Education is one of the most essential requirements for centuries. Years ago education was on physical and verbal medium and, today we can sit home and educate ourselves with whatever we desire. We have Educational Apps for iOS users and also android users.

I feel education is more of a personal space now, where you learn more and do interact. The reason being is the well-knitted interpersonal space, even intrapersonal, where you feel free to clear your queries, which is still not possible for most of the students in an environment of a class.

iOS has a large variety of top educational apps, which can provide an environment to the students for the best education experience. These Top Education Apps for iOS users are Udemy, Edx, Unacademy, Vocabulary Flashcard, Grasshopper learns to code, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Invest mate- Learn to trade, Speak Fluent English, BYJU’S,  Master Class- learn a new skill, Daily GK & Current affair.

List of Best 10 Educational Apps for iOS Users

Let’s go through them and read, what these apps have to offer.

1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the top education apps for iOS users which gives an experience of professional courses to adults. Around 130,000 or more than that courses are available on this application. It can be easily installed for free but various courses demand a minimum fee from the user and few courses are available for free.


o   You can access it from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, any iOS device.

o   It provides various mediums for payment options if you are willing to pay for a course. Various mediums are Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Google Play, Apple App Store, PayPal, Discover; etc.

o   It also gives you a refund option, if you wish to leave the course, within decided days, before payment.

o   It provides you subtitles for the videos of faculties from different nationalities so that you can understand better.

o   You have an option for downloading your certificate, after completing your course.

o   You can download lectures for later reference.

o   You have options for video, audio &text lectures.

o   You can also go through Quizzes, to analyze your growth & understanding.

This is the best educational app for adults users because it arrives with these peculiar features.

2. Edx

Logo of edX- Educational apps.
Source: edX

Edx is a top educational app for iOS users, which is founded by Harvard University & the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It gives you a global environment where a lot of professional university-based courses are available. Edx is a one-stop-shop for university going students.


o   It provides various courses, for everyone and every part of accessibility.

o   It gives a formative and better experience of learning.

o   Allows you to research various topics with the well-learned teachers.

o   Gives you an advanced medium of learning and teaching.

o   It is also recommended by global companies like Microsoft and IBM.

o   It is a customizable application, that gives you a personal experience.

o   It allows you to connect with various social platforms and also with various iOS devices that will give you a more upgraded experience.

o   Handpicked choices are available for you, to make it more accessible for you.

These features are intriguing you, so why don’t you go ahead to install them and start learning. It is the best educational app for teachers & teenagers

3. Unacademy

Unacademy App with various courses it offers- educational apps
Source: Entrackr

Unacademy is the top educational app in India for iOS users to go through live education, just by staying home. It is a trusted and the most recommended educational application that will probably solve all your queries.


o   It gives you an experience of understanding, implementing, and rectifying. This is this app that will make you understand the concept, make you implement it through practical examples and mock tests will rectify your mistakes.

o   It continuously updates you for the revision, which is not available in any other educational apps for iOS users.

o   Underlying feature available only for the instructors, will make the session more interactive for the students.

o   It will allow the students to go through personal notes prepared by the instructor, this will automatically enhance the educational experience.

o   The best feature for the tutors is that they have an option to edit things, while teaching, there and then. This is feasible for the students to go through the accurate content.

o   It provides a share image option, that will make subjects like economics, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, etc. more interesting.

It will 100% provide you the best studying experience if it is compared with other educational apps.

4. Vocabulary Flash Card

This is the most advanced educational app, that helps you increase your vocabulary. It has a lot of customizing options that will give you a better experience.


o   Anyone above the age group of 4 years is suitable to use this application.

o   It will help you prepare for competitive entrance exams like TOEFL, ILETS; etc.

o   It is around 9.5 MB, therefore won’t take much of your storage.

o   It is available for free for iOS users.

o   It gives lessons with video lectures and practice questions.

o   It also gives a lot of words and sentences that can help you to ace the ILETS entrance test.

o   It has separate categories for TOFEL & ILETS section for students to prepare.

This educational app is very useful for the students who want to appear for the entrance exams that ask for proficiency in English.

