: Racer’ is the next fraction of a sequel of movies that say the tale of car races living clasped by many mobs that often fight against each other in the night.

The tale of this movie attends the voyage of a personality called Takeshi Nakazato, who is the supervisor of the gang Myogi NightKids. The first movie in the sequel watches him winning against Keisuke, a part of the gang Redsun. Presently, he has a status to live up to and the movie follows the numerous challenges he faces across while attempting to retain his dominance.

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