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Do watching true crime stories give you a thrill and stimulation? Then the true crime stories on Netflix are waiting for you. It will not disappoint you with its aim of entertainment and ingesting thrill. It has led its way towards all-time conspicuous true crime stories. The past few years had proved a boon for Netflix because of its remarkable gripping amazing films on Netflix.

Are you obsessed with true crime stories? Don’t worry; Netflix has a wide range of sensational and spooky crime stories, serial killer documentaries to satisfy your obsession. It doesn’t matter which genre, like murder, cold cases, or conspiracy of crime stories you are inclined to; Netflix has a lot to keep you hooked and sorted with its true crime stories.

5 Best Crime Movies
5 Best Crime Movies

Netflix proliferates the true crime genre based on shocking and bone-chilling real-life experiences because of their increasing demand. Here is the list of shows and documentaries that will sate your desire about it.

Finest True Crime Stories on Netflix 2021-

  • American Murder: The Family Next Door 
  • The Trails of Gabriel Fernandez
  • The Keepers
  • Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer 
  • Why Did You Kill Me? 
  • The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann
  • Making A Murderer

Relish your mini-breaks with your family or friends by watching any of the above-mentioned throbbing true crime stories and serial killer documentaries.

7 Must Watch True Crime Stories On Netflix | Hidden Gems On Your Finger Tips!

The below-mentioned shows are natural, full of suspense, and a must-watch. Let’s check out the list.

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1# American Murder: The Family Next Door

American Murder: The Family Next Door- 7 True Crime Stories On Netflix

The natural and petrified documentary about Watt’s family murders happened in Colorado in 2018, where a father, Chris Watts, killed his pregnant wife Shanann and two daughters, Celesta and Bella. The most horrific tragedy of the year 2018 with proof of investigations, courtroom shootings, their social media accounts, and text messages helped create a complete timeline of all the unfolded events and a sensational documentary.

IMDb Rating- 7.2/10

Director- Jenny Popplewell

2# The Trails Of Gabriel Fernandez

The Trails Of Gabriel Fernandez

This documentary story is about an eight-year-old boy named Gabriel Fernandez who was severely tortured and beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend for over eight months. This is obscure to watch as it has a lengthy disclaimer that hangs on the screen for at least 30 seconds. This includes pictures and language related to child abuse which may sound disturbing to some of its audience. It is a draining documentary that I recommend not watching before bed but scrutinizing it to sense what child abuse is all about?

IMDb Rating- 8.1/10

Director- Brian Knappenberger

3# The Keepers

The Keepers

This show is about the mysterious disappearance and then the murder of a nun, Cathy Cesnik, who was trying to disclose the heinous act of sexual abuse that was going on, at all-girls Archbishop Keough High School by two of the priests. Mainly, father Joseph Maskell was the one forcing female students to have sex with him and others. Thus, as a result, sister Cathy was murdered. The Keepers essentially disclosed the story. Therefore, the level is emotional and pitiful, which brings sister Cathy as a hero of the story who died for the sake of the right thing.

IMDB Rating- 8.2/10

Director- Ryan White

4# Why Did You Kill Me?

Why Did You Kill Me? (2021)

This true-crime show depicts the terrific killing of a 24 years old Crystal Theobald, mother of 2 children, and after her death, her mother Belinda Lane’s mission is to find the murderer of her daughter, and the whole family wants revenge for her death. The entire family uses social media to trap the killer. They forget the thin line between justice and revenge, and this proves very devastating for them.

IMDb Rating- 5.6/10

Director- Fredrick Munk

5# Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer

5# Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer

It is all about a police investigation for Richard Ramirez, who for more than a year terrorized the people of San Francisco and Los Angeles in the mid-1980s. He was an American serial killer who spread fear with devil worship symbolism. He was responsible for burglaries, sexual assaults, and kidnappings, convicted in 1989. The Hunt For A Serial Killer is a four-part documentary. The struggle of detectives is what makes the documentary fascinating.

IMDb Rating- 8/10

Director- Tiller Russell

6# The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann

The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann (2019)

This documentary is about the mystery of 3 years old girl Madeleine who has gone missing from the hotel room as she has gone on vacation in Portugal with her parents. While she was asleep in the hotel room, her parents went for dinner, and from there, she went missing. It is still a mystery whether the parents are covering up something or maybe they are innocent. But the documentary has shown its best to break the case and give an idea that this is not a cold case.

IMDb Rating- 6.6/10

Director- Chris Smith

7# Making A Murderer

Making A Murderer

It is a truly heartbreaking story where a man named Avery was imprisoned for 18 years for a sexual assault and murder crime he didn’t commit. This show exposes the messy realities of justice and corruption processed by the American judiciary. It is season two as well, which again exposes the loopholes within the system. After Avery was released from prison, he filed $36 million litigation against the Manitowoc country and various other country officials who were involved with his arrest and conviction.

IMDb Rating- 8.1/10

Director- Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos

True Crime Related Documentaries On Netflix | Only For Binge Racers

  • The Confession Killer
  • The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness (2021)
  • Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel
  • Amanda Knox
  • The Minimalists 
  •  Mindhunter
  •  Evil Genius (2018)

Final Words

All the above-listed movies and shows are mind-blowing true crime-based, which will give you a thrill and I am sure you don’t want to miss watching them if you are a die heart fan of true crime-based documentaries because I won’t miss them at any cost.

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