Underworld Movies in Order| Clan’s Best Just for You [2021 Update]


What’s happening beneath the table? No one knows. Underworld movies in order will spill the beans just for you. The new approach is of mutants and werewolves, but thematically the film resembles what is happening in the world. 

The Underworld Movies, in order, are placed in a year-wise plan. It also involves the new and the old comparison, which specifies the additions and subtraction of the approach. Underworld has been one of the longest-running films Clans, which started in the year 2003.

The Underworld Movies in order allows you to watch it in a sequence and make sure that you get complete info about each part in a much better way. The order list also makes sure that you can distinguish between the claims by the end of this article. The Order is as follow:

  • Underworld
  • Underworld: Evolution
  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
  • Underworld: Awakening
  • Underworld: Blood Wars
  • Other Entities of Underworld Clan

If there is so much in the article, let’s stop waiting and dive into the article to read about the Clan Underworld’s Order. 

Underworld Movies in Order | Sequential Watch is Always Best 

Following are the point which places the film series in order and also provides an insight- 

1# Underworld (2003)

Underworld (2003)- Underworld Movies in Order

The best part about the film is how makers in 2003 thought about such a revolutionized film on mutation, pathogens, and genetics. It is a well-thought concept and even executed so well. 

When Hollywood was possibly busy making some unrealistic cinema, The makers of Underworld used the mix of fiction and non-fiction to create magic on screen. It is about Selene, who discovers there is a plan going in between Lycans. 

To find out What Lycans are planning, Selene thought and took Michael in a kind of custody and integrated about the plan. I would recommend this film to everyone interested in this particular genre. 

2# Underworld: Evolution (2006) 

Underworld: Evolution (2006) - Underworld Movies in Order

An extension to the first part of the film, Underworld, the Evolution takes forward the story and makes sure that the audience is again hooked to the complete drama. Underworld: Evolution is possibly one of the intrinsic approaches for the second part but what makes it irrelevant is the exact nature of the film. 

The cast remains the same, and hence the kind of acting skills is also the same, so is the vibe. The “no new factor Introduction” makes the film a little tasteless can be a fact for people to watch, as taste differs from person to person. I would recommend you to watch the movie and let us know how did you like it. 

3# Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)- Underworld Movies in Order

The story started with its basis inclined to search for Lycans’ plans from the first and second parts of the film. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is more of a Lycan War. Patrick Tatopoulos directed this new version of Underworld. 

This film showcases the uncontrollable effect of the werewolf’s attacks. The attacks were untreatable and hence deadly. There is so much in this film, like someone carrying mutations, Lycans becoming slaves, etc. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is far most the best and my favorite film too. 

4# Underworld: Awakening (2012) 

Underworld: Awakening (2012

As the number of films increased from the same legacy of Underworld, the film’s directors changed, hence the perspective. Underworld: Awakening, which was released in 2012, was directed by Mäns Märlind and Björn Stein. The film shows a visible shift as the directors created and shaped the film. 

Underworld: Awakening was a 3D film that was a bit interesting and worth watching. The role of Selene was more on the run to escape, and there was also a pat that was against the removal of Lycans and the werewolves. I want you to watch this film as this one is the best of the Underworld Clan. 

5# Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) 

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

The last entry to the clan was Blood war which was in a toss to be the reprise of the before released members, and later the plan was called off. They again began with a concept to make it an individual version, and therefore the story of Underworld: Blood Wars was conceived. 

Underworld: Blood Wars was a better version if compared with all the previous films. The legacy made it to the cinema even after a decade, so the power of the film can be felt. Underworld: Blood Wars is one of the most celebrated of them all. 

6# Other Entities of Underworld Clan | Released or Planning to be Released  

Other Entities of Underworld Clan | Released or Planning to be Released


It is not conceived, not in the making, but the news was out that the makers will soon be up with another shot for a clan Underworld. If it’s a rumor or a true statement, we have to wait and watch.

Underworld: Endless War (2011)

There is never-ending popularity of anime which I think we all are aware of. Releasing a part in anime was a positive choice. Hence it showed all loved excellent results and the film. 

Final Words

The Clan Underworld has been placed for you guys to watch. Make sure you watch each of them and also let us know about your favorite. 

How to watch Underworld in the correct order?

You can start with Underworld, then watch the second part, Underworld: Evolution, the third part of the movie is Underworld: Awakening, the film continued, and the fourth part is named Underworld: Blood Wars. You can watch the sequel part of the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans anytime, or if you want, you can skip it too; it is based on you.

Will there be a 6th and 7th Underworld movie?

We had got a piece of bad news for you guys if you are waiting for Underworld 6. Kate Beckinsale has stepped out of the franchise; she will not gonna do another Underworld movie of the franchise. She had played vampire Death Dealer Selene, and she would return in the new series. That is why the team is waiting to cast the best actors and hold all the upcoming projects.

Is Michael will return to Underworld?

As we discussed earlier, Kate Beckinsale has ruled out doing another Underworld movie. Due to some personal reason, she stepped out from the franchise and, in an interview, said that she would never come back. But fans rumors are spreading like she will return soon once she sorts all her issues.

Is Underworld a sequel to Van Helsing?

In the movie Van Helsing, Beckinsale appeared as a descendant of an ancient family vowed to destroy Dracula. But in the end, she was killed by Helsing, who has turned into a werewolf. But before that happened, she was already bitten by Dracula.

What is the Order of Underworld Films?

Five movies are released and given above. The sixth movie is already into consideration and will release soon.

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