39 Trending Instagram Challenges In 2022 | Try ‘Em Now!


Trending Instagram Challenges are one of the significant factors for increasing your engagement on the platform. If you perform a challenge well, there are chances that it will go viral, which will help you to establish yourself on the social forum. So, what are the latest trending challenges on Instagram?

Instagram trends are equally important as trending Instagram reel songs. Both of these help the creators to gain more Instagram followers and increase the views on their profiles. Creating content on trending Instagram challenges can give your profile a good number of visits and automatically views will increase too.

There are many challenges on Instagram, but a few of them stay for a long time. Some of these challenges include the Venom challenge, which gained a lot of attention. Apart from this, the other trending Instagram challenges are the Don’t rush Challenge, the hit transition challenge, and the sassy Come here girl challenge to name a few. 

Scroll down to the article below and see which IG challenges trending on Instagram you can perform on your profile to get more followers. Are you ready for the Instagram challenge?

25 Trending Instagram Challenges | Get Viral With The Latest Instagram Challenge!

39 Trending Instagram Challenges Making your Profile Bombastic
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Trending challenges on Instagram are not only beneficial for your account’s engagement numbers but are also an excellent way to have fun. You can always take out your phone, log in to your Instagram, and shoot some fun challenges with your friends and family. 

#1 Don’t Rush Challenge 

Don’t Rush is one of the most trending Instagram challenges currently, which demands a lot of coordination between you and your partner. You can also add some fun dance steps from your end to do this challenge and make a new viral trend out of it. 

#2 The Transition Challenge 

Transitions have always been a game-changer in the world of Instagram, and they will continue to flourish in the name of Instagram trends for a long time. You can do this trending Instagram challenge in any way you want, from a makeup transition video to a recipe transition video.

You can post the video with the #transition on your Instagram feed and serve your audience with some great transition content.  

#3 Come Here Girl Challenge 

Come Here Girl or the sexy back dance challenge is by far one of the coolest Instagram trends with dance and twerking in full swing. All you need to do is gather a bunch of your besties and get started in front of the camera. 

#4 Let’s Dance Challenge 

The next trending Instagram challenge to try is the Let’s dance challenge. You don’t need any routine for this Challenge. Get on your feet and copy the steps that the other person has done in the video. You can also add more fun steps to the Challenge and forward it to your friends to try. 

#5 Hand Gesture Challenge 

Hand Gesture may seem like an easy challenge, but it’s very tough when you have to copy the hand gestures shown for fifteen seconds. Many creators do this challenge while others take some time to master this trending Instagram challenge.

#6 Watermelon Sugar Challenge 

Watermelon Sugar is a sweet Instagram challenge that most parents are posting on their Instagram accounts with their kids. In this Challenge, parents post a video of their kids portraying a younger version of their mom and dad.

#7 Pillow Challenge 

In the Pillow Instagram challenge, idea is to show the world your inner diva by pulling off a dress made from a pillow. Yes, you heard that right. In this trending Instagram challenge trend, you have to use your pillow to make a dress. 

#8 Celeb Look Challenge 

Celeb Look Instagram’s challenge is for business accounts, especially those that deal with makeup products. They create a look of their favorite celebrity with the products and post it on their profile under the trending hashtag related to the challenge.

#9 One Hand Workout Challenge 

One Hand Workout Instagram challenge is for all workout enthusiasts. They need to bring out their workout mat, wear the gear, and get ready to do some workout, but the twist is that you have to do the exercises on two hands only. This is by far one of the coolest trending Instagram challenges we have seen.

#10 Venom Challenge 

Venom challenge has been spreading like wildfire on Instagram since July. The challenge isn’t as easy as you think. The person has to say the word Venom out loud in front of the camera. However, the twist is that you can’t play the song, but you have to remember when and where it comes and say it is at that exact moment. Don’t forget to add the song while editing as your audience needs to know how well you have performed the challenge. 

#11 The Pinky Finger Challenge 

Pinky Finger is the easiest challenge to perform where you play the music of this challenge and start to count the beats on your fingers. All you have to find out is if it’s the middle finger or the pinky (little) finger when the music ends. Do this challenge today and see how your peers react. 

#12 West Side Killer 

In the West Side Killer Instagram challenge, you have to do the steps with the lyrics of this song and see how well you can perform the hook steps of this challenge. Try the fun challenge and let us know if you were able to keep your two fingers apart.

#13 Poof be Gone 

Poof be Gone is such a fun song with killer dance steps to perform with your friends in front of the camera. Several content creators have added their own steps to this challenge and made it a hit. If you also have dancing feet, add your charm to this challenge and post it on your feed. 

#14 The Jeffrey Bezos Challenge 

You all must have heard the Jeffrey Bezos song going viral on Instagram and TikTok. The Challenge behind this video is to introduce yourself with the lyrics of the song. You can also introduce your pets or your friends and family members using this sound. This is one of our favorite trending Instagram challenges.

#15 Acting Challenge 

The acting challenge is also a fun Instagram challenge to perform where you have to show how quickly you can shift from one emotion to the other. Some creators have taken a fun take on this challenge and are showing how they would act hilariously in different situations. 

