6 Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 | Unleash The Multiverse Madness!


Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness or Doctor Strange 2 (2022) is the latest sensation that has stirred a lot of excitement, confusion, and madness with the unleashing of the multiverse concept. However, things are not as simple and straight as it seems. Multiverse has brought many unclear concepts in Doctor Strange 2 movie that need a proper explanation. Read the major concepts and their related issues ahead in this article.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness was released on 6 May 2022 and is the 28th movie of the MCU franchise. The movie is directed by Sam Raimi and has a star-studded cast with multiple special appearances like Chiwetel Ejiofor, Patrick Stewart, Hayley Atwell, John Krasinski, and others in prominent roles. Currently, it boasts 7.5/10 IMDb and 74% Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Doctor Strange 2 has broadened the multiverse concept and has introduced multiple new concepts that hamper the existing timelines creating further chaos. Moreover, the current movie has raised multiple questions about the existing facts and concepts of the MCU series, like traveling into different realities or dream-traveling. To know all about the unclear concepts in Doctor Strange 2, read ahead!

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness has truly unleashed the madness, and things have gone really out of hands now! Thanks to Doctor Strange’s brilliance and chaotic decision-making habit, now the MCU is more complex than ever before. In a detailed explanation, let’s understand all the unclear concepts in Doctor Strange 2!

6 Fascinating Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 That Are Too Confusing To Understand!

6 Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 | Interesting Details

Iron Man and Doctor Strange are the foundational characters who have shaped the MCU for good or bad! They both symbolize boldness, brilliance, and chaos in the MCU series. After Iron Man is gone, Doctor Strange has further pushed the limits of MCU and broken the barriers of multiverse dimensions. 

However, a fair share of credit goes to Loki, WandaVision, and Spiderman: No Way Home! However, let us focus on the complexities and impacts of Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff’s Scarlet Witch battle and the powers shown in Doctor Strange 2.

#1 Wanda Chasing America Through The Multiverse

6 Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 | Interesting Details

In Doctor Strange 2, Wanda, aka the evil Scarlet Witch, is hunting America Chavez through multiple portals with the help of dark magic and summoning evil demons against Chavez. Wanda wants to take her powers that could transport anyone into the multiverse. 

However, it remains unclear how Wanda can know her in the first place. Moreover, if she knows how to travel through avatars, she is not using it earlier and only casting spells instead for such a long time.

#2 Wanda Is Living In A Different Location From The End Of WandaVision

6 Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 | Interesting Details

Earlier in the WandaVision miniseries, it is shown that after releasing the people from West View, Wanda takes refuge in an isolated cabin in a lush mountain region. However, in Doctor Strange 2, we see that Wanda lives in a completely different environment with intense dark magic, which perfectly sums up her chaotic magic vibes.

It seems that Wanda’s dark magic has altered the reality of her place, but it is still unclear whether she is living there and practicing magic or if it is just one of her hideouts.

#3 Dreams Are Actually Realities In Multiverses In The MCU   

6 Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 | Interesting Details

Doctor Strange 2 suggests that dreams are true events happening in another reality or universe. However, if we go through Tony Stark’s nightmares about the ending of Earth and the attacks of the Chitauri force, things contradict very well as it was happening not in any other reality but on the Earth itself. 

Thus, this concept of dreams in MCU is quite confusing and needs a better explanation. There are chances that the further movies might explore it in better ways. 

#4 MCU Events Are Happening On Earth-616 

6 Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 | Interesting Details

It is clear that there are as many as 73 different universes in the multiverse (they could be more!). To cut down the confusion, MCU has designated different variants of Earth in numerical codes. For example, instead of Avengers, Illuminati is ruling in Earth 838! However, the events- from the rise of Avengers to Endgame’s epic battle of MCU took place on Earth 616. 

Even Mysterio called the MCU’s Earth, Earth 616, though he lied and cooked up the whole story. However, MCU is known for hidden easter eggs. What can we expect from Doctor Strange 3? Maybe, there are chances that we can see multiple variants of Earth or, better, Earth 616 vs Earth 838 faceoff!

#5 The Multiverse Was Opened In Spiderman: No Way Home 

6 Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 | Interesting Details

In Doctor Strange 2, only America Chavez possesses the power to open portals, but we know that earlier, Doctor Strange could also travel into different realities and open the portals. He has done it during Spiderman: No Way Home, which led to further chaos and supervillains on Earth 616. 

Even Loki and his variant Sylvie have opened the portals of the multiverse. Wanda also possesses the powers of dark dimensions. This leads to confusion about the proper working of multiverse portals and their regulations. MCU is still far behind to completely addressing this loophole.

#6 The Memory of Peter Parker Is Erased In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness 

6 Unclear Concepts In Doctor Strange 2 | Interesting Details

Spiderman: No Way Home is one of the most critical movies of MCU as it first opened the multiverse and introduced multiple characters from different realities. However, in the end, Peter asks Doctor Strange to erase the memory of Spiderman from the world so that he can stop more villains from coming from the multiverse. Though Doctor Strange erases Spiderman’s identity, it seems Doctor Strange and Sorcerer Supreme still remember the memories and fight with villains from different realities.

Moreover, America Chavez has no idea about Spiderman, though she has traveled across 73 alternate universes. This further creates confusion and uncertainties about the future of Spiderman in the MCU series!

Only the time will tell what is in the store in the future MCU movies. As of now, we are more concerned about who is the girl in the post-credit scene? Do you want to know? Click now to read the details.

Final Words

The drastic shift toward the multiverse has left many unclear concepts in Doctor Strange 2. I am always here to explain your doubts and quench your curiosity. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness has brought new challenges, characters, and possibilities with its new concepts that will be seen in a more detailed manner in the upcoming MCU projects. And this is just the beginning of the multiverse madness! Share your thoughts as well in the comment section!

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