5 Fun Valentines Day Games Ideas | Make Your Party A Hoot!


Valentine’s day is a great time to get together with your partner or with your friends and family. Showing love to the people you care about, isn’t that what the day is about? Dancing to music, having good food, and playing fun games, now that’s what I call a party. So if you’re looking for valentines day games ideas, then I have just the right thing for you!

Playing different games at your valentines day party is a good way to keep your friends and family entertained. It can help you blow off some steam and bond too. Organizing parties on valentines day is fun if you have kids too. It will give the kids something to do and feel included. So, whether you are looking to make things interesting with your significant other or want to have a good time with your family and friends, the ideas in this article should help.

Without much ado, let’s get straight into them.

5 Valentines Day Games | Take Your Day To The Next Level

Valentine’s day games can be played in multiple formats depending on the number of people you have involved. If you have one player, you can put them against the clock. If they achieve the target in time, they win. If they don’t, then it’s your turn. A minute to win it situation. 

If you have two or more people, you can also make them go head to head. They will compete against each other instead of the clock, and the first one to achieve the goal wins. If you have more people, you can rotate the participants as necessary. 

The third type can be team competitions. If you have more than a few people, split them into groups, and each group will send out one player to compete against the others. You can even use a ranking system, so the first one to finish the task can be given 10 points, while the second can get 5 points, etc.  

So what are the games you can play? Read on. 

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Would You Rather…? Valentine’s Day Game Edition.

We all remember the would you rather game from our childhood, right? If you don’t know what it is, it’s a game that asks us a weird question and gives us two options. We have to choose one. Would you rather be hit in the toe with a nail or get stapled in the thumb? Yeah, that’s the game, but make it more Valentine-centric.

Would you rather spend time with your partner on a beach or a mountain resort? See? So, much better and romantic. The goal is to try and get similar answers to your partner. It’s fun, sweet and you will get to learn so much about your partner through this. Try it out, and let us know how it goes.

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt | Find The Things That You Love!

5 Fun Valentines Day Games Ideas | Make Your Party A Hoot!

A scavenger hunt is an ultimate game that is fun and challenges your mind. It’s ideal for playing with your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you live with your partner, or even with your children, there is nothing that makes it age-specific. You will only have to adjust the level of the clues.

To get things rolling, give the first clue to your hunter and ask them to find the rest of the clues that you have scattered through the house or your garden. You can set up the clues and riddles however you want and can be something only your partner or child knows. The more personal, the better it is. If you don’t want to do the work of coming up with riddles manually, there are a lot of customizable puzzles available online. But I suggest doing it yourself. It’s the effort that shows.

The Scavenger Hunt prize can be anything you want. For your child, it can be their favorite game or a bunch of their favorite snacks. You can use Valentine’s Day gift baskets to give as a prize to your partner. How you want to customize them and decorate them depends on you, so give your creativity wings!

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Valentines Day Bingo | Match All The Love Signs!

Bingo is a staple for every party, whether it’s a birthday party, Christmas party, or kids party, so why not include it on your Valentine’s Day itinerary as well. You can either DIY your own Valentine’s Bingo sheets with Valentine’s Day-themed images or find inspiration online. Get your friends and family together, and then get cracking.

You will need to lay down the rules as to how many times each person can call out bingo and use descriptions to call out the images. Since it’s not like traditional number bingo, the rules will need to be adjusted. There are no strict rules, so feel free to dabble and see what fits. Whether it’s the first one to match one calls bingo or the first to four matches, anything works. 

Give out prizes to whoever wins the Valentine’s Day Bingo game at the end. If you are playing with little children, then candy is the best option, while gift baskets are good options to give as prizes for adults.

Cupid Says | The Valentines Version of Simon Says

A good Valentine’s Day game idea is to play the game Simon Says but to make it more Valentine-y, change the name to Cupid Says. It is a fun game to play with your kids and get them excited. You can ask them fun things to do like, “Cupid Says Give your Daddy a flower,” Or, “Give your best friend a chocolate,” and see who they give it to. 

Adults can also participate in the game and get some physical exercise after a good party meal. Think of all the stuff you would want them to do; maybe Cupid wants them to do the laundry every week, or maybe Cupid thinks they should eat out more, you get the idea. 

Roll The Cookie | Catch It And Eat It!

Roll the cookie is a fun Valentine’s day game to play with you versus your partner, or you can play it as teams against other couples at your party. 

The way you play, both the players stand at the opposite side of a table. You take rolling cookies across the table to your partner, who will have their mouths open and chin just below the table. The aim is to catch the cookie. Do note that cream-filled cookies like Oreos work best for this game as you have to roll the cookie and not slide it across the table.

The winner gets bragging rights and lots of free cookies!

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Final Words

Planning any get-together with friends and family means you need to make sure everyone is thoroughly entertained. Valentine’s day makes for a great opportunity for lots of fun and lots of love to be shared. I hope the ideas in this list help you plan your valentines day game ideas excitingly. What are other types of games you think go well on valentines day? Let us know in the comments below!

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