5. Grasshopper -Learn to code

As we all are aware of the fact that, today’s and upcoming generation is all about coding. So, it needs an hour, that students of today’s generation should be aware of coding. It can be classified as the best gaming app for adults that is used for education purposes. It is also the best free knowledge that helps us to impart and write Java Script.


o   It has visual representations which lay a solid foundation for coding concept.

o   After every try, you get feedback that gives you feedback like that like a faculty.

o   It uses industry formulated concepts of Java Script that is just available on the taps of your phone.

o   You need not have already formed a base or any prior knowledge for starting working on this application.

o   On a rating scale of 5, It has been rated 4.8, which proves its authenticity and quality of education these apps, provide people.

o   It will make the basics clear for the coder, to end up developing a source application.

If you have a keen interest in coding & you are a beginner, this educational app is the recommendation for you.

6. Coursera

Coursera on blue background- Educational apps
Source: Wikipedia

Coursera was one of the most used educational apps in the year 2020, as it allowed the learners to learn a lot of courses during the pandemic. Coursera is a user-friendly educational application that will make learning easy for you.


o   It has a lot of global courses that will provide the content from around the universities.

o   The instructors or the teachers are well-versed in their field, which makes the content more authentic.

o   The description and bios of the institution offering courses and also of the faculty are mentioned well, which makes the interaction and education experience more connecting.

o   Coursera has video pause, rewind, and play again options that will help you, to pen down all the important points.

o   The video and its content are transcribed as well that can be used as extended or handy notes.

o   The test after every Module helps you to, recall all the important and essential points.

Go ahead and I personally insist you go through different courses under this educational app, as I myself had done few courses from this app.

7. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning app- Educational apps

This is the most sorted application out of all the available educational apps. It is divided into categories like business skills, creative field, and various software applications. LinkedIn is a professional meeting social site that helps you meet professionals, similarly, if you want to be industry-ready, LinkedIn learning is the best choice for you from various educational apps available.


o   More than 800 plus industry-experienced instructors have been chosen for the learners, to give them a professional tour.

o   It is available in 7 different languages, like English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German; etc.

o   This is rated 4.7 on the app store amongst the best educational apps.

o   This particular application is more authentic, because of the fact it is sponsored by the LinkedIn Corporation.

If you are a Linked User, using this educational app can help you for increasing the value of your resume by going through various courses.


8. Invest mate- Learn to trade

If you are unaware of people in the financing industry, then this educational app is a must for you.  Invest made will make you meet the experienced players of the industry and go through a learning process that will solve all your related queries regarding trading ad investing.


o   Very comprehended courses are available for the user from making them an expert.

o   The idea it provides you with is of personalized categories of glossaries, various courses, Quizzes and a lot of videos, that will give you a better experience.

o    It has small quizzes of around 3-5min, that will inform you about your progress.

o   It is direct learning, and a straight forward user interface, that will give you a clear cut image of the concepts.

Go and get this educational app for yourself if you are interested in financing and trading in a business domain.

9. Speak Fluent English

English is a universal language, so it becomes a necessity for the industry ready individual to go through better understanding, learning, and writing proficiency of the language. Speak Fluent English is one such educational app. It will make you well-versed with various words and grammar rules, that will solve all your queries in regards to the language.


o   It has 100+ conversation lessons which help you in improving the conversation skills.

o   It has an audio system enabled that will help you pronounce the words with accurate pronunciation.

o    It has a lot of grammar tests that will make your grammar strong.

o   It obviously boosts your confidence.

This educational app for iPad or any iOS user will make you a better spokesperson and will enhance the English fluency.

10.  BIJYU’S

Logo of BYJU'S app- educational app
Source: Crunchbase

BIJYUS’S is the most trusted educational app for kids that will sort the educational experience for you. BIJYU’S  will give you a world-class experience of studying. It is suitable for all age groups and all the students irrespective of their nationalities, school, and region.


o It will work on the iOS and also android version very efficiently.

o It is one of the most trusted educational apps in various countries.

o It asks for a subscription for different courses and gives you valuable content for a particular course.

These few educational apps are the most trusted and most easily accessible apps for learners around the globe.

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