12 Unique Ideas for a Wedding Gift 



Weddings are often hopeful occasions that newlyweds and their friends and family will remember for some time. When it comes to the wedding gift, you could go for the old standby of cash, but if you want your present to be just as memorable, you should aim for something unique.

He asked all the right questions, won her over, and is now going to marry the love of this life, and a unique wedding gift can help make their special day perfect. That’s exactly why we put together this list of ideas to help you stand above the gift-giving crowd at the next wedding you attend.

Things They Can Enjoy Together

The two individuals are, for all intents and purposes, a single entity for the most part now. A cool gift that they can enjoy together for a long time to come can pair perfectly with their nuptials.

1. Unique Drinks – A smoke box kit with engraved glasses will give the newlyweds the opportunity to experiment with smoky flavors to make a signature liquor or cocktail that they both love. They simply have to place their favorite drink inside the smoke box and it’ll get infused with a delicious, smoky flavor.

2. For the Wine Lovers – If signature cocktails or smoke-infused bourbon isn’t their style, personalized wine glasses can make a great gift.

3. Lasting Memories – Since they weren’t participants of 90-day fiancé and didn’t have the show to look back on for their wedding memories, custom wedding gifts, such as personalized canvas prints, blankets, or pillows with photos of the new couple, are sure to be a hit.

4. Where it all Began – A personalized memento box commemorates the start of their special relationship and gives them a unique gift to preserve keepsakes throughout their years together.

5. Capture Memories – One thing that they can almost certainly use is a good waterproof camera. Especially if their honeymoon plans involve somewhere tropical. 

6. Luggage – They’re going to need luggage for the honeymoon and any trips they take in the future, so a personalized carry-on suitcase can make a great gift.

7. Bed Sheets – A set of really nice sheets or customized pillows will give them something they’ll use for years to come.

Something a Little Different

You can help them get in touch with their inner-child with a few unique gifts that no one else will likely think of.

8. Board Games – The “honeymoon phase” only lasts so long, and binge-watching shows together can get a little boring after a while.

9. Carbonated Soda Maker – Being able to turn just about any beverage into a carbonated one is sure to bring out their inner child.

10. I Scream, You Scream – An old-fashioned ice cream maker will not only bring back memories, but it will also likely help them make some new ones together.

Something for Him & Her

And lastly, here are a few other unique ideas you might consider for the newlyweds.

11. Personalized Accessories – Embroidered bathrobes and towels are almost always welcome gifts, but you can also get them stenciled glass stemmed wine glasses and personalize just about anything else you can think of.

12. A Place to Relax – They’re going to need a nice area to spend time  together in the evening, and what better way to do so than kicking back on a comfortable sofa?

Of course, the newly married couple will be thrilled with your presence at the wedding and likely enjoy almost any gift you give, but it can seem so much more special when it’s something unique and from the heart.