7 Unprofessional Hairstyles, Which Are a Big NO at Office!


Have you ever wondered why you aren’t getting selected in any of the interviews when you have the qualification and you are also dressed well? It is because you went for an interview with an unprofessional hairstyle. Yes, I am sure it is something wrong with your hairstyle.

Some examples that you should not follow for a professional meet are a messy bun, Pigtails, shaved designs, waxed into a conical roof, party to meeting hairdo, etc. Every event and situation has its hairstyle, which you have to follow and cannot go wrong if you call yourself an influencer.

We all are walking with our blinkers on and are following the same path for our interviews, and even if we are working in our office, we make sure our attire and shoes should outshine, but in this herd race, we forget about our hairstyles. So, next time you are prepping for an interview or meeting someone professionally, pay equal attention to your hairstyle as well.

Let us dig deep into these unprofessional hairstyles and correct ourselves because I am sure one of you might have walked into a professional meeting like this.

7 Unprofessional Hairstyles- which are big No at Office

Following are the seven unprofessional hairstyles, which need to be removed from your head, as it is can turn you into a fashion blooper—

1# A messy bun- are you meeting your friends? Duh!

A messy bun- are you meeting your friends? Duh! Unprofessional Hairstyle

A messy bun is such an unprofessional hairstyle, which I had seen few of my friends either when they used to attend their college or at the time of weekend meet with friends. A messy bun during a professional meeting will make you appear chaotic, just like your hairdo, and also give hints to your contemporary that you are least bothered about what is happening in the meeting. So, next time you crash some professional setup, do not land in a messy bun to mess things up for the company and yourself.

2# Pigtails- What I am 6 years old?

Pigtails- What I am 6 years old?

Pigtail is a trend that specifically girls followed when they were studying in their junior school. Pigtails are an equal partition of your hairs which is then tied with a rubber band, letting the rest be opened. It was a cool thing in school but now, when you are a professional and in a win-win situation, do not make a mockery of yourself by appearing in pigtails at a professional setup. Make sure you never do this at your workplace.

3# Shaved designs- is Just for the kickass Rockstar

Shaved designs- Just for the kickass Rockstar

You need to design your role, whether you are a corporate professional or a hardcore Rockstar. If you have made some silly shaved design on your head, just because you were drunk and were playing some best drinking games, then my dear friend, then why don’t you apply for a month’s leave? You cannot take your sins in the office and land like a hipster. Shaved designed hairstyle for both boys and girls is a big NO!

4# Spikes – is what soccer players do?

Spikes – is what soccer players do?

If you are reading this article, I don’t think you are a soccer player or into something very cool. Then having an interest in keeping spikes as a professional and making that waxed conical 3D geometrical shape on your head does not make you look professional at all. Try changing your hairstyle and land to your professional set up in a decent side partition hairdo, because Spikes are not a thing, definitely not in current times.

5# Party to Office Hairdo

Party to Office Hari do

So, you were at a party yesterday and thought of attending the office directly in the same attire and hairdo. Dear friend, you should order some best dresses from Amazon and change your hairstyle in the loo because those curls and stylish hair art will not flatter your client and your boss. Try keeping these hairstyles to parties and choose a decent side partition tight hair bun for your office; it makes you look more professional.

6# Greasy Oil, are you there to provide some for barbeque?

7 Unprofessional Hairstyles, Which Are a Big NO at Office!

You didn’t get time to wash your hair for weeks, and the oil has just accumulated on your hair. The world isn’t running anywhere, stop and wash your hair. You cannot land at any professional meeting with a lot of oil in your hair; they didn’t call you for doing barbeques. Always try being presentable and walk in a professional setup with a decent and ethical hairdo.

7# Try keeping Colors away from your head

Keep Colors to yourself a not popping on your head

If you have colored your hair into some shiny shade that is not at all pleasant, never be there for a professional meeting. Not even a single string of color should be there. You are a grown-up now, and these hipster fashion choices are only for those who do not have to meet someone professional every day. Color can also lead to the damaging of your hair, so never go for colors.

These were some evil and unprofessional hairstyles, which are believed to be a big NO at any professional workspace. If you are following one, please make some changes and try looking like an experienced employee, which will make you last long your office.

Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma
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