UX Researcher Job Profile | Essential Information To Know Before You Become One!


UX research is one of the cornerstones of any thriving business of the modern age. Without their research, it can easily fall behind in what is currently the latest trends. Their job is to deliver the best possible experience for potential customers. Anyone who visits the website will experience this forward-thinking process.

You can become a junior UX researcher to learn everything about the job and work your way up to senior positions. Job sites like Jooble include plenty of information and relevant opportunities in your area. Here is the rundown on the basic knowledge of this position.    

What Are The Work Responsibilities Of A UX Researcher? 

UX Researcher Job Profile | Essential Information To Know Before You Become One!

Your primary duties as a UX researcher are to gather information by meeting clients. Find out about their requirements and look into what they truly need. It will give you the basis on what you must research and gather info on. Once you have done enough research, you can move on to the design process. You will be testing this design out and coming up with prototypes for peer reviews. You’ll need to consider everything if you want the design to be flawless. It includes looking into the budget, working closely with a team, presenting the idea with a presentation, using technical knowledge when needed, and much more. 

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How Much Is The Payment Slip? 

UX Researcher Job Profile | Essential Information To Know Before You Become One!

You can expect the starting salary for a UX researcher to begin at £20,000. It can go up to £25,000, when possible, but it all depends on your starting position at the company. If the job involves more responsibilities, you can expect the pay from £28,000 to £32,000. An experienced UX researcher with a senior position can earn up to £47,000 or slightly more. If you decide to become a freelancer, the payment can be lower. Freelance UX researchers can start between £250 to £500. It depends on the amount of work and how long the client needs you.    

What About The Average Day At Work? 

UX Researcher Job Profile | Essential Information To Know Before You Become One!

When not working freelance, your working hours will be a regular 9 am to 5 pm shift. Depending on what needs to get done, expect to work some weekends or evening deadlines. You will usually work in an office with regular client meetings to review progress. You could even work on an international level if the client needs you to get out there. There is no dress code for a normal day at work, except for any important meetings.  

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What Are The Qualifications? 

UX Researcher Job Profile | Essential Information To Know Before You Become One!

There are numerous ways for you to get into UX research jobs. The first is the method mentioned earlier is through Jooble or other job sites. You may get a better chance at landing the job with a proper qualification in the following areas. Computer science, design, customer service, psychology, Quality Assurance, and web development are just a few examples. The least essential qualifications are human-centered interaction degrees. They can certainly prove to be a big help, but ultimately not needed if you can prove you’re worth in other areas. 

What Are The Qualities And Skills Required? 

UX Researcher Job Profile | Essential Information To Know Before You Become One!

With so much to do, there is a lot you can learn when you have landed the job. That is, of course, if you do not already possess such skills in the first place. You will be learning a mixture of creative and technical skills to design the process. Often you will be working in a team, so communication is essential. It counts for both verbal and online contact. You will use different software and coding languages too: HTML, CC, Adobe Creative Cloud, and a lot more. Expect to pick up a lot of tech talk as you work your way through the process. 

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Final Words

Gain Work Experience Now!!!

If you cannot wait to try it out, there are a lot of internships for you to apply for. If you are a university student, try using a UX Research position as an entry-level job as part of your work placement.  

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