#16 Emoji Makeup Challenge

You can choose any random number of emojis you like and show your makeup skills by drawing them on your face. You don’t need to paint the emojis literally but you can take inspiration from them for Emoji Makeup Challenge. 

#17 Got Me Good Challenge 

Have you ever been in a situation where you are doing the same thing in two different circumstances that are entirely different? That’s what you have to do in Got Me Good challenge. Show how you would react while doing the signature step of the dance in different situations.

#18 Hide & Seek Challenge 

Hide & Seek is another fun Instagram challenge where you will set the timer for a few seconds on your camera and try to hide. If you get caught in the picture when the timer ends, you will lose. The challenge is more fun to do with your dog or any other pet you have. Wish we could have more of such fun trending Instagram challenges to perform.

#19 Peaches Challenge

Peaches is another fun dance challenge for all the dancers out there. Play the song and groove to the beats of “I got my peaches out in Georgia.” Don’t forget to put your best dance foot forward. You can also ask your friends to do this challenge with you. 

#20 Dinero Challenge

If you log in to your Instagram account, you will see dance reels with this sound coming on your feed after every two to three posts. Dinero is one of the coolest Instagram challenges by far and the song will force you to dance your heart out even if you don’t wish to do so. 

#21 Can You Pay My Bills Challenge 

Pay My Bills challenge is for all the people like you out there who are grateful to have someone in their life. You can show the undying love that you have for your partner with this sound. All you need to do is perform the hook step of this challenge along and add why you are grateful to have your partner while editing the video. 

#22 Phone Ya Challenge 

Phone Ya Challenge is another fun transition video that you can shoot for your profile. Perform the hook step of this challenge on the beats of Give me your number so I can phone ya and add the next shot of your transition right when the beat ends. 

#23 Bundles Challenge 

Bundles is another dance challenge that you can do with your friends or cousins. All you need is some practice of the dance steps so you can ace this challenge for your Instagram audience. 

#24 Need to Know Challenge 

Need to Know is by far one of the most trending Instagram challenges that you can find on this list. You don’t have to do anything except move your camera in the directions shown in any other content creator’s video. If you don’t want to copy other’s styles, you can choose the directions as per your choice. 

#25 Ted Talk Filter Challenge 

39 Trending Instagram Challenges Making your Profile Bombastic

The last Instagram challenge on our list is the Ted Talk challenge. You can create the video with a fun or a serious aspect, by assuming that you are speaking at a Ted Talk event. Content creators around the world have used this filter to spread awareness about a lot of things. 

More Trending Instagram Challenges Of 2021 That You Must Perform In 2022 As Well!

39 Trending Instagram Challenges Making your Profile Bombastic

#1 Kachcha Badam Song Challenge

#2 Reliving Childhood Memories

#3 Fashion Instagram Challenge

#4 Bingo Instagram Challenge

#5 Dalgona Coffee Challenge

#6 Mugshot Instagram Challenge

#7 Saree Challenge

#8 Follow Me To Instagram Challenge

#9 Safe Hands Challenge

#10 Linkedin-Facebook-Instagram-Tinder Challenge

#11 The 100 Day Project Challenge

#12 Throwback Thursday Challenge

#13 365 Grateful Project Challenge

#14 Monday Funday Challenge

Final Words:

These are some of the fun Instagram challenges that you can do with and without a friend or a partner. You don’t need to be a professional to perform these challenges. The only things you will need are determination along with confidence, and yes, how can we forget about an Instagram account?

What is the latest Marketing trend on Instagram 2022?

The latest Marketing trends on Instagram in 2022 are-
1. Relatable Influencers
2. More Live Content.
3. In-App Shopping.
4. Cause Marketing
5. Focus on Instagram Video
6. Trending Cross-Platform Content
7. Branded AR Effects
8. The Explore Tab

What content performs best on Instagram 2022?

If you want to make your Instagram trendy in 2022, you can go for the following trendy content.
1. You can post and use Videos, Stories,and Effects to make your content attractive.
2. You can do live streaming with followers and friends.
3. Use lots of attractive fonts to post on the carousel and design your Instagram page.
4. Collab with micro-influencers.
5. Use your account as a shopping platform, promotions, etc.

How do you find new challenges on Instagram?

If you are wondering what’s a new challenge on IG nowadays, find the latest trends on trends.google.com. Then go to the search option and search for terms like “Instagram,” “Instagram challenge,” or “Instagram trend.” You can adjust time periods to find the challenges that are a few days old or a few months old. You can now read the related queries to know about the most-searched Instagram challenges.

Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer?

Christiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid Instagrammer right now. He earns an average of $2.3 million per post.

What is the highest hashtag on Instagram?

The most used hashtags on Instagram are- #love (1.835 billion times), #instagood (1.150 billion times), #fashion (812.7 million times), #photooftheday (797.3 million times), #beautiful (661.0 million times), #art (649.9 million times), #photography (583.1 million times), and #happy (578.8 million times)

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