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Girls, are you worried that your fashion aesthetic may not match the trendiest fashion styles of 2021? The year may have taken a toll on the fashion world, but we are recovering from all those shenanigans with baby steps. The look book for 2021 is all about retro styles and aesthetics. Thanks to Covid-19, we love each of these fashion styles, and we are pretty sure you too will love them. 

Fashion is all about being comfortable in what you wear and going along with your aesthetic, but it is also about keeping up with all the latest trends. You don’t have to go out of your comfort zone to adapt to different fashion styles; you can do this while maintaining your fashion boundaries. 

The world of modern fashion, or we can also say the fashion styles of 2021, aren’t all about short skirts and mini dresses. It is more about feel-good styles and being comfortable in your skin. With these styles, you will never have to worry about What to Wear today. From Milan Fashion Week to Paris Haute Couture Week, these trends are in the spotlight everywhere. 

All the designer brands and labels have already stepped in their foot and are taking notes on all the latest designer trends. Make some space in your closets as you will want to buy a lot of stuff after going through all the fashion essentials we have picked for you today. 

12 Fashion Styles of 2021 that You Have in Your Closet 

With our easy-to-follow fashion guide, you will quickly catch up with all the latest trends. With these trends, you can also add more glamour to your Instagram feed. Take a look through this fashion guide and quickly become the fashion icon of your friend group. 

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Closet Must-Haves for 2021 Fashion Trends

#1 Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets

shoulder pad boyfriend jacket: Fashion Styles of 2021

Boyfriend jacket is the most comfortable clothing style for girls on our list today. The oversized jacket was first popularized in the late 80s and 90s, and now it is back with the fashion styles of 2021. If you are a shortie, the oversized structure will make your legs look taller. 

Style Tip: You can style these jackets with flare pants or even knee-high skirts to create a more trendy look. The colors that we have seen rocking till now include neutrals, browns, and blues. 

#2 Pastel Closets

pastel clothes: Fashion Styles of 2021

Having pastel shades in your closet is a must if you want to keep rocking with the fashion styles of 2021. Pastel hues are calming and bring serenity along with them wherever you go. They are perfect companions for summer brunches and will go with every mood and aesthetic. 

Style Tip: If you want to up your style game, you can go for a pastel pink shade short dress with white sneakers to be comfortable. When attending an important business event, opt for a mint green pastel hue or a lilac hue blazer with matching pants and white stilettos. 

#3 Folklore Coats 

folk-inspired coats: Fashion Styles of 2021

This coming winter season, you can go all out with coats inspired by our folk culture. With a little to heavy traditional embroidery and weaving, you can rock off the style as a wedding guest at a winter wedding. 

Style Tip: The best thing about folk-inspired coats is that they suit all the body types, from pear shape to hourglass. So, if you are a little too picky with clothes, these coats should be a go-to for you. Anything from a traditional black pattern to powder blue embroidery will go a long way. 

#4 Style with Yellow and Camel Shades

yellow and camel color style: Fashion Styles of 2021

If you are looking for some subtle yet classic color combinations, look no further because your wish has just been granted. Try the camel and yellow color combination that everyone loves nowadays. 

Style Tip: You can go for a mustard yellow shade turtleneck or vest with a soft brown colored blazer and pants and brown boots to complete the look. If you are a skirt type, you can wear a light brown shade mini skirt with a yellow shade crop top or a round neck shirt. 

#5 Bralettes for the Win

bralette style 2021: Fashion Styles of 2021

Bralettes are and will always be every girl’s forever favorite. You can quickly wear a vibrant shade bralette under a sheer white top or a black mesh top to make your style statement loud and bold. 

Style Tip: Alternatively, you can wear designer bralettes made out of seashells and other fashion accessories on top of your blouses to step into a whole new world of fashion. Although, if you are more simple and subtle, you can wear a pretty bralette with detailing under your blazer and go out and about your day. 

#6 Sleeves that Speak Volume

voluminous sleeves: Fashion Styles of 2021

Voluminous sleeves made their way into the fashion industry back in 2019, and now they are a big part of it with a special place on the menu of fashion styles of 2021. No one likes dresses with basic sleeves anymore. 

Style Tip: Go for a one-sided shoulder dress with a detailed sleeve, voluminous around the neck, or turn up your office game with a ruffle sleeve white office shirt. With a puffed blouse, you can quickly turn your simple look into a glamorous one. It instantly looks like an outfit that you have envisioned with lots of effort. 

Fashion Accessories that are Must for 2021 Trends 

#1 Back Face Essentials

black face masks: Fashion Styles of 2021

The most important that we learned in these two years is prioritizing our health and sanitation over everything. To make your fashion game strong, we advise you to grab the hottest fashion accessory of 2021, the black face mask. It will keep you protected as well as the black color will go with everything in your closet. 

#2 Bags that Speak Fringe

fringe bags: Fashion Styles of 2021

Fringe tote bags are already the biggest designer handbag trend of 2021. However, the fringe is not left up to totes now. With only five months away from 2022, this year has added more versatility to fringe bags.

Style Tip: You will find fringes with most collections now, from totes to handbags and chic mobile bags. The fringe collection is available in all fabrics, from leather to jeans and soft sheer fur. Select any style from half to full fringe and get ready to rock this trend. 

#3 Accessorize in Blue Hues

blue accessories: Fashion Styles of 2021

Blue has never gone out of fashion, and it won’t go anywhere in the coming years. This year’s style guide has blue accessories on top of the list, from shoulder bags to bucket hats. You can also wear powder blue or jeans blue-colored boots in the same fabric. 

Style Tip: On the contrary, you can wear a black mini skirt with a black mesh top or sheer top and a satin silk fabric headscarf in powder blue shade with little flower detailing. To complete the look, you can carry a blue colored handbag and black chunky flats or shoes. 

#4 Parade in White Highs

white knee-high boots: Fashion Styles of 2021

Thigh-high and knee-high boots have always been a part of western accessories, and now they are also a part of the most prominent fashion styles of 2021. Taking some inspiration from the good old days of the 60s and 70s, you can rock the boots with everything from thigh-high stockings to skirts. 

Style Tip: We suggest you pair these gorgeous white beauties with a chic mini skirt, a crop top layered with a sleek blazer, or try them under a pretty little dress. You can opt for the tight white boots or also go with the loose white leather ones.  

#5 Carry Essentials in Yellow

yellow bags: Fashion Styles of 2021

Yellow is the new black of 2021 and probably one of the hottest fashion accessories of 2021. If you have stepped out in a while, you will see most girls carrying yellow-colored handbags and tote bags. From a subtle yellow pastel hand clutch to a chunky designer bag, you can easily rock any style. 

Style Tip: If you are wearing an all-black outfit, go for a sand yellow shade shoulder bag or a neon yellow folder bag. Trust me; this one small accessory will take your outfit to a whole new level. 

#6 Head Scarfs to Go Retro

headscarf: Fashion Styles of 2021

Head scarfs were always a go-to fashion accessory in the early 50s and 60s. Now that they are to make a space in the fashion styles of 2021, why not chose a retro print and vibe with the early fashion era. 

Style Tip: You can choose those made with silk fabric, so they are not that hard on your hair and come off quickly. Tie it over your head or keep your ponytail in one place with them; there are a million ways to tie it. 

Final Words:

These are the fashion styles of 2021 that will help take your closest and hottest fashion accessories to the next level. We hope that with our fashion guide, you can quickly become the fashion icon you have always wanted to be if you have more fashion suggestions; they are all welcome in the comments section below. 

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