5 Best Upcoming ABS Bikes in India 2021!


Who does not want bikes? Bikes are the first love of every man. He will make sure that he buys stylish, new Upcoming ABS Bikes.

Bikes are expensive that will demand a monthly check even after buying them, sometimes you have to finance your dream bike.  So when you buy a bike make sure, that you watch out for the specifications well and its overhead expenses. Bikes demand a huge investment so, never just buy bikes because it looks stylish, you should buy it because it has more things to offer other than just looks.

The Best Upcoming ABS Bikes in 2021 are; Ducati Scrambler 800 BS6, Indian Chieftain, Indian Roadmaster Elite, Husqvarna Svartpilen 20, Yamaha MT 03, etc. These bikes give a minimum mileage of 65 KMPL and include ABS, and a heavy yet compact engine.

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5 Best Upcoming ABS Bikes in India 2021

So start saving money and make these bikes yours. Let’s read about them before you go and buy them.

1.   Ducati Scrambler 800 BS6

The awaited launch is expected to happen in the January ending. Ducati Scrambler will be with dual-channel ABS that automatically increase the price of your bike.

Will cost around: 8- 9.40 Lakhs *depending on the model & place of buying

It will arrive with:

  • The engine of 803cc is of great value that gives it a sturdy look.
  • The Power of 72.8 PS will allow you to run this beast smoothly on road.
  • It has a double-disc, dual-channel ABS that will make it safer than the options available.
  • With a Torque of 66.2 Nm, it will help the engine to pick the acceleration (speed)  at a better stake.

The bike is with a six-speed gearbox that oils your leads to a buttery function amongst clutch which is hydraulically designed. It is one of the awaited Upcoming ABS Bikes.

2.   Indian Chieftain

Indian Chieftain- Best Upcoming ABS Bikes
Source: Amar Ujala

Indian Chieftain will be available in the market in February 2021. Don’t miss the deal as this bike has great speed and models to offer.

Will cost around: 32.01 Lakhs *Price depends on the place of buy &model

It will arrive with :

  • The engine will be under 1811cc that automatically pushes the price up.
  • The torque and the cylinder are insane with their dimensions. Torque is with 151Nm and two cylinders. This is an eye-catching specification of a bike.
  • It also arrives with a double-disc, dual-channel ABS with a powerful braking system, that will keep you and your bike safe.
  • The tyres of the Bike are tubeless, with no more tension of punctures and refilling.

This particular Upcoming ABS Bikes will be a revolution in the market of, that will force you to invest money.

3.   Indian Roadmaster Elite:

Indian Roadmaster Elite- Best Upcoming ABS Bikes
Source: CarAndBike

Indian Roadmaster Elite is not out yet. Expected to launch at the ending of February 2021.  This is an expensive bike but in return, it has a lot of features that are not available in any one of the other bikes.

Will cost you around: 48 Lakhs. *price differs in various cities.

It will arrive with:

  • The engine of the bike is 1811 cc that gives it indestructible power.
  • With a torque of  151 Nm and a dual cylinder system. It has a sturdy & polished acceleration.
  • It arrives with a dual-channel ABS which provides a safer ride to the biker. Dual-channel ABS had always been the best than the single.
  • The tubeless effect in tyres keeps you stress-free from potholes that might lead to puncturing. It is also shock-free somehow.

It will be the second most expensive bike that will be available in the country after Harley-Davidson CVO limited. Make it yours or pre-book it soon.

4.   Husqvarna Svartpilen 20

Husqvarna Svartpilen 201  is a man’s choice who is in a search of a classic bike yet not that expensive. It is expected to launch in February 2021.

Will cost you around: 1.50 Lakh *depends on the cities of buy

It will arrive with:

  • The engine of the bike will appear with 199.5 cc that is much heavier than the expensive bike.
  • The torque of the bike with 25.8 PS and liquid cooling system, does not make it best but is what the bike can run smoothly on.
  • The bike also arrives with Dual Channel ABS and a Double Disc Brake system. That’s a wonderful feature.

I as a buyer will prefer this bike over those expensive ones because it has more features than a bike which is costing 10 times more than these Upcoming ABS Bikes.

5.   Yamaha MT 03

Was supposed to launch in the year 2020, this bike will now arrive in 2021, in February.  Yamaha is a  known brand to every Indian. It has been the art of many songs and Our former caption MS Dhoni also uses Yamaha.

It Will cost you around:   3 Lakh *approximately

It will arrive with :

  • The engine of the bike is regularly heavy with 321cc, which will is minimum to those expensive ones, but best to the bike of the same price.
  • The power of 41.4PS and Torque of 29.6 Nm will make your ride an effortless one.
  • It also has the safest ABS brakes. It has dual Channel, Double disc Brakes.
  • The tyres of the bike are tubeless, giving you a swift ride.

If you are searching for ABS bikes less than 1 lakhs, it is there but then you are compromising with the quality. These bikes will cost more but you will have the best riding experience with these bikes and that is what biker demands!  

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