5 Underrated Marvel Heroes And Characters | Know The Never Known!


When we talk about the Marvel Superheroes, there aren’t just a few! There are hundreds of superheroes that have graced the comics as we as our film and TV screens. The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t going to stop anytime soon, as there are still some heroes that are yet to be introduced.

The fact cannot be denied that A-list heroes have successfully maintained hegemony. They have been powerful enough to grab audiences’ attention and remain in the limelight. However, several heroes and characters have not been acclaimed and got a chance to shine.

That’s why I have brought you a list of some heroes and characters that need your attention!

5 Underrated Marvel Heroes And Characters | A Must-Read List For You! 

I know it’s tough to look at other characters other than immortal superheroes in Marvel. There are many superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America who have been fan favorites, and due to them, sometimes these underrated heroes may be overlooked. So, let’s have a look at some of these Underrated Marvel Heroes, and as we bring them to your attention, it’s time to give them the respect that they deserve.

1# Sunspot | The Entertaining Mutant

5 Underrated Marvel Heroes And Characters | Know The Never Known!

Though the original class of mutants has got the spotlight, some of them have not. Sunspot is among those who are waiting to get the viewers’ attention.

This hero from Brazil has the power to absorb and channel solar power. Due to his wit and charm, his teammates like him a lot and enjoy friendship with him. However, he is idealistic and impulsive at the same time. 

When it comes to the highlights of his character, he is powerful and rich, which became evident when he outright brought the A.I.M. He also tends to rely more on his human traits rather than his mutant powers. These features make him perfect for a comic character. Above all, like any other son, he was expected to reach the limit and intelligence of his father.

When he was a part of The Thunderbolts while facing off the Red Hulk, he punched him so hard in the face it made Hulk bleed. He was allowed to get the limelight through Hickman’s Avengers book and headed the Avengers team. Further, his witness was captured again in the inaugural story arc of the Krakoa-era New Mutants.

2# Moon Knight | The One With Many Identities

5 Underrated Marvel Heroes And Characters | Know The Never Known!

Moon Knight first appeared in 1975 for Warewolf By Night Comics. Marc Spector, AKA Moon Knight, doesn’t have a specific backstory like other heroes, however, it is known that he has Dissociative Identity Disorder, which helps him generate his powers as Moon Knight. Some other identities of Marc Spector include Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, and Mr. Knight.

Marc Spector was revived by the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu after he was left for dead in the Egyptian desert after a brawl with a terrorist. After coming back to the United States, he created his new identity Moon Knight and starts fighting crime. The fact that he does not have any superpowers, just ike Batman, is what makes him a unique character. Thanks to his multiple identities, he has been a skilled Boxer and was tactically trained while being a part of the CIA.

As he sinks further into his Moon Knight identity, his abilities also start to develop depending on the phases of the Moon Psychological visions and taking the strengths away from others while fighting is also some of the characteristics that show him as a powerful character in MCU.

Moon Knight might not be the strongest hero in Marvel, but he certainly is interesting and complicated among other heroes, which makes him a unique and underrated Marvel hero.

3# America Chavez | A Powerhouse That Got Underrated

5 Underrated Marvel Heroes And Characters | Know The Never Known!

Though women have been powerful in the series of Avengers, a few of them have stood out for America. America Chavez was the breakout star; after she got her solo books, something went wrong, and she was placed again in team books. The Ultimates offered her a chance to showcase herself once again.

Undoubtedly, her strength and durability are similar to superhumans. In terms of uniqueness, she can open star-shaped holes in reality, which allows her teammates to travel into multiverses. Surprisingly, she can compete with the speed of light and has the power to burst her enemy into star fragments with her punch. 

Her jaw-dropping qualities made viewers crazy for her when they saw her projecting a star that released an energy blast. Being someone from the LGBTQ community, her character makes Marvel’s first LGBTQ character.

With her role in MCU Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, we got to see her powers in live action. She has a strong fan base compared to the strongest Avengers, and we definitely want to see more of her.

4# Falcon | The One Who Never Recovered From His Stint In Captain America

5 Underrated Marvel Heroes And Characters | Know The Never Known!

Falcon is among those who did not get much, even after presenting themselves in great stories. He has got his recognition through his presence in Captain America and Avengers membership.

He is a skilled combatant, followed by training in Judo and Karate. In comparison with other heroes, he is more skilled in using Captain America’s shield. Gradually, he was seen as having a close relationship with telepathy. Besides, his jet-powered wings give him a distinct look, which can be attached and detached.

The most interesting fact about Falcon is that he holds all the features required to become an A-lister. Taking him out of the A-list heroes is something that I consider a big mistake. He is unique and doesn’t need a brand-like name to support his fame.

5# Cannonball | The One Who Has Been A Bridesmaid

5 Underrated Marvel Heroes And Characters | Know The Never Known!

I cannot forget Cannonball because he has been in the industry through X-Men Books for years. He started his journey with the New Mutants and reached Avengers.

In his initial years, he helped his family by earning his livelihood from coal mines. Unlike other heroes, he can generate thermo-chemical energy released from his skin. Unbelievably, he lets him have control over his speed and direction. 

Initially, he could release his energy from his feet; now, he can do the same through any part of his body. Interestingly, his powers have grown over the past few years, due to which he has been able to showcase his potential.

Many viewers like me take a look at him as a beloved character. His powers are something that makes him worth remembering. Surprisingly, a character with such uniqueness never got a chance to flaunt himself. With a little more work, he can be a solo material.

Final Words

Though everyone likes to follow the league of top Marvel entertainment, you might get another interesting hero from the list to look upon. The above five interesting heroes and characters may appeal to you to know more about them. So, shed some light on them and see if anything succeeds in grabbing your attention. Let me know whom you like the most!


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