10 Different Types Of Kryptonite | Number 10 Will Shock You!


All heroes have enormous strengths and their fair share of vulnerabilities. For Achilles, it was his heel, For Martian Manhunter, it is fire. And for Superman, it’s different types of Kryptonites, mysterious crystalline structure. 

Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral that was formed during the destruction of the planet Krypton. It is poison for Superman and other Kryptonians. 

There are over 30 different types of Kryptonite. And here, painstakingly, I have curated a list of the top 10 types of Kryptonites. It was so hard to choose!

10 Different Types Of Kryptonites & Their Effects

Kryptonites are fascinating and mysterious crystalline structures. Keep reading this article to find out about 10 different types of Kryptonites and understand their effects on Kryptonians, humans, animals, and plants! As promised, number 10 will outwit you. 

#1 Periwinkle Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

This purple-colored Kryptonite can turn a Kryptonian purple too. I’d say Periwinkle Kryptonite is the weakest of all Kryptonites. Because all it does is make Kryptonians lose their inhibitions for a short time.

Now, we know that Superman stays relatively unaffected by any of the conventional toxins or chemicals found on Earth, including alcohol. You’d never have seen a drunk superman. But Periwinkle Kryptonite can potentially turn Superman into Captain Jack Sparrow. Under its effects, tipsy superman dances with Lois Lane and later leaves Clark Kent pink-faced with mortification.

Thankfully, its effects don’t last long. And, it isn’t dangerous—except for when it falls in the wrong hands.

#2 Gemstone Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

We came across the Gemstone Kryptonite in the Smallville television series, where Clark is given this covered in chocolate. After consuming it, he got the mental capability to persuade people and compel them to act according to his wish i.e. they became obedient. 

For instance, Lois Lane started to show a keen interest in domestic activities instead of performing her reporting duties. It was quite fun to watch. Only for a short time, though. Because this kryptonite started causing trouble later.

It’s worth noting that the Gemstone Kryptonite was inspired by the Jewel Kryptonite of the comics. The jewel Kryptonite was used to enhance the psychic abilities of Kryptonians.

#3 White Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

We have been seeing White Kryptonite in the comics since 1961. It is a form of Green Kryptonite. When sent from a specific cloud, it turns white and changes all its properties as well. Still, the White Kryptonite isn’t bad at all! It has proved to not be dangerous for Kryptonites, humans, and animals. At least, not in the manner you’d expect.

Here’s the catch— You’d never want to drop this Kryptonite. Why? Because it is a bane to all plant life and some microorganisms. The White Kryptonite carries the potential to destroy any plant life that comes in contact (up to 25 Yards) with it. 

The repercussions of the same will be faced by the ecosystem. So, mutual mass destruction is ensured.

#4 Anti-Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

Anti Kryptonite is the reverse of actual Kryptonite. Despite its similar appearance to the Green Kryptonite, it is harmless to all Kryptonians. Hence, it is also called Fool’s Kryptonite.

But don’t let that fool you. Anti-Kryptonite is lethal to all non- superhumans. That essentially includes us, humans. It is our version of Green Kryptonite. It affects humans the same way Green Kryptonite would affect Kryptonians. 

In that regard, it is a weapon of mass destruction for human beings. And, adding to its credit, the Anti Kryptonite has massacred a whole city- Agro city.

So, consider yourself warned!

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#5 Orange Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

Have you ever seen the Superdog or any other Super Animal of DC? If yes, then you would be familiar with the Orange Kryptonite. 

This Orange crystal is only found in Krypto, Superdog’s universe. As unique as its color, the Orange Kryptonite is a boon for animals. Because, by giving them superpowers, it turns any animal into a Super animal. Whereas any other Kryptonite can be equally lethal to animals. However, it doesn’t affect humanoid Kryptonians, or us, humans.

#6 Blue Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

Blue Kryptonite is the outcome of Professor Potter’s “duplicator ray” on some green Kryptonite. This Kryptonite is similar to the Green Kryptonite. But, it affects Superman’s evil counterpart, Bizzaro, and not him. 

It weakens any one of the Bizarro family the same way green Kryptonite affects Superman. Superman makes this Kryptonite using the same machine that Lex Luthor uses to make Bizarro. So, on several occasions, we have seen Superman use this to stop Bizarro.

However, in CW’s TV series, Blue Kryptonite has some different work—it enhances Bizarro’s powers and drains those of Superman. Blue Kryptonite’s radiation can be blocked by duplicate Lead.

#7 Green Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

When we talk about Kryptonites, the Green Kryptonite springs to one’s mind. So, now I present our classic and the most abundant Kryptonite— the green Kryptonite. The crystal itself is blue, but the yellow light it emits makes it look green. Hence, the name.

Upon exposure to the Green Kryptonite, Kryptonians turn weak. They start experiencing nausea, weakness, vertigo, pain, loss of consciousness, etc. Although superpowers unconnected to physical health, like x-ray vision, remain unaffected.

Owing to its abundance, the Green Kryptonite is the most pervasive danger to Kryptonians. It is so powerful that it can even penetrate the impenetrable suits of Superman and Supergirl. And, if exposed to them for too long, it can potentially kill.

Thankfully, the Green Kryptonite’s radiation can be blocked using Lead.

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#8 Red Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

If we talk about effects, the Red Kryptonite is quite similar to the Green Kryptonite. However, the red one can make the green crystal look tame and nicer. The Red Kryptonite weakens Kryptonians to a greater degree. And not just that, this Red Crystalline structure is quite unpredictable: no two portions of this rock carry the same effect. 

For instance, it can make Superman have super-mood swings or turn him into something monstrous, say, a dragon. Apart from its dragon-making effects, the Red Kryptonite can cause excessive hair growth, wiped out memory, rapid aging, etc.

Thankfully, these effects aren’t permanent.

#9 Black Kryptonite 

Types Of Kryptonite

Have you ever come across Superman’s evil version and thought about how it could be possible? Black Kryptonite is the reason. It is made by heating Green Kryptonite to extreme temperatures. And once that’s done, Black Kryptonite will give you a Super Evil. Don’t try this recipe at home, though.

This black stone can split one balanced Kryptonian into two different personalities on far extremes— One pure evil and one pure good. Every man has his evils or inner demons to fight. However, this black rock takes away the fight by bringing those inner demons into existence, as a sinister version of the Kryptonian. 

We have seen both Superman and Supergirl having to fight off their evil twins. And we have seen much worse— the Batman Who Laughs. However, the Black Kryptonite’s effects can be reversed using the Green Kryptonite.

#10 Gold Kryptonite

Types Of Kryptonite

Gold Kryptonite is the rarest and most devastatingly lethal form of Kryptonite. This Kryptonite can strip Kryptonians of all their powers permanently and irreversibly. 

It robs them of their ability to process Yellow sunlight processing and removes the “super” from superman, making them as powerless as humans. Imagine, if that happens, who will save us from Cyborg Superman’s reign of terror?

Owing to its devastating effects, Gold Kryptonite wasn’t used much by DC.

Final Words

Here, I walked you through Different types of Kryptonites and their effects. If I missed any, let me know in the comment section down below!

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