67th Daesang Award Is For BTS | Fans Are Going Crazy!


I get crazy whenever I hear the name BTS. Whether it’s the BTS concert 2022 or watching BTS In The Soop, I don’t miss out on anything. Well, it is same with all the BTS fans. And for BTS fans, I have something TRENDING! Fans have already claimed that, the 67th Daesang award is for BTS! (And, there is no doubt about it!)

Fans are going crazy and social media platforms have flooded with lots of wishes for BTS. To put it simply, it’s one of the biggest achievements for the BTS members. So, scroll and note the recent updates on ‘67th Daesang award is for BTS’!

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67th Daesang Award Is For BTS | Daesang Award For The Third Time!

67th Daesang Award Is For BTS | Fans Are Going Crazy!

The 29 Korean Music Awards was held with the aim to recognize the musical achievements of BTS stars and the Korean Music Industry. Luckily, the award ceremony went well and added more to the accolades earned by the BTS. Don’t delay checking out the remaining updates of the award ceremony!

What Happened At The Award Ceremony?

The Korean Music Award ceremony is considered an important and reputed ceremony. In the award ceremony, the hosts announced that BTS has won Daesang, the grand prize and hold the title ‘Artist of the year’ for the third time. 

Before this, the Bangton Boys received ‘Artist Of The Year’ at The Korean Music Awards in 2018 and then in 2019. But winning the award for the third time is a great achievement for the BTS group. After winning, all the BTS members did not delay a minute to show gratitude to their fans. 

BTS RM gave a speech on behalf of the group “I saw so many cool artists ahead of us and I’m honestly not sure if we performed cooler and better than them. So, I’m very humbled… but we try to think that this is a result of showing you love, gratitude, and genuine feelings”. 

Reaction Of BTS Fans

67th Daesang Award Is For BTS | Fans Are Going Crazy!

Do you think BTS fans could stay calm after watching the award ceremony? They are going crazy and are giving reactions for the big win at the KMA. 

One of the fans posted, “BTS won “Musician of the year” Daesang at the 2022 KMA. They become the first act to win the ‘Musician of the year’ Daesang 3 times at the Korean Music Awards. They extend their record as the act with the most Daesangs won at the show”. 

Another fan wrote “OMG, yes!! Congratulations BTS for winning Musician of the year at 19th Korean Music Awards 2022. They have won this award for 3 years!!”. 

Final Words 

As it is very much evident that the fans are extremely happy after listening to ‘67th Daesang award is for BTS’. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to your social media account and congratulate the BTS members.

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