10 TV Series Better Than Game of Thrones


Winter is coming” if these iconic words from the House of Stark still give you goosebumps or your face instantly lights up, it is understandable that Game of Thrones has been your life for the past eight seasons. Take a deep breath and understand the inevitable fact that there are plenty of other shows better than Game of Thrones to satisfy your cravings. The undying chaos across the mysterious fictional worlds of the realm, the intense bloody battle scenes, never-ending plot holes, and the dramatic romance aren’t too difficult to let go of from your watchlist. 

Game of Thrones was surely the biggest and the most-watched show with the last season-opening being viewed by a whopping 17 million people, but it neither was nor it is THE BEST!!! The show went downhill with its last season when things took a turn for the worse. Most of the critics and fan discussions revolved around the storyline given in the hands of new(inferior) writers, short seasons, and way too many plot holes. 

Although, there were other reasons as well in addition to these that became a hindrance for Game of Thrones to become the best TV series of all time. One fundamental paucity of our storytelling culture came forward that we don’t really know and understand the depth of sociological stories. Or one could rather say that we don’t know how to tell these sociological stories. When I say this trust me, there are a lot of other reasons and theories that I want to share with you and the GOT lovers, but let’s keep that discussion for some other day. 

True to the novels, Game of Thrones was a beast of a show and as rare as it was to have a friendly dragon in the king’s landing. “Fire cannot kill a dragon”, similarly your love for Game of Thrones will never die. But it is time you move on to better things and by things, I mean BETTER SERIES.  From The Walking Dead to Suits, there are many other shows way better than the latter. Now, grab a popcorn bowl and get ready to discover the TV Series Better Than Game of Thrones. 


Read along the list to find out what makes these series better than Game of Thrones. Read here What made Meghan Markle and Harry step down from their royal duties?

Best TV series on screen right now
Best TV series on screen right now

The Walking Dead

The Waking dead: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: The Indian Express

The series is based on the comic series written by Rober Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. The show follows the story of a group of survivors, who are led by Rick Grimes, a police offer waking from a coma after being shot on police duty. He wakes up to find that the world is filled with walkers, after a devastating zombie apocalypse.

The world is now run by these dead walkers causing a threat to the only survivors in the city. Over the passage of time, the survivors are changed by the constant exposure to death, and they grow willing to do anything in order to survive and find a safe and secure home. 

IMDB Ratings: 8.2/10

No. of Seasons: 10

Genre: Horror, Zombie-Apocalypse, Neo-Western, Serial Drama 

Where to Stream: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV

Breaking Bad 

Breaking bad: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: Looper

The show revolves around the story of a hardworking yet underpaid chemistry teacher and a loyal father, Walter White, and how his life changes drastically after he is diagnosed with stage 3 terminal cancer. After being told that he only has a mere time of 2 years to live, he turns to a life of crime to secure his family’s future financially.

The chemistry genius starts producing methamphetamine and soon teams up with Jesse Pinkman, his former chemistry student. Soon the duo’s status starts to escalate in the drug world with Walter being one of the most prominent drug dealers and Jesse given the title of a hot-headed salesman. The show takes a turn when Walter’s criminal activities start to grab the attention of his DEA brother-in-law in Hank. 

IMDB Ratings: 9.5/10 

No. of Seasons: 5

Genre: Crime-Serial Drama, Black Comedy, Neo-Western, Tragedy, Thriller 

Where to Stream: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The series can also be purchased on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and Xbox. 


F.R.I.E.N.D.S: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: Variety

The show follows around the personal and professional lives of six-friends living in Manhattan, New York. The series covers their life over a course of 10 years and how they learn, grow, and mature through the obstacles thrown at them all together. From Rachel Green, a spoiled brat to Joey, a small-time actor struggling to make a big name in the industry, the series is filled with characters and moments full of joy, humor, Chandler’s sarcasm, and joey’s charm.

You will cry tears of laugh when you hear Janice go “OH MY GODDD!!!”. Throughout the show, Ross is seen having strong feelings for Rachel, while Ross’s younger sister Monica is a compulsive neat freak and in search of ‘the right guy’ so that she can start her own family. The group also has a sixth friend Phoebe, who is a crazy yet lovable Hippi.  

IMDB Ratings: 8.9/10  

No. of Seasons: 10

Genre: Sitcom 

Where to stream: Premiering on HBO in May. The series can also be purchased on Amazon, YouTube, and iTunes. 

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: TV Series Finale

Leonard Hofstader and Sheldon Cooper are work colleagues, roommates, and best friends, and brilliant physicists working at Caltech University, Pasadena, California. The duo has two other friends who also happen to be their work colleagues Howard Wolowitz who is a mechanical engineer by profession and astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrapali. The four are always seen hanging out together and doing activities like reading comics, watching sci-fi movies, speaking in the Klingon language, and a lot more.

The four have brilliant, beautiful minds, however, can never get through a social meet-up without talking about how they know about quantum physics. One fine day, an aspiring actress and a waitress by profession from Ohama, Penny moves into the apartment across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard’s, everyone’s life starts to change.  

IMDB Ratings: 8.1/10

No. of Seasons: 12

Genre: Sitcom 

Where to Stream: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video 


Suits: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: Deadline

The show revolves around the life of a college dropout Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers of New Tork City. While running for his life after a drug deal went terribly wrong, Mike slips into jo interview with Harvey. Mike has a brilliant mind along with a photographic memory that impresses Specter on the spot. Harvey, who is tired of law school grads takes a risk and hires Mike.

The two start working together and soon become one of New York’s finest legal closers. Both Mike and Specter must keep their secret from everyone else working in the firm including managing partner Jessica and Specter’s biggest rival Loius. Will Louis find out Mike’s secret? How far will Specter go to keep this secret?

IMDB Ratings: 8.5/10

No. of Seasons: 9

Genre: Legal drama 

Where to Stream: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

House of Cards 

House of cards: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: Gizmo Story

The story revolves around the life of a power-hungry congressman from south California Francis Underwood and his equally conspiring wife Claire. Frank, after securing his position to be appointed as Secretary of State with president Garrett Walker is seen devastated when he learns the truth that he is being passed over.

Underwood hides his disappointment quickly and presents himself as the loyal Lieutenant to the President. While in reality, Frank decides to enact his elaborate plans behind the President’s back and take his revenge on everyone who betrayed him. How far will Frank and Claire go in their quest for power? How will the dynamics of modern Washington D.C change? 

IMDB Ratings: 8.7/10

No. of Seasons: 6

Genre: Political thriller drama 

Where to Stream: Netflix and BBC iPlayer 


Sherlock: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: BBC

Based on the modern-day adaptation of the novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the same name, the story revolves around the life of Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. John Watson. The young army doctor was wounded in Afghanistan and invalided out of the army. The two meet and start living together in a flat on 221B Bakers Street and soon start solving cases together.

With Holme’s brilliant detective skills and Watson’s confidence, they soon become the most eccentric private detective duo in London. The two with their great minds combined together often solve bizarre and baffling cases while also competing against Holmes’ rival and a criminal genius Moriarity. 

IMDB Ratings: 9.1/10

No. of Seasons: 4

Genre: Comedy-drama, mystery, crime 

Where to Stream: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer 


Dark: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: Netflix

The show revolves around the lives of two young kids who disappear suddenly and how it exposes the relationships among the other four families. The story takes a turn when Jonas, a blonde kid returns back home after being admitted to a mental health facility in France, getting help dealing with both the mental and emotional aftereffects of his dad’s suicide. On his return to school, he finds that the dynamics have changed from how he had left.

His best friend is dating the girl he finally kissed last summer, the guy he scored weed from has gone missing without a trace and the town is starting to have a lot of meetings and curfews. What shocks him to the core is when he finds his Mother having an affair with the Principal’s husband. The show takes the biggest turn when Jonas realizes that one of the two kids gone missing also his dead father. The series challenges the boundaries of the past, present, and future by questioning the control between these as a mere illusion. 

IMDB Ratings: 8.8/10

No. of Seasons: 3

Genre: Tragedy, Sci-fi, Mystery, Thriller

Where to Stream: Netflix 

How I Met Your Mother 

How I Met Your mother: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: TVLine

The show opens with the year 2030 and Ted Mosby telling the story of how he met and eventually got married to their Mother. The series also includes his best friends Robin, Lily, Marshall, and Barney Stinson as the leading characters. The show through a series of memories and flashbacks of his friends leads up to the final moment of Ted Mosby meeting their mother.

Besides that, the show also focuses on the lives of each character and their entwined lives. From a “will they, won’t they” relationship between Robin and the two single male characters, lily-Marshall’s complicated relationship, and the highs and lows of everyone’s careers. 

IMDB Ratings: 8.3/10

No. of Seasons: 9/7

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Sitcom 

Where to Stream: Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video 

House MD 

House MD: 10 TV series better than Game of Thrones
Source: TVLine

The show revolves around the life of Dr. Gregory House and his anti-social life filled with moments of wit and arrogance. The medical practitioner himself is a pain killer addict with only a half muscle in his right leg. The doctor along with his team of other medical practitioners tries to cure rare and complex diseases in modern-day America.

The cases that come along their way are practically impossible and bizarre who any other doctors in the state of America cannot seem to figure out. Gregory is often seen getting involved in conflicts with the hospital administrator and dean Dr. Lisa Cuddy because of his arrogant nature and unorthodox methods of diagnosing the patients. 

IMDB Ratings: 8.7/10

No. of Seasons: 8

Genre: Medical drama 

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video and NBC   

Final Pronouncement: 

Many TV series will come and go but the shows featured in this list have an undying glory and will remain amongst the best of TV series for the coming years as well. You may think that there is absolutely no TV series or shows that will beat the craze of Game of Thrones but there are many shows produced in a better way than the latter. We have tried to cover almost every show with this list but if you think that we may have missed on some series, do let us know in the comments below. Happy Binging!!!!

Feature Image Credits: BBC

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