A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village – Ladakh!


Ladakh is always the ideal place to visit for everyone. It is a landlocked town with a rich history dating deep into time. Turtuk Village is a peaceful haven tucked away in the outskirts of town. It is among India’s most exotic vacation spots. It is known for being stunning because of its people and friendly and warm hospitality. The beauty of the unspoiled natural beauty is awe-inspiring.

It is a small hamlet in north India, close to Pakistan. Until 1971, it was a part of the Baltistan province. Because of its strategic position, this is a private, sensitive, and militarily-dominated region. You’ll need a permit to enter this tranquil village. These interesting facts, tricks, and guidelines will be thrown your way when you read through this well-curated Turtuk destination guide to travel.

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How Do I Get To Turtuk Village?

A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village - Ladakh!

In this guide to travel to Turtuk Village, we have provided three routes to travel to Tso.

To reach Turtuk, You will need to travel to the town of Leh. Then, from Leh, you could rent a vehicle or use public transportation to continue your Leh Ladakh tour of Turtuk Village. Start at the earliest time to stay clear of the crowd in Khardung La top.

When you have crossed the pass, you’ll be descending into the Nubra valley before continuing until you reach Khalsar. Beyond that, a road will split and lead you through the picturesque settlements that are Sumur, Panamik, and Warshi. This road will take you to Diskit along with Hunder and then finally to Turtuk.

Route: Leh – Khardung La – Diskit – Hunder – Skuru – Bogdang – Turtuk

Total distance to travel from Leh is About 250 kilometers.

Total time to travel: 6-7 hrs roughly

Best Time To Visit Turtuk Village

A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village - Ladakh!

Pick the right time to plan your vacation with this unique travel guide to Turtuk Village.

The ideal time to go to Turtuk village is summer, which runs from April until September. The weather is mild here, and the harsh winter winters have receded. The roads leading to the village become accessible in summer and are impacted by landslides that occasionally occur in winter.

Additionally, summer in Ladakh isn’t determined by the sun’s heat but rather cool and refreshing. The average temperature ranges from 10deg C to 20 degrees C. The entire area is a blend of white due to the mountains covered in snow and brown due to the rugged terrain, and green due to the small forest lands that make it more stunning.

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Turtuk Village Has A Lot To Offer

A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village - Ladakh!

There’s a long list of the top things to do in this fantastic guide for tourists visiting Turtuk Village. Check out the list and every one of them during your next holiday excursion to Ladakh.

Ask For The Blessings Of God All-Powerful By Visiting The Turtuk Gompa

A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village - Ladakh!

The eleventh-century Gompa located in Turtuk is situated on top of snow-capped rusty mountains, and it is the spot that offers amazing panoramic views across the whole valley. 

The distinctive features of the place are accentuated by typical architecture, and you will find unique wooden minaret designs in the area.

Explore The Balti Heritage Home And Museum

A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village - Ladakh!

It was constructed in the 15th century, and here are the first balti artifacts, which date up to 400 years old. It may be found among the narrow stone-paved lanes of Turtuk’s village.

The legend says that the heir to the museum himself takes tours of the site. There are also many souvenirs for sale. It is also possible to visit the old polo grounds, a favorite Balti game.

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Enjoy The Beauty In Nature’s Cold Storage

A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village - Ladakh!

It is a natural beauty that you will not find other than Turtuk. Villagers practice keeping their food items inside small hollows that are naturally cold, and this is due to the glacial watercourse beneath that keeps these bowls cold throughout the entire year. Do not miss seeing these tiny caverns, which are naturally cold.

Thang Will Take You To The Farthest End Of India

A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village - Ladakh!

A visit to India’s most northern village is a must during your visit to Ladakh. Thang can be described as the final village before it is part of the LOC, as Pakistan is just 2kms away from the location.

It is easy to see the fence signpost for the LOC. The village’s access is limited, and you’ll require permission from the Army.

See The Glorious Ruin Of Brokpa Fort

A Travel Guide To Turtuk Village - Ladakh!

Brokpas are a nomadic group of Ladakh which dates back to 5500 years ago. The fort’s ruins which they constructed must be seen, and it’ll transport you back to the past. It’s an enchanted green oasis located on the shores of the Shayok River.

Tips For Visiting The Turtuk Village

Some of the tips in this comprehensive guide to Turtuk Village tourism will be helpful and can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

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  • Ladakh is a land of extremes, with weather varying dramatically from one spot to another. Turtuk has sub-zero temperatures, and the sun’s intensity is amplified by low humidity. Be prepared for unpredictable weather.
  • The mountain-sickness of altitude can be a typical issue in Turtuk. It is recommended to rest for a day or two, and not overdoing it is of paramount importance.
  • The nearest petrol station is located in Diskit and is periodically replenished. Therefore, it is recommended to fill your car with fuel and ensure that the tank is full.
  • Turtuk is a secluded area; therefore, please respect local customs and sensitivity. Wear modest clothing, and smoking or drinking alcohol in public isn’t permitted.
  • As it is a dominating Muslim area, the town is Muslim-dominated. Ramazan may be deprived of food. Take a snack to take on your journey towards Turtuk village.